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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 82: I Had Threatened You Three Years Ago

Cindy’s eyes lit up and looked at Amber with hesitation.

Amber was very strict for Cindy’s food and snakes. Even in summer, Cindy rarely can eat ice, she was fearing that it would hurt her stomach.

When she saw the small eyes that Cindy longed for, Amber compressed her l**s and whispered, “You can only eat one!”


Cindy cheered, and Lu Yi held Cindy to leave the hospital.

Sean saw the interaction of the three people and his face was more gloomy.

In front of him, Amber White did not care about his feeling at all. Generally, maybe the bastard would be more exaggerated. The words of Dad Lu, the last word may have been removed!

As he thought, he felt that he had been betrayed. He only felt angry!

His face was gloomy, and kept looking at Amber’s eyes, his eyesight was like ice.

“What are you going to talk to me?”

Sean asked, while pulling a cigarette from his trouser pocket and licking it into his mouth, the white mist spit out from the thinned l**s, making the man’s face look more s**y and sultry!

His presence was extremely strong, standing in the hospital, still giving Amber a feeling of stagnation.

After all, the two had just argued. Amber had a trace of uncomfortableness on her face. She whispered: “The phone is called by Dad. He asked us to go back house to have dinner this evening! He said that there is something to say.”

The father’s words were too direct. Amber hesitated for a while, and she changed the lines.

Sean only felt funny.

What can the old man say?

It can only about the morning news had been seen by him, he believed it, he thought that he hit Amber, he had to call him back to give him a good lesson!

Amber said this, it wa estimated that she would like that he would go back and hit by the old man!

The man was annoying in his heart, and he took a look at Amber. He did not say a word.

“Mr. Smith, Dad has done heart bypass surgery, and such news, it is estimated that he is also worried about us. The most important thing at the moment is to explain to Dad first, he is not very healthy, if just because of this, he will happen something, it’s not worth that!”

Amber married Sean for three years, for the attitude of the Smith family, she had a scale in her heart, and the relatives were clearly remembered by Amber!

The only person who was kind to her and even helped her, was Sean’s father!

Everyone should know how to gratitude, Amber did not want him to happen anything! So after she finished speaking, she persuaded again: “I will ask Lu Yi for take care of Cindy before we go. Let’s go to the old house now and tell Dad clearly!”

“If you want to go, you can go, I will never go anyway.”

Sean took a sip of smoke and threw the cigarette stalk under his feet and smashed it with bright leather shoes.

Dad, Dad, this damn woman was very affectionate. Who will look at her for her anxiousness?

In the past three years, had she been so cunning that his father changed his attitude?

She words seemed very kind, but after that went to the old house, she was only responsible for watching the show!

No one knew if she will expla in it, and his father always wasn’t satisfied with him, he was afraid that after he returned the home, he will be mad at him!

After talking about this sentence, Sean wanted to leave.

Just after taking a step, Amber stretched out and pulled Sean.

“If you always insist on your own opinion, I can do it now. I can go out and see the gossip reporters, have an interview, and tell them how you a****d me last night! Was it swollen my face first, or broke my arm first! ”

Sean looked incredulously at Amber, but there was nothing in the woman’s eyes except firmness!

She obviously intended to think about it, and planned to do it!

“Amber White, do you want to die? Who gives you the courage to threaten me?”

That night, Amber was injured. The only insider was him, Amber and the driver who was thrown into jail by him. Now he was insulted on the Internet, and they said in a same tone that he was a scum of abusing his wife!

Amber just casually said a few words, everyone will believe it was true!

Oh shit!

That night, he was cheap, so he would care about Amber’s business!

He should let Amber in the night, was shut down to death!

In this case, Amber will not threaten him here!

Sean was so angry, and the eyes were like a blade, cut to the body of Amber, if they were substance!

Amber stunned but she was not scared by him. Instead, she smiled and said, “Mr. Smith, I had threatened you three years ago. Why are you so surprised?”

Sean’s eyebrows were depressed, and the eyes were oozing an infinite tyrannical factor!

This thing, Amber still dared to mention it?

Sean was almost laughing because of Amber!

Who made her brave? !

Sean was so angry that he lifted the iron palm and buckled the neck of Amber. His eyes were cold: “Do you dare say it again?”

Amber was a little scared, especially the strength of his hand was very heavy. It seemed that the breath of Amber was to be cut off by him. The feeling of stagnation and dullness made Amber instinctively had some fear.

However, Amber smiled. Her eyes looked at Sean with a provocative meaning: “Mr. Smith, have you not seen Lin Man for a long time? You feel that if this matter is not explained clearly, you will have the opportunity to see her in your life? Dad is old, but repairing a little girl is not difficult for him!”

Qin Yan said this sentence, her heart was sad.

After all, Lin Man was a thorn in her heart, but Amber had a sad discovery, the most effective way to deal with Sean, was Lin Man, and only Lin Man!

On this matter, Amber had to admit the loss!

However, when Amber mentioned Lin Man who was the most love woman of Sean, she touched the point of Sean.

As the strength of Sean increased, Amber’s face was bruised and her breathing became more and more difficult.

The darkness of Sean’s eyes deepened, and the eyes flashed through a haze. Amber even thought, he might want to kill her like this.

He looked at Amber, and he felt a storm in his heart.

Three years ago, his anger for that Manman was driven away by Amber was still in his heart. Sean had not caused the trouble for Amber. He really didn’t know why she was so brave and dared to mention the old things!

It was these time, he was so good for Amber, let her forget his power, and dare to provoke him again?

Did he need to give Amber a lesson? Otherwise she will always treat him as a coward, and regard Manman as an item she showed off her achievements, and repeatedly mentioned her showing off?

No way!

Sean’s eyelashes was lowered, and a few words squeezed out of the teeth: “Amber White, you are so brave!”

The anger on his body was getting deeper and deeper, and the temperature around him was plummeting.

Before Sean was going to leave, Amber chased two steps. The two walked to the position near the stairwell of the hospital. The place was secret. For a time, no one can find the strange atmosphere between Amber and Sean.

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