Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 88: Choose Me Or Him?

Was there necessary to compare Lu Yi and him?

On the influence, Lu Yi was not as good as him, on the financial resources, Lu Yi was not as good as him! On the background, Lu Yi was not as good as him, either! On the appearance, Lu Yi couldn’t compare with him at all, and Sean really didn’t understand that why would Amber White hesitate!


Amber White and Cindy had problems with their eyes. He would help them check their eyes sooner or later!

“You are going to choose Lu Yi? Um?”

Cindy bit her lip and said, “But Dad Lu had sent me to school, bought me snacks, and often sent me small gifts…”

She was wronged and she had tears in her eyes.

Sean sneered in his heart.

Cindy, such a small annoying child knew nothing!

Lu Yi was so good to her, wasn’t he just wanting to be her stepfather?

While others wanted to trap Amber, the small annoying child was grateful. Sure enough, she was pretty like Amber White, they both looked very smart, in fact, they were both foolish!

“If you are well-behaved, I can occasionally take you to school!”

Cindy’s eyes were bright, and Sean interrupted Cindy’s pleasure: “Choose me or him?”

“Choose Daddy.”

Cindy’s voice was very low, but there was no one in the underground garage. The environment of the carriage was also a little bit depressing, but Sean still heard it.

His lips were picked up, and a glimpse of proud quickly disappeared!

Of course, Cindy did not find the strangeness of Sean. She held Sean’s clothes tightly and her eyes were full of desire: “Daddy, will you really take the time to send me to school?”

Sean raised his hand and opened the seat belt for Cindy. The sorrow on his face disappeared, and the light fell on his face.

“You must first change the name of Lu Yi, then I will consider this matter.”

After talking off the car, Sean opened the front passenger’s door and took Cindy out in the underground parking lot.

He was very tall, Cindy looked up at his face and couldn’t see his expression.


Sean’s eyebrows bent a little, but there was no smile on his face.He walked outside the garage with big paces. Cindy ran to catch up with Sean and stretched out to hold the man’s big hand.

He looked down at Cindy.

In view of the fact that Cindy did not choose Lu Yi, the man who was coaxed by Cindy rarely had a good temper and did not get rid of her hand. Instead, he took Cindy into the Smith Group.

Although Sean had not been working in the Smith group for a long time, his influence was still very big. He acted decisively and was resolute and rigorous. He was rigorous and calm, so in just over a month, he had took a good development of the Smith group.

When he walked into the hall holding a child, people arround were all surprised.

In the past three years, Sean’s news of dating with different women was endless, plus the scandal of abusing his wife, so everyone did not associate Cindy with Amber. They only thought that she was an illegitimate daughter…

Sean took Cindy went straight to the president’s special elevator. The things on the newspaper had always been raging and changing!

The man did not care about the people’s strangeness, directly carrying Cindy to the top floor of the president’s office, when the door opened, Sean saw that Gu Jinyan sitting in his position to play the phone!

The man twisted his eyebrows and did not speak. Gu Jinyan had heard the sound and turned over and looked over.

Seeing the little girl who was holding in the hands of Sean, Gu Jinyan did not hold back, and laughed again. “Sean, is Amber killed by you, so you have to take care the child on your own? Hahaha…”

Sean’s eyebrows jumped, but before he talking, Cindy had already retorted: “My mother said dad didn’t beat her! Uncle, don’t talk nonsense!”

Gu Jinyan nodded and smiled. He walked over from behind the desk and reached out and touched Cindy’s head and whispered, “Okay, your father is a good person, he did not hit your mother!”

He said and his eyes were moving in the direction of Sean, and although the expression on his face looked serious, the interests in the eyes became more apparent.

Sean stared at Gu Jinyan, whispered: “Fine! Say something important, why are you looking for me?”

Gu Jinyan’s lips were curved, sitting down on the sofa, with one hand on the arm of the sofa, then he said with a faint tone, “Don’t you let me investigate the identity of TINA? So I come here and tell you, I didn’t find it out !”

This was his order when TINA said that she wanted to expose him.

Two years ago, TINA broke Manman’s heart, which was not easy to fix, and let his life return to the days before Manman could be found. He had already hated TINA!

The first time he was unprepared, this time he specifically let Gu Jinyan pay attention to her, but he still could not find her out.

Sean looked at Gu Jinyan with some surprises. The latter spread his hands and said: “The IP address of TINA upload scandal is in a small Internet cafe. There are more people passing by, and I can not make sure who he is!”

Sean nodded. TINA had offended many people in the circle. It was reasonable that he was reluctant to reveal his true identity!

The man’s tongue touched the corner of his lips and his eyes flashed.

Gu Jinyan glanced at him and smiled and asked: “Have you ever offended anyone?”

The sunlight behind the blinds was refracted from the cracks, and the men’s dark black enamel was dotted with a tan through the men’s thick and dense eyelashes.

The air stagnated with the words of Gu Jinyan.

The eyesight of Sean fell on his body, whose face was calm, but it made people afraid somehow.

Gu Jinyan: “…”

He cursed with a low voice and laughed out: “Yes, you are such a character, every day you are offending people, how can you remember that?”

Although Sean was dissatisfied, what he said was also a fact. But he can’t find a way to refute him, so the man only calmly asked: “Have you searched Amber White?”

When he asked this, Gu Jinyan’s surprised. He curved his lips and said, “What? Amber has been hit like this. Do you still suspect that she self directed this play?”

Sean snorted.

Gu Jinyan really looked down on Amber White!

She was like a little strong cockroach who can’t die!

How serious was the stampede event, if a usual woman was in that event, she must have been weak in the bed, but Amber can even seduce men!

He reached out and took off his thin suit jacket and hung it on the hanger behind the office door. His voice was low: “She had done it before, right?”

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