Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter 81: Don’t forget whose wife you are!

Sean tapped off Cindy’s hands. Though he’s angry, but considering the wounds on Cindy’s body, he only used small forces.

Sean then retreated half step and looked at Amber:“what if I insist to punish director Lu?”

Amber lowered her head and didn’t look at Sean in the eyes. She had a feeling that Lu Yi would come here to talk with her. But Lu Yi had done her countless favors before, how could she let Lu Yi take the punishment, at the thought of this, Amber hurriedly said:“President Smith, I’ve alreadu said I’m willing to take all the responsibilities.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” Sean sneered. She’s his wife, but now she was protecting another man in front of him! Good for her! Sean felt more and more unsatisfied, he then said in a cold tone:“Amber White, don’t forget who is your husband!”

Hearing this, Amber felt uncomfortable all of a sudden! Now he remembered she’s his wife, where was he when she had an incident outside the kindergarten? It’s Lu Yi who saved her, but now he wanted to punish Lu Yi? Did he want her to be stepped die?

Amber then sipped her lips and said in a low voice:“I always remember who is my husband, but seems President Smith don’t want to take me as your wife!”

There were so many people at present, but Amber directly held Cindy with one arm and walked to Sean with bad look, she then pulled up Cindy’s sleeve. There were so many bruises above.

“We had such big incident at Golden, President Smith, did you ask one caring word about us since the moment you showed up here?”

Hearing this, Sean became more furious.

But Amber still wanted to continue, Lu Yi then held her arms and whispered:“well, Amber, President Smith is just in anger now, just explain things clear to him, don’t hurt feelings because of me!”

Amber then sneered. Lu Yi’s words sounded so ironic! She and Sean Smith had been married for three years, but there were no any bit of love containning, by comparison, the affectionate feeling he had with those young models must deeper than hers!

After all, Tang Tian already had his babe!

But of course, Amber couldn’t say this directly to Sean, after Lu Yi pulled her, she backed to her senses and remained silent.

But as for Sean Smith, he felt more unhappy.

Lu Yi didn’t want Amber to continue, she really did stop there!

What’s going on with her? She not only left no dignity for him in public but also listened to another man’s words.

Considering her attitude now, how could he believe there’s nothing between her and Lu Yi!

He’s not blind! Besides, how many times did she have good talks with him?

There were only fierce quarrels between them, about Cindy’s wounds before, she blamed it directly on him! Who knows what image he had in her heart?

At the thought of this, he felt more and more furious, suddenly, his phone was ringing, he then took a glance at the screen and directly hung up. After two seconds, Amber’s phone was again ringing.

Since the thing happened just now, Amber worried how she was supposed to explain, so she asked Lu Yi to bring her phone here the minute when she came to the hospital. She never thought Sean’s father would call her at this moment.

Amber picked up the phone:“Amber, tell me honestly, is it true that Sean abused you?”

Hearing this, Amber stunned there. She knew that uncle Sean had bypass surgery in the heart, so he always didn’t feel so well, she never thought uncle would know this so soon.

Sean Smith was not that kind of person, even if their love feelings for each other was not that stable like eleven years ago, she couldn’t wrong Sean like this way.

“Of course it’s not true, father, don’t believe the contents on the newspaper, Sean is your son, don’t you know him?”

Amber’s explaination didn’t make uncle Sean feel any better, there’s shivering in his voice.

“Don’t cover for that bastard. I’ll beat him to die someday! Amber, all of these years, dad felt so sorry to let you feel wronged…”

Amber suddenly didn’t know how to explain, because the picture showed that Sean was throwing money at her face.

After all, if she really made the explainations, it would even bring out Tang Tian and Cindy. At that time, Sean did play her a bit, but she also misunderstood him. After all he saved her and picked up Cindy before.

At the thought of this, Amber quickly organised her minds and said in a slow tone:“dad, Sean really didn’t beat me, it’s the driver who hit me outside of hospital, if it weren’t for Sean, there would be so bad things happen to me, it’s paparazzi taking those pictures. There’s no any evidence to prove that Sean kicked me, how can you believe this? ”

Uncle Sean cold humed a voice and said:“that bastard, how can I not know him? He could be absent at the wedding ceremony three years ago, what else could he not do? Even until now, you still defend for him! Um! Amber, tell that bastard to have dinner tonight at our old house, if I don’t see him, he no longer needs to be the President of Smith!” uncle Sean then hung up the phone immediately!

Amber kept silent for seconds. She said earlier that Sean’s stubborn temperament couldn’t just acquired, now seems it’s the inheritance from his father! But Sean Smith was really poor, even his father didn’t believe him.

Seeing Amber dazed there, Cindy pulled her sleeve and said:“mommy, who called you just now?”

Amber suddenly backed to her mind, she then tapped Cindy’s head and said in a low voice:“Cindy, Mommy needs to talk something with daddy, you play with dad Lu on the outside for a while, okay?”

“Mommy, you and daddy have secrets that Cindy cannot hear?”

Cindy felt a bit wronged there, Lu Yi then lowered his body and said to the little one:“Cindy, your daddy and mommy need to talk something now, I’ll take you to buy ice-cream, okay?”

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