Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 87: Why should I be jealous?

Lu Yi’s lips bent and he smiled. “I’m fine, go ahead!”

“Let’s go to the hospital to take a CT!” Amber White pulled Lu Yi and whispered, “I just heard the voice, you seem to be hit hard, go to the hospital to check!”

Lu Yi smiled and said, “I really don’t need it. I’m sure I’m the one who loves me the most. The voice was loud and sounds very serious, but actually it is not serious at all!”

Lu Yi grabbed Amber White’s arm, which was holding tight to his clothes, and then moved his elbow and whispered, “look, I’m really ok! Let’s go up first. Sean’s mood is changeable. Staying here will only stimulate him.”

Sean Smith stopped the car and looked gloomy in the direction of the rearview mirror. Seeing the two men still pulling each other, a gloomy expression appeared on his face.

On Friday night, he heard Amber White calling his name in deep slumber, he thought she liked him very much,now it seemed that it was not like that!

She took the position of Mrs.Smith trying all ways, just wanting the power and status of the Smith family.

He ignored her for three years, finally, she really couldn’t help it! Her original nature was exposed!

It’s just that Amber White didn’t have good taste in choosing men this time. Lu Yi was just a director of Smith Goup and not as good-looking as him. Could he afford what she wants?! Was Amber White blind? !

He noticed that he actually compared Lu Yi with himself. Sean Smith’s face was stiff and his expression was more unnatural.

Sean Smith’s silence made Cindy White, who was sitting in the co-pilot position somewhat confused. After a while she stretched out the meaty hand and held Sean Smith’s clothes and whispered, “Dad, are you jealous?”

Cindy White’s words made Sean Smith’s eyebrows frown. He sneered and replied without hesitation: “Are you kidding me, why should I be jealous?”

He only liked Manman in his life, and Manman was gentle, innocent, considerate, and would not be like Amber White messing up with men!

He was sick if he gave up such a good Manman, and went to envy for such a woman!

Sean Smith took a cool look at Cindy White, this little bastard still wanted to mislead him? !

no way!

Cindy White saw Sean Smith retorting, she then looked at Sean Smith with a puzzled look and whispered, “If you are not jealous, why did you just hit Dad Lu?”

Sean Smith stunned and glanced at Cindy White. The girl stared at him intently, and the black grape-like eyes seemed to be dotted with stars.

Her staring gave Sean Smith a feeling that he had to answer the question seriously.

The man licked his lips and pinched his fingers unconsciously, his eyes slightly removed from Cindy White’s face with a guilty conscience.

“I am smoking! I didn’t notice him!”

After answering, Sean Smith’s mouth twitched again. Why did he answer Cindy White’s question?

Why was he guilty?

It was Amber who messed up with others, not him!

The guilty person should be Amber White and Lu Yi.

Sean Smith felt a bit uncomfortable and always felt that Amber White and Cindy White were born to be make him unhappy!

No one could make him happy!

The man cursed lowly and just reached out to unlock the central locking on the car. Cindy White’s soft voice sounded: “Since it’s not careful, dad has to get off and apologize to Lu Dad.”

Although Cindy White didn’t know what smoking was, she subconsciously raised a well-behaved smile to Sean Smith. She looked lovely, but Sean Smith’s eyebrows frowned.

Apologize to Lu Yi?

He would apologize to Lu Yi only if he was sick!

Lu Yi was going to coax his wife to bed, and he had no idea of being a cuckold. Why apologize!

Sean Smith was particularly angry and raised his voice against Cindy White: “Who told you to call her Lu Dad? Amber White?”

Lu Yi’s interest in Amber White was showed on his face. Wasn’t Amber White was very capable when she resisted him.

But when it was Lu Yi’s turn, she was like a blind, or did Amber White deliberately let Cindy call him like this, just to mess up his good cousin?

The man cursed with a low voice and his face became slightly sharp.

The child’s mind was sensitive, and Cindy White instinctively felt that Sean Smith was in a bad mood and subconsciously answered his question: “I call him like that myself.”

Sean Smith’s eyes fell on Cindy White’s body. The little guy swallowed and said lowly: “Kindergarten children have mom and dad to pick up, but Cindy only has mom…”

She said when looked up at Sean Smith cautiously. After seeing the haze on the man’s face, the sound following became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared into the carriage.

Sean Smith was even more angry. He sneered and his tone became more and more harsh: “So you just recognize Dad casually? Um?”

Feeling the anger of Sean Smith, Cindy White recalled how Sean Smith punched his opponent in the picture hanging in the wall of Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

She licked her lips, and there was a trace of fear in her eyes. The tone of her voice also brought a little vibrato: “Does Dad disagree?”

Sean Smith took Cindy White’s fears into his eyes. He pinched his eyebrows and controlled his emotions. The tone was as gentle as possible: “Your mother didn’t teach you where you come from? A child only have one dad and one mom, do you know that?”

Cindy White shook her head in grievances.

Sean Smith didn’t know, because he refused to recognize Cindy White, Amber White and Cindy were ridiculed always. Amber White felt that she owed Cindy, so she wouldn’t stop Cindy from getting close to her friends.

It was just a name, Cindy would naturally change it when she grew up!

Moreover, when Cindy White called Lu Yi Lu’s father, Lu Yi did not reject it, and Amber White also let it go!

Women would be gentle to children and hope her children can live a better life!

He only sneered and concluded that Amber White had an abnormal relationship with Lu Yi. His face was getting more and more gloomy. He pointed to Lu Yi who was holding by Amber White and said to Cindy White : “I and him, you can only choose one!”

Cindy White looked at Lu Yi and turned to look at Sean Smith with an obvious hesitation on her face.

This look was obviously comparing Lu Yi with him!

Sean Smith cursed in his heart!

Cindy White was really the daughter of Amber White. When they chose people, they were all blind!

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