Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 9 How’s the little bastard has something to do with me?

“Tiantian is willing to accept the inspection, but she’s also a girl, so it’s natural for her to have girl’s temper, if the result of the test shows it’s true, then Tiantian also has the right to use the law to protect herself.” Amber says with a threathening tone. “well, who’s willing to be the first?”
Since she has already said words clear that anyone who comes up will be sued by Tiantian, there’s suddenly silence under the seat.
“No one? Well, then this thing is now over.”
Amber has been staying in Bo Group for three years, so she still has some power. “there’s so many competitors in Luo Shen Bay, the scandal that reported out at the opening ceremony was clearly a malicious crackdown, i wish our media friends won’t follow the pace.”
“The company will look it up throughly, we will let you know if we find the man who took the move at the ceremony.”
Seems she has dealt well of the things, after Amber gets off the stage, she then says to the agent of Tang Tian:”keep an eye on her, don’t ever make so many pictures like this, if it happenes again, no one can save her.”
The agent nods continuously and then protects Tang Tian to off Luo Shen Bay.
In a strict sense, Amber fought the battle so perfectly, after everyone gone, she then bends down and takes a look at her knee which she bumped in the makeup room. Her knees are bruise now, and she feels a bit pain.
Shi Muzhou has been holding in the rest room, he sees Amber untill the ceremony’s over. “how’s your legs? Is it serious?”
“I’m fine.” she smiles at him:”sorry for the fuss i made today, i still have something need to deal with, so if you’ll excuse me.”
“Ah? Wait me?”
Amber limps towards sell-buildings before Shi Muzhou finishes his sentences, since the thing’s over now, she needs to find Sean Smith and talks about the promise thing.
Amber pushes open the door of rest room, she sees a security guard is now playing on his cellphone.
The secutiry guard suddenly stands up while he notices Amber:”director White?”
“Where’s Sean?” Amber asks.
The guard says with nervous tone:”President Smith just left, seems he goes to the parking lot.”
“How long has he left?”
“About five minutes.” the security guard answers.
Hearing this, Amber then turns and runs towards parking lot.
Maybe it’s because she runs fast so that her big move causes a bit pain on her knees.
She sees a car is now driving outside from a distance, at this moment, all the people who attended here on the ceremony has already left, so he’s surely is Sean Smith.
She then stops her step and walks accross the grass besides her, finally she gets to stop his car in the front.
Sean drives with a high speed, he never thought she’s such reckless to stop his car in the front, so it’s too late for him to step the brake.
Suddenly with a sound of ‘peng’, Amber falls down on the ground, from the angle of Sean, he sees blood on her elbows. He then frowns with cold sight. His lower jaw is tight now, his lower lip compresses into a straight line, and his whole body is thick with strong angor. He thinks of her words the moment when he sees her. So he clearly knows why she’s here now.
Today’s report said wrong thing about her, she did not climb on his bed but instead of others, the babe she’s carrying is not clear too, how dare she drove out Manman and blackmail his mother with bone marrow so that she can be his wife?
There’s so many women in Tong city, but she dares to challenge his authotiy. And the worst part is that his dad likes her a lot.
Sean ticks up his lips, he thinks of the words she spoke for Tang Tian, how can he not know Tang Tian saved her three years ago?
Seems Amber never tells people the true story, she’s not only tricked well his family members but also those smart journalists.
She’s willing to do anything to fufill her goals, he should be lucky that she’s not a man, if she were a man, then his family business might have already come into her hands. He then takes a glance at Amber on the ground, he won’t be fooled by her, not a chance!
He then pulls down the car window and puts on a cold look:”are you dead?”
“Sean Smith, you have promised me that if i hold the reputation of Tang Tian and Luo Shen Bay, you would let me have a request to you.”
Hearing this, there’s some angor in Sean’s eyes, but Amber don’t notice this, she just says directly her intention being here.
“Director White, i warn you, Luo Shen Bay is your project, so you have full responsibilities, you have no right to make a deal with me.”
Amber then softens her tone:”Cindy wants to see her daddy can you make sometime tomorrow for her and send her to school?”
Hearing this, Sean then smiles with a cold tone:”,little bastard, seems she has nothing to do with me.”
He then rolls up the window and ready to leave.
The high speed brings up the dust on the ground into Amber’s eyes. Which makes her eyes full with tears.
Amber then crawls into the ground, her elbows keeps bleeding, the pain pulls through all her seneses. She feels suddenly headache and her heart seems has a contraction too.
In a daze, she then remembers the scene that happened three years ago, it’s all blood everywhere.
Sean locked her in the bedroom when she’s about to give birth to Cindy, it’s her who drags Cindy out from her belly. There’s all blood everywhere at that time, though the thing has already passed for three years, she still feels a bit scared the moment when she remembers the scene.
She put in some water in the bathtub, she blacked out while she heard the crying of Cindy, she then holds out Cindy from the bathtub with a faint body.
He was so cruel to her at that time, she feels she and Cindy might be dead that day. It’s her classmate Lu Yi who sent them to the hospital.
At the thought of this, Amber then wipes her tears, she thought at first it’s him who came back to save them.
But out of her surprise, when she almost lost her life for giving birth to his babe, he flirted with girls in the bar.
She should’ve known clearly that he’s no longer the Sean Smith 11 years ago, it’s enough suffering for her three years ago, how can she again ask him to send Cindy to school?
Amber is now pale in the face, it’s okay she’s wronged herself, now she let Cindy be sweared by her dad too.
He called her bastard!

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