Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 91: Closed Meeting? And did it still hold until the early moring

When they walked into the office of Sean Smith, Amber White asked Gu Jinyan: “Mr. Gu, now you can say it. Why are you looking for me?”

Gu Jinyan cleared his throat and went to the back of the desk of Sean Smith and sat down.

In addition to Cindy White greeted Amber White, no one would bother the talk about Gu Jinyan and Amber White.

“Mrs. Smith, I can’t contact Lu Xiangxiang in the past few days. Can you contact her?”

Gu Jinyan asked. Amber White moved her eyes, and finally her eyes fell on Gu Jinyan who frowned, although there was still a smile on his face, the nervous in his eyes could not be hid!

Amber White remembered the last time Gu Jinyan helped Lu Xiangxiang buy underwear.

Although it was not the best time for gossip, Amber White still wanted to know, so she asked: “Mr. Gu, do you like Lu Xiangxiang?”

Gu Jinyan was stiff and said: “Of course not! I look for her to do other thing! We are friends! How can I fall in love with her? I have no tendency to abuse…”

Amber White thought he was right.

The relationship between Lu Xiangxiang and Gu Jinyan was really good, but one thing was that Lu Xiangxiang always bullied Gu Jinyan!

“A few days ago, I called Lu Xiangxiang. She said that she was on a business trip in other city. The boss was holding a closed meeting. In order to ensure the quality of the meeting, her mobile phone needed to handed over.”

Amber White thought for a moment and added: “And their training will often hold until the early hours of the morning. It is estimated that Lu Xiangxiang have been tortured in these days, so she doesn’t have time to watch the mobile phone! If you have something that needs her to do, you can call her in the early hours of the morning!”

Gu Jinyan cursed: “Fuck! Hold to the early morning. Can Lu Xiangxiang bear it? Then did she say that where was her business trip?”

“S City!”

After Amber White said, Gu Jinyan stood up from the sofa. He buckled his mobile phone with one hand and did not return his head. He waved to Sean Smith, and he said: “Sean! I still have something to do. Next time, we can eat together!”

After that, he didn’t wait for Sean Smith to answer, and pushed the office door away and went out.

Gu Jinyan was a little angry. He was well-known for his good temper in the circle. Now he frowned, and the curvature of his lips was stretched into a straight line. The secretaries of Sean Smith’s secretary department wanted to go up to say a few words. They were scared by the cold face of Gu Jinyan.

However, Gu Jinyan did not know anything about it.

The words in his heart were all the words of Amber White!

Closed meeting!

Also held until midnight!

Gu Jinyan knew Lu Xiangxiang’s boss.

He was the upstart in Tong City’s business circle in two years. After taking over Feng Group, he doubled the performance of Feng Group in two years, and he was indeed a talent!

When Lu Xiangxiang was looking for a job, Gu Jinyan invited her. However, she didn’t agree. She didn’t want to work as Gu Group’s executives, but she wanted to go to Feng Group as a secretary!

Gu Jinyan suddenly remembered that the last time when he was driven out of his home by his father, and he went to Lu Xiangxiang’s home.

Before he even entered the door, he saw that Lu Xiangxiang helped the drunken man to get out of the car!

Although he had no intersection with Feng Chen, Gu Jinyan knew him, especially after Lu Xiangxiang entering Feng Group, he also investigated the origin of Feng Group!

That night, the man who drove Lu Xiangxiang back home, wasn’t it Feng Chen?

In the middle of the night, the boss sent the secretary home. hehe!

Everyone knew Feng Chen’s mind.

Gu Jinyan bit his teeth, but he couldn’t attend to see Sean Smith and Amber White’s jokes. He went straight down to the underground parking lot of Smith Group and called his secretary while walking.

“Give me a ticket to S City! The fastest flight!”

The secretary was shocked and said subconsciously: “Boss? Why do you go to S City? Are you not going to eat with Lin Ju in the afternoon?”

“You choose another day to eat dinner. I am going to S city now!”


Gu Jinyan was gloomy and he snorted: “But what? Are you the boss, or am I the boss?”

The secretary said, “I will book your ticket now!”

Gu Jinyan snorted, hung up the phone, then drove the car out of Smith Group and went straight to the airport.

After Gu Jinyan left, Amber White stood up and she planned to continue the public relations department meeting. She stood up and said to Sean Smith who was sitting behind his desk, “Mr. Smith, since Mr. Gu’s matter is solved. I will go back first.”

Sean Smith didn’t look at her, and said: “Manager White, you are gone now, and are you planning to let me take care of your daughter?”

Amber White licked her lips and she glanced at Cindy White sitting on the sofa and she licked her red lips again.

She couldn’t send Cindy White to the kindergarten, and now there was such news. In the morning, there was an accident caused by the reporter’s interview. Amber White naturally did not dare to go to the kindergarten.

She needed to go to work, but Lu Xiangxiang was not in Tong City. No one could take care of Cindy White.

Amber White frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

When Sean Smith heard Amber White’s words, he looked at Amber White and pointed his finger at the desk in front of him. “You are here today!”

Amber White’s pupils violently contracted. She didn’t expect that Sean Smith would have proposed such a thing. She took a deep breath and whispered: “Mr. Smith, I will take Cindy to the public relations department. The day’s things, only we two knew. I want to see if I can do to help you! You can rest assured that Cindy is good kid and will not bother others.”

Sean Smith glanced at the direction of Amber White. He smiled and said: “You can’t promise. If I let you bring her to work. Then, next time other employees want to bring their children to work, can I agree? Smith Group is a company, not a kindergarten!”

He sneered. She said she wanted to help.

He thought the fact was that she really wanted to stay with Lu Yu.

Amber White and Lu Yu were bad. Who knew if they want to take advantage of this opportunity to be unfavorable to his company?

Amber White didn’t know what Sean Smith was thinking, but she thought that Sean Smith was right. She blinked and agreed to the words of Sean Smith, saying: “Then I will go to the marketing department and took my laptop.”

Sean Smith reached for and pushed the landline on the desktop. He said: “How do I know if you will come back when you leave? Call your secretary to send it here.”

Amber White: “…”

Amber White called the phone and hung up and after less than three minutes, Xiao Shen sent her what she wanted.

Amber White was trapped in Ye Se’s toilet in the night last Thursday, so she didn’t go to work on Friday, and Monday was the beginning of the week. There was a lot of things stacked up. She opened the laptop.

In a few minutes, she was immersed in the official business.

Cindy White was reading fairy tale book in the office, and there was the sound of her occasionally flipped paper and the sound of Amber White’s clicking on the computer keyboard in the office.

He didn’t know if it was easy to get tired in summer. The company was very quiet, so the presence of Cindy White and Amber White had become extraordinarily obvious because of the sound.

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