Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 85: I advise you to go to work honestly!

Just in the hospital, wasn’t she very stubborn ? When she threatened him, wasn’t she logical?

Why should he be quietly unhappy? He had not done anything wrong!

Moreover, if Amber White didn’t go to the driver’s car on Friday, would there be such a scandal?

Because Amber White was in a scandal, he had to spend time and resources to solve the problem for Amber White. Not only was Amber White ungrateful, she was also worried that he bullied her daughter!

If he had been so shameless, he would have gotten rid of Amber White three years ago.

Sean Smith smiled coldly, and the quiet laughter fell on Amber White’s heart, like melted ice and snow, taking away the temperature left in her heart.

Although it was in the hot summer, Sean Smith’s smile gave Amber White a cold feeling.

“Director White doesn’t have to go to work in the afternoon? Are you going to stay away from work?Smith group is too small to support idle people like you!”

After Sean Smith finished, he subconsciously closed the co-pilot’s door. Amber White reached out to stop him. As a result, her wrist was smashed by the door, causing a sharp pain on her right wrist which also hurt Amber White’s finger.

Her face was white and her voice was cold, and even the respect she used to talk to Sean Smith was gone.

“Sean Smith! I sent my daughter to kindergarten today, I have already taken time off! Don’t make trouble! Cindy is my child! You give her back to me!”

Amber White clutched the co-pilot’s door tightly. She subconsciously leaned over to take Cindy out of the car. Sean Smith pulled Amber White away before she touched Cindy and closed the door.

There was no expression on the man’s face, but it was very cold: “First, the Smith Group has regulations. On Monday, each department will hold a weekly summary meeting. The department head cannot be absent! Second, if it is not you , I won’t get stuck in this ridiculous scandal. Your daughter is following me today. You’d better find a way to clarify things! Don’t fool around with other men!”

“Director White, I advise you, go to work honestly!”

It was rare for Sean Smith to say so long sentence. There was a hint of gloom in the man’s eyes.Amber White was not blind, she could of course see it!

When Amber White still wanted to say something, the co-pilot’s window slided down, Cindy’s lovely face was revealed, she blinked at Amber White, her eyelashes trembled like a butterfly!

“Mom, Dad is very good to me. You can go to work with peace of mind.”

Her fleshy hands touched the window, reflecting a few obvious dimples, and the black eyes were full of happiness and innocence.

Instead of giving Amber a sense of security, Cindy White’s words let her even more worried.


Amber White just said two words, the car suddenly started and left a distance.

The woman’s pupils contracted violently, and she ran two paces after the car, but was soon distanced!

“Sean Smith!”

Her attention was on Cindy White, and she did not find out when Sean Smith was on the car!

Amber White didn’t even promise Sean Smith to take care of Cindy!

In the past three years, Lin Man had gone, Sean Smith was only playing, how could he take care of children!

When Sean Smith got on the car, he stepped on the accelerator and rushed out of the hospital parking lot. When Amber White chased the car, in addition to taking a breath of the car exhausts, the shadow of the car could no longer be seen!

Amber White stood still for half a minute. There was no wind in the hot air, the sky was like a huge cage, covering her between heaven and earth. The woman who repressed to acme desperately kneeled on the ground!

The panic of the accident at the entrance to the kindergarten, and the fear of Cindy being taken away by Sean Smith broke out at this moment.

She was both wronged and unwilling. She felt very desperate, as if overturned the condiments bottles, there were all kinds of flavors, except sweet taste!

Amber White wanted to laugh as well as cry, such a backlog of emotions let her face was distorted for a moment.

She took two heavy breaths, but her vision suddenly blurred. Until a car horn blared in her ear, Amber White stood up. As she tried to make room, her arm was held up.

Amber White turned her head and looked at Lu Yi’s anxious eyes.

“Amber White? Why are you here? Didn’t you go back to the old house with Sean Smith?”

Amber White shook her head and pressed the tears that almost rushed up. She whispered, “I didn’t go, Sean Smith and Cindy went there.”

Lu Yi frowned, seeing her lost, he suddenly guessed what Amber White was worried about.

He was silent for a moment. He didn’t know how to comfort her. He whispered, “Let’s go, I will drive you home. Anyway, you have taken a vacation this morning, go back and have a good day off.”

Amber White just wanted to nod. She suddenly remembered what Sean Smith had said before he left. The expression on her face changed and whispered, “No, I want to go back to the company!”

Lu Yi stunned. He looked at Amber White puzzled and asked, “What do you want to do in the company now? You need a break!”

Amber White took a deep breath and she didn’t dare to rest now. She didn’t know when Sean Smith would return to the company. She needed to clarify the news of abusing wife as soon as possible, otherwise Sean Smith would not let her and Cindy go!

She had many worries in her heart, so she took out her hand and cheered herself. Anyway, she had lived a harder day than today, she had been used to it. She was not easily to be knocked down.

“I went to the company and Sean asked me to clarify the news of wife abuse.”

When Lu Yi heard the words she said, he frowned and the tone of his speech was raised by one degree: “Is Sean Smith blind, can’t he see the injury on your body? You just got the medicine, the doctor told you to have a rest at least for a week!”

Lu Yi’s white face turned red with anger: “I will tell him about it, I will send you home to rest first! You are so hurt, you can’t work!”

Amber White was calm, in other words, all of the feelings she had been experiencing had dissipated, now her heart was only rational!

When she heard Lu Yi so angry, Amber White really appreciated him, but refused his proposal: “You don’t understand Sean. If he said it, he will count. If I don’t go to work in the afternoon, I don’t know what he will do again.”

Lu Yi: “…

“Lu Yi, I understand my physical condition, I am not so vulnerable, go back to the company first.”

Lu Yi couldn’t convince Amber White, he frowned again.

There was a lot of people coming and going in the hospital. Amber White had just made a scandal. Her face was very eye-catching. When Lu Yi stopped, they saw someone looking in their direction.

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