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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 83: Director White Was So Good At Giving Orders

This was not a big place, because the man released the anger, and drove away the thin air in front of her, Amber took a deep breath, her face was deep purple.

Sean really wanted to kill her?

No, three years ago, Sean already wanted to kill her!

There was a tear in the eyes of Amber.

Here, Cindy held the ice cream that Lu Yi bought for her, and rushed to the original position of the hospital, but she did not see Sean and Amber.

“Where did Mommy and Daddy go?”

She wrinkled her delicate brows and looked unhappy.

Lu Yi thought, after all, Amber and Sean had something to talk about, so he took Cindy to the stairwell and walked over.

Crossing the green plant that blocked the pedestrian’s line of sight, Cindy’s ice cream fell from her hand and to the ground. Lu Yi stunned, and his eyes just looked at the ground. Cindy had already broken off the hand of Lu Yi.

She rushed in the direction of Amber and Sean. In the big watery eyes, the tears dripped out quickly, and the fleshy hands pulled Sean: “Daddy, Daddy! Don’t beat mommy!”

Cindy shouted and called back the reason of Sean. The scarlet of the man’s eyes was reduced. He saw Amber was almost dead because of himself, and he took back the hand.

With the sudden disappearance of his own strength, Amber was unprepared, and the feeling of disengagement that was caused by Sean was still there. She stunned and almost fell to the ground.

If it was not Lu Yi came over and helped Amber, she will certainly be embarrassed inevitably.

Amber coughed a few times, before the breathing was smooth, the dryness of the throat was so strong, the pain of the trachea clinging to it, reminding Amber that what had just happened was true!

She had not reacted yet, Cindy had already cried out.

“Mommy, you lied to me again, Dad really hits you, Dad doesn’t love us, Cindy is a bastard…”

Cindy’s crying sadly. Because of her sadness, her eyes were red, and the white face was with a feeling of being cheated.

The emotions of the child were not disguised. Amber’s heart was hurting, and there was a fascination in front of her!

She just wanted to explain, Lu Yi was also angry and screamed at Sean: “Sean Smith, I thought that the newspaper was misunderstanding you, I did not expect you to be a villain! No matter what Amber did wrong, you shouldn’t beat her!”

Sean smiled coldly, and the white infiltrated teeth were glazed by the green light on the hospital’s safe exit door.

“Director Lu is better to manage you own affairs, my own wife, what do I want, I don’t have to be taught by you!”

Sean’s tone was with a bit of ridiculous ridicule, but made Lu Yi speechless.

However, Cindy misunderstood, she was twisting her fingers and cuddling in the arms of Amber, kept crying and can’t breath, the tears flowed out of her eyes, she only cried, and that’s made Amber sad.

She comforted her subconsciously which was used to coax Cindy before: “Well, don’t cry, silly girl, you see it wrong, Mommy’s neck has dirty things, and Dad wiped it off.”

Cindy looked at Amber and her eyes were full of tears, and she still doubted.

Amber was also panicked, reaching out and wiping her tears and saying: “Wasn’t I explained the reason to you before? You also promised me and said that you will not misunderstand your father. Have you forgotten it?”

Cindy shook her head.

Amber knew that her own words had played a role.

Her tears stopped, but because she had not lived with her father since childhood, Cindy had a weak sense of security. She compressed her mouth and asked Sean with red eyes: “Daddy, are Mommy’s words true?”

Sean did not pay attention to Cindy.

He skillfully took out a cigarette and put it on his fingertips. He glanced at Cindy, his expression was even lazy.

To do this kind of thing, Amber alone was enough!

Anyway, Amber was always good at deceiving people. She can coax everyone. No matter whether he ignored Cindy or not, Amber White can always let Cindy White believe her words.

Why should he waste his strength?

Sean changed his eyes, then his eyesight fell on the body of Amber, with a bit of carelessness: “pack up things, go back to the old house with me!”

If it is not because that if they separately back to the house, may his father would think that he a***e his wife again, Sean didn’t want to say so much with Amber White!

After the words of Sean finished, Amber had not moved yet. Cindy had tightly pulled the sleeves of Amber and asked: “Mommy? Where is the old house? Can Cindy go with you?”

Amber hesitated for a moment.

After marrying Sean, he did not admit that Cindy was the Smith family’s child. In these years, Amber heard the snoring from the Smith family. It was nothing more than that Cindy was a bastard, a girl, and she had no qualification to share the property.

Amber did not want Cindy to go to Smith’s house.

That was a place where one is apt to get into trouble, if she can, Amber even hoped that Cindy will not be involved in her life.

In particular, when there were three sisters-in-law of Sean in the Smith house, the three women’s skills were so strong, and they can cause a trouble easily. Her daughter was only three years old, and she can’t bear the attack from any one of them.

Moreover, there’s the morning news, Amber can even use her toes to think about it. The three sisters-in-law of Sean must have been in the old house, and even prepared a big basket of disgusting words waiting for her.

Weighed the pros and cons, Amber licked her red l**s and whispered: “Cindy, mommy and daddy are going to do things, Cindy follows dad Lu to the recreation ground.”

Amber and Lu Yi knew each other for a long time, and they worked together for three years. They had cultivated some tacit understandings of the heart. When Amber’s words were just finished, Lu Yi understood what she was worried about.

He was not the first to bring Cindy out, and when he heard the words, he bent down to Cindy and reached out: “Let’s go, Cindy, Dad Lu will take you to the recreation ground to play.”

Standing on one side as a transparent person, Sean saw that Amber was comforting Cindy, after hearing the words “Dad Lu”, the brows were twisted together.

Why would Amber’s daughter go out to play with Lu Yi?

Was anyone who can help Amber take care of the child dead?

Sean was uncomfortable in his heart. He glanced at the Amber, and said that “Director White is quite good at giving orders. Director Lu is the Smith group’s staff, and I will not approve that he asked for leave.”

Sean’s l**s were picked up. Lu Yi tweeted his eyebrows and whispered, “Mr. Smith, you know the system of the Smith group very well. After being late for one hour will be regarded as stay away from work without leave or good reason, and will be deducting all the bonuses of the month. Today, the Smith group has been working normally for more than 2 hours. Is there any necessary of my leave? The public relations department has lost me a day, and there is no big problem at all!”

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