Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter 90: Gu’s time was precious

After the two people walked few steps, Cindy then got up from sofa and ran besides Sean, she held Sean’s sleeve and said:“daddy, I also want to look for mommy.”

Sean was thinking how to punish Amber, but the pleasure sense in his eyebrow suddenly dissipated because of Cindy. He reached his hands to hold still Cindy’s tilting body, his look turned to be so gloomy all of a sudden, he then said to the little one in a rigid tone:

“we need to talk something with your mommy, what are you doing? Go read your book!”

Hearing this, the lights in Cindy’s eyes instantly went out, though there’s tints of unwillingness on her face, she still turned back to the office.

Seeing this, Gu Jinyan secretly laughed there. Sean ignored Gu Jinyan and went directly to the PR department.

Since the news about Sean was sent out in the morning, the stock of Smith had been shrinking continuously. Lu Yi was also absent at the beginning, so everyone all went into panic.

After Amber and Lu Yi went back to the company, they immediately called up a meeting! People of PR department all sat in the meeting room to discuss solutions. There’s only one person standing at the door of meeting room, seeing Sean here, the man dared not to stop. After all, everyone in the company knew Sean. So Sean pushed open the door smoothly!

Suddenly, the person who was talking paused there. Everyone at present all looked at the gateway.

Sean looked around the meeting room, after seeing Lu Yi and Amber sitting together with gaps between, the gloomy look on Sean finally softened a bit. He paused there, after sensing his behavior, his body again went stiff, it was more like that he caught his wife cheating on him.


Sean felt that it’s more because of the news in the morning that caused him being like this! Besides, he’s now at the company, he only worried that Amber couldn’t control herself well to humiliate him! So his behavior was normal!

At the thought of this, Sean felt much better, he just stayed silent there, people at present all went in a daze. Finally Lu Yi spoke.

“President Smith, why are you here?”

Sean just sneered, he didn’t answer Lu Yi’s questions, instead he talked to Amber:“Amber White, come out for seconds!”

There were so many people at present, if Amber said no, everyone would assume the news to be true, then it would be more difficult to make the clarification.

Amber then stood up and walked towards Sean.

After they walked out of meeting room, Amber held her chest with two arms while looked at Sean:“what’s wrong?”

Sean didn’t say a word, instead he pulled Amber’s arm to walk outside of PR department. Amber got hurt in the arms, in order to attend the meeting here, she only weared a thin coat to cover the wounds. As Sean touched on her wounds by strong forces, Amber felt so in pain!

“Sean Smith, what are you doing? You hurt me! Let me go!”

Sean stopped there for seconds, the look on his face turned to be complicated and confusing.

Hum! He only touched her, now she said she felt hurtful, why didn’t she say this to Lu Yi? He did see her throwing herself at Lu Yi when she got off the car.

Sean bit his teeth, since this woman liked Lu Yi so much, why the hell was she messing up with him and Manman? She only needed to tell him her feelings, then he would surely let her chasing after Lu Yi!

Now she’s Mrs Smith, so she should behave herself!

How could a woman like her who changed her feelings so fast be called good one? At this moment, all of Sean’s emotions were hidden in the corner of his mouth. He suddenly loosed his hands, as he walked with fast speed at first, Amber kind fell down on the ground! She held still her body and looked at Sean:“President Smith, if you don’t have things to tell me, I need to go back to PR department now!”

“Of couse I have things to tell you.” Sean took a look at Amber with a spurious smile, she then said in a mocking tone:“to you, only the thing that involves director Lu can be serious thing?” Amber’s eyelashes trembled, she took so much pressure to deal with this scandal only for his sake, how could he assume there’s something between her and Lu Yi?

Sean Smith was so unreasonable! Amber sneered:“President Smith, no matter what you are planning to tell me, can we talk about this tomorrow? The priority now is to deal with the scandal and recover those unnecessary losses.” Amber then turned around, but at the next second, Sean again pulled her arm and said with so cold sight:

“director White, don’t take yourself so seriously, things still can go back on it’s normal way even without you.” “the PR will surely deal with this, but…Gu Jinyan has been looking all over for you! Who are you? How could you trouble him to wait you for a meeting that still can go on even without you?”


Gu Jinyan was walking over after answering the phone call. Hearing this, he became speechless. “…”

Sean tried so hard to help him, somehow he didn’t know how to ask Amber some private questions! Besides, Sean’s words sounded more like a sarcasm!

A mber took a look at Gu Jinyan, she knew this person so well, on the one hand, he’s Sean’s good friend, on the other hand, he’s in good relations with Lu Xiangxiang!

Well! Amber suddenly remembered that Gu Jinyan once bought men’s underwear for Lu Xiangxiang, she couldn’t understand what’s really between them! But considering the temperament of Lu Xiangxiang, maybe he did have some unusual bromeos.

Gu Jinyan now looked for her? What for? There’s tints of doubts flashing out of her eyes. “President Gu, are you looking for me?”

Gu Jinyan nodded and took few looks at the gate of PR department, he then said in a low voice:“sister-in-law, here is not the right place to talk, let’s go to Sean’s office, okay?”

PR department was next to marketing department, as their identity were special, there were always passersby staring at them.

After few seconds hesitation, Amber looked back at the meeting room, she then nodded!

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