Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 84: Would You Like To See Your Grandparents?

Lu Yi’s mood was not good, then Sean’s mood became much better. His narrow eyes were smudged with a layer of lightness and the ultimate smile. He even ignored the meaning of his words. Instead, he looked down and looked at Cindy who was still with red eyes and said: “Aren’t you calling me Daddy?”

Although she didn’t know what did Sean mean, but Cindy still nodded, and even stretched out and dragged Sean’s clothes: “Yes! Daddy is my daddy!”

Sea smiled and looked at Lu Yi with a provocative look.

To be honest, he was the first time to discover that this little guy was so cute!

For the first time, he reached out and took the initiative to touch Cindy’s head. Even the sound line became mild, not the usual coldness: “Would you like to see your grandparents?”

Cindy’s eyes lit up and she threw out a word: “Yes!”

She was delighted with the closeness of Sean with her. When Sean reached out and touched her, she also rubbed the palm of his hand.

The man’s palm was stiff, but Cindy did not find his abnormality. Instead, she looked back at Amber and said, “Mommy! You and Daddy are going to see grandparents! The old house is where the grandparents live, right?! ”

Her interest in the tone was strong, Amber was the mother of Cindy, how can’t she understand the meaning of Cindy that she wanted to go with them?

She looked helplessly and looked at Sean. She stretched her hand and held Cindy in her arms. She said, “Cindy, Mommy and Daddy are back to the old house for some business.”

Feeling the rejection of her mother, Cindy’s eyes were wronged, and the first time she did not obey to Amber’s words.

She rubbed her fingers and said, “Mommy, I have always been very well-behaved! I will not affect you and Daddy, I will not talk, just let me go with you! I want to see my grandparents!”

After listening to Cindy’s words, Lu Yi also became worried.

He was Sean’s cousin, of course, he was clear that the Smith family was a large dyeing tank, and it was not suitable for Cindy to be involved!

Amber did not let Cindy go with them, in fact, was to protect Cindy!

“Cindy, Dad Lu will buy you Barbie doll, your favorite one! Let your mother take you to the old house to see your grandparents later? This time your mom and dad really have something to do!”

Lu Yi said, reaching out and holding Cindy who was almost persuaded, he intended to leave with her.

Cindy’s expression was even more aggrieved: “I want to go to the old house, my father and mother go to see my grandparents, what can they do? Dad Lu, shall we buy Barbie next time?”

Lu Yi took Cindy and walked two steps. He whispered: “But the doll is a limited edition. If you don’t go today, you don’t know if you can buy it!”

Cindy compressed her lips and was led by Lu Yi towards outside. Her face was still a little wronged.

When Sean saw this, his eyebrows were twisted.

Amber White and Lu Yi, two people, how do they really annoying!

He was a big living person standing here. Amber White was his nominal wife. After he had proposed to bring Cindy to the old house, Amber White also intended to let Cindy and Lu Yi go to play?

The bastard called Lu Yi dad Lu, then was Lu Yi really treating himself as a biological father of Cindy?

Seeing that two people were going to pass by, Sean suddenly leaned down and hugged Cindy from the ground, his lips sewed out a thin trace with a little smile.

“Let’s go, Daddy will take you to the old house!”

Cindy’s eyes brightened immediately. From the time she met to the present, Sean had been very cold to her. Now Daddy actually hugged her on his own initiative and said that he would take her to the old house.

The little guy had a bright smile on her face, and the black grape-like eyelids turned into a small crescent.

“Yeah! Long live my daddy!”

Sean glanced at Lu Yi proudly, and took a big step toward the stairway. Lu Yi was angry because of the man’s provoking eyes.

Amber compressed the lips and subconsciously chased them out.

The situation in the Smith family was complicated, and Sean would only feel that he was just going back to his home. He won’t think too much, but she was different!

In the three years of unloving marriage life, she had been suffered a lot from his family. Ans Sean had always regarded Cindy as a bastard. When she returned to the Smith family, he might have a dispute with his father. At that time, he must left Cindy aside and didn’t care about her at all!

He will not care about Cindy at all!

Amber’s heart rose with a sense of powerlessness!

She was in a mess, followed Sean all the way to the parking lot outside the hospital.

Sean’s legs were long, so he arrived that place first. He opened the front door of the co-pilot with his movements. He put Cindy safely in the position of the co-pilot with one hand, and even locked the seat belt to Cindy

Cindy was very polite to be taught by Amber. She looked at Sean in her eyes and said slowly, “Thank you, Daddy!”

Sean’s eyebrows were picked up, when he just turned around, he saw that Amber was coming behind him.

She did not say a word, subconsciously reached out to pull the back door, an action, made Sean angry.

What did Amber White mean? He made her “boyfriend” angry, she couldn’t stand it, so she came over and made him angry?

Sitting in the position of Mrs. Smith, damaged his reputation, was ambiguous with his cousin, even dare to make him angry?

Sean was happy before, but now a thin layer of ice was instantly spread on his face. The man reached out and without any hesitate to block the movement of Amber.

His lip line was close together, his eyelids were drooping, and he was arrogant and careless about Amber White. He only thought that this person had made him uncomfortable for three years!

“This is my car!”

Amber’s breathe was with a stagnation.

Her presidency was not too short, naturally she can understand the meaning of Sean, he just wanted to tell her that his car, she can not go on it!

Amber didn’t want to get on his car. She stopped her movements and looked directly at Sean: “Return Cindy back to me. Even if you want to go back to the old house, it’s me who have to go back with my daughter.”

Cindy was not recognized by Sean, her identity was special, and she had never been to the old house. Amber was not sure what the people inside would say.

No matter how they discuss her Amber White, it didn’t matter, but Cindy was just a child and should not bear such verbal insults!

Moreover, in these years, she worked hard to create an illusion of a happy family for her, she just hoped that Cindy can have a healthy and complete family environment, which was convenient for Cindy to grow!

She couldn’t imagine that when Cindy heard those messy rumors, how sad she would be!

Thinking so, Amber’s brows condensed out a tough.

Sean glanced at Amber with a trace of interest, he knew very well that how Amber valued Cindy in her heart. Now he looked at the tension of Amber, then he snorted.

Was Amber White worried about that he would abuse Cindy?

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