Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter 89 Help me to call sister-in-law

Originally, Cindy had no any interests to the words of Sean and Gu Jinyan, but later, when Sean mentioned Amber, she again tilted her head and listened again.

After few seconds, the little girl then said with an unhappy tone:“daddy, my mommy is not a bad person.” Cindy said so seriously.

But Sean then sneered. How could a three-year-old kid tell bad and good! If Amber wasn’t bad, how could she use the bone marrow thing to blackmail his mother and drove away Manman so that she got to be Mrs Smith? In public, she’s so good at pretending, besides, Cindy was her daughter, she couldn’t tell the little one the thing she had done before?

Sean didn’t want to argue with the little one, after all, he hadn’t found out who Tina was, and Gu Jinyan was also not sure if the person was indeed Amber, at this moment, Sean felt a bit stuffy in the heart, he then took a look at Gu Jinyan and stopped the subject! Since he got up in the early morning, nothing went right with him, even Gu Jinyan now seemed to be a bit annoying!

“Anything else? If not, just go back to your company!”

“…” Gu Jinyan suddenly became speechless, he had never seen a person who could change his looks so fast! Sean was so inhuman! He just sat there and sipped his lips. There’s a sense of hesitation flashing out from his eyes.

“Sean, where’s Amber? How is she? I just saw the news of her getting hurt, is she okay?”

Hearing this, Sean then asked with an unpredicatable look:“Gu, seems it’s none of your business!” he frowned there with cold sight.

Sean knew Gu Jinyan so well, though he asked about Amber now, it didn’t mean he had a crush on her, nevertheless, Sean still felt a bit uncomfortable.

Gu Jinyan touched his face and said with a smile:“can you make a phone call to my sister-in-law? I need to ask her about something!”

Sean was picking up a document from the desk, hearing words of ‘sister-in-law’, his face suddenly got darker.

“Fuck! Gu, what’s wrong with your brain? Call her sister-in-law? So gross!”

“No, if you need to call her, you do it yourself!”

The air-conditioner inside was still on, there’s fog covering over Sean’s face.

Gu Jinyan felt a bit unsatisfied, he then said:“you two are a real couple, if I don’t call Amber sister-in-law, are you expecting me to call Tang Tian this? Sean, you seem to be a bit overreacted, couldn’t you..”

Hearing this, Sean raised his feet to kick Gu Jinyan, Gu Jinyan just sat there and suddenly jumped up from sofa flexibly.

Sean then took a look at Gu Jinyan with anger:“what thing you want to ask her? You cannot hear truth from that woman’s mouth!”

“Daddy! Mommy never lies!” Cindy suddenly said, she looked up at Sean with a serious look.

Sean again sneered.

Never told lies? How come he didn’t remember they had sex before? Why she insisted the little bastard was his daughter? At the thought of this, there’s some mocking senses in Sean’s smiles, he then looked at Gu Jinyan with cold sight.

Sean didn’t answer the little one, Cindy just sat on the sofa with a pouting look, then she took out one fairy tale book to read.

Gu Jinyan then added:“I have been calling Lu Xiangxiang these two days, but sadly I couldn’t get in touch with her, so I want to ask Amber if she know anything about Xiangxiang.”

Hearing this, Sean then took a glance at Gu Jinyan. He suddenly bursted into a big laughter and asked:“Gu, are you haveing a crush on Lu Xiangxiang?”

Gu Jinyan instantly stunned there and retreated one step:“are you kidding me? We two are only good friends.”

“Sean, can you do me this favor? Just ask Amber one simple question, don’t be so mean!”

Sean felt angry the minute when he heard Amber’s name. Had it not been for Gu Jinyan, he wouldn’t have turned around and seen Amber and Lu Yi being so close together! They even attached together when they parted!

How could she tell him there’s nothing between they two! He’s not that blind!

Sean cold humed a voice, he suddenly remembered that the department of public relations was next door to the marketing department, since the big news had already come out, Amber now had more reasons to be with Lu Yi. If she really went to PR department and attached close with Lu Yi, he would be so shameless!

At the thought of this, Sean felt more furious, he then pinched the document in his hand with a strong force, the tidy fold instantly got a layer of drapes! After few seconds, he seemed to think through something and walked behind the desk with strides, then he picked up the phone to dail the number of marketing department.

After two beepings, someone answered the phone. The female voice was so soft:“hello, marketing department of Smith company.”

Though Sean didn’t like Amber, he’s so sensitive to her voice, he could immediately tell if the person was her as long as the person spoke.

He then asked in a cold tone:“where’s Amber? Let her answer the phone!”

It’s Shen who picked up the phone, she knew the call was from President, so her body got instantly stiff there, she then said in a slow voice:“President, director White went to PR department, she needs to discuss the abusing news with director Lu…”

Hearing this, Sean hurriedly hung up the phone! It’s also what he expected! But he actually did thought she would hold some dignity! Sean now felt he was a total fool! Though he had already thought Amber would went to PR, he still wanted to confirm!

Once there were scandals, PR department would surely make the clarification, as a director of marketing department, what was she doing there in PR? Was she really taken him as a bastard who liked to wear green hats?

At this moment, Sean looked so bad on the face.

Gu Jinyan and Cindy were all dazed there, they had no idea why he suddenly hung up the phone!

Gu Jinyan took a glance at Sean and asked him in a low voice:“well? How did Amber say?”


He hadn’t even talked with Amber, how could he ask her about Lu Xiangxiang!

Sean walked out from the desk with a gloomy face, he then sipped his lips and said in a cold tone:“go, let’s go find Amber!”

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