Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 92: Daddy, can you stop picking on mommy again?

Sean took a look by the direction of Amber, she just stood besides the window, and the sunlight was blocked by curtains, but there were still one or two wisps of lights coming through from the gap and struck on the woman’s side, giving her long thick eyelashes a golden glow. Her side face immersed into the air, setting off her smooth skin! Because of the lights, people got to see the floating dust in the air.

Sean moved his fingertips, he actually didn’t like this quiet atomosphere. People who didn’t know the real situation would assume the three of them were a harmonious family, and he could accept this assumption, but his wife and daughter couldn’t be Amber and Cindy!

He raised his eyebrows and threw hardly the document he was reading on the desk.

The sound turned to be so harsh in the quiet room!

Amber and Cindy all looked up at Sean, but at the next second, Amber hurriedly turned back her head and fixed her sight on the computer screen.

At this moment, Sean said:“director White, I’m hungry, I want to eat the braised chicken with sauerkraut of Shangpin Pavilion, the fish bead with winced pepper of Mu Ding and the curry shrimp of Sakura restaurant. Please bring it to me!”

Hearing this, Amber’s brows moved a bit. Shangpin Pavilion was located in the center of the city, just below the company Smith, and they made so yummy dishes, but its not for the profit instead of publiciting some ideas. They only made few dishes a day and it won’t have no more once it was sold out!

Mu Ding restaurant was located in Haiyang road, there were three streets and one viaduct from here. And it needed half an hour of driving to be there.

Sakura restaurant was not far away from here, but it went on the opposite way with Mu Ding…

Sean used not to eat spicy food, but now he wanted to have fish head with pepper. Amber surely could tell that this was only his way to torture her!

Amber now blinked her eyes.

Sean knocked twice on the desk, he was dressed in a white shirt with his sleeves rolling up, and his white arms exposed in the air. Even a slight gesture had somewhat force.

But Amber only raised her head. “President Smith, I still have some unfinished business at hand, can you ask assistant Xu to order food for you?”

Hearing this, Sean sneered.

This woman was somewhat arrogant!

Mrs Smith did have strong air, she was so good at taking orders to people!

Three years ago, was the reason she tried so hard to be Mrs Smith for today’s fame? But how could she get what she wanted?

Sean hooked up his lips and said:“I specially hired Xu Lin with high fees to tackle important things in company instead of running some trivial errends! But as for director White, if you do need to take care of something, how could you run directly to the PR department the minute when you came back to the company?”

Amber now choked there a bit. If it wasn’t for reserving his fame, how come she would do so many things? Amber didn’t want to argue with him, she took out her phone and sent out some texts, seconds later, she said:“President Smith, the dishes you asked will soon be delivered here, anything else?”

Sean licked his lips and said in a low voice:“make me a cup of coffee!”

Amber was about to get up, Cindy suddenly stood up from sofa:“mom, I can do this, you go do your work things, I’ll make daddy coffee!”

Amber then held Cindy’s hands:“I’ll go, there’s so many people here, you don’t know where the water-heater room is, so just stay here to read your book.”

Cindy was still young, Amber surely wouldn’t want her to walk so long distances. So she directly walked into the teatablet to make the man coffee!

Sean now felt so pleasant, seeing the satisfying look on his face, Amber went back to her seat and continued doing her work things.

Sean moved his wrist, suddenly, a cup of coffee spilled on the desk. Amber and Sean shared the same desk, seeing this, she hurriedly stood up and moved to the side.

Sean then said slightly:“director White, please tidy up the desk for me, I need this document this afternoon, after that, get me a copy of that!” his voice was frivolous.

Amber took a look at him, and she didn’t find the electronic version of that document, she then directly picked up the document on the desk.

Amber exhaled one breath, luckily there’s a another copy in her computer, so she didn’t feel so anxious.

But Cindy then ran to the desk, she pinched pieces of tissues and said:“mom, I’ll help you with the desk.” the little one did houseworks before, so she quickly cleaned the desk. Amber then hooked up a smile, she held up the usb drive she had just upplugged from her computer and said:“mom needs to print this document, you stay here!”

Cindy nodded!

After Amber left the office, Cindy cleaned up the desk and threw the tissue into the garbage can. The little one didn’t directly leave, she had been staying silent there since she entered into the office, now she stood besides Sean as if she were going to say something to him. Sean naturally felt a bit surprised. But he had played Amber for a long time, so obviously, Sean was in good mood, he then looked at Cindy:“what’s wrong?”

Cindy paused there at first, she then said:“daddy, you were so careless today, mommy don’t feel so well today, when she’s back, can you stop picking on her again?”

He picked on her?

The little one was indeed Amber’s good kid, she not only cleaned up the desk for Amber but also gave lesson to him now!

So hideous!

Sean again became unhappy, when he was about to be angry with Cindy, his head suddenly flashed out some lights. He played Amber from the beginning, but until now, she didn’t suffer a loss instead of wasting him sometime!


The good show would be at night! He needed not to argue with this little one at this moment!

He wanted to see if Amber could take the stress!

Sean then took up his phone and sent out three texts immediately!

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