Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 93: Amber White was the target of criticism.

It didn’t take a long time that the meal she ordered arrived after Amber White printed the documents and went back to the office. Then she went downstairs and took the food to the office of Sean Smith.

The man picked up with the chopsticks and he did not eat much. Instead, Cindy White ate a lot.

Amber White didn’t say anything. Sean Smith was picky because of the extravagant life. She did not feel surprised.

After the meal, Amber White did not wait for Sean Smith to order her, she collected the garbage before she sat down again to deal with the work.

Sean Smith waited to see the jokes of Amber White at night, and naturally did not torment Amber White.

Time passed by little, and soon it was the time to get off the work.

Old Mr. Smith called Amber White in the morning, and he told her to go back for dinner with Sean Smith.

In the morning in the hospital, Amber White wanted to take Sean Smith’s car, but Sean Smith refused.

Sean Smith always hated her, and did not want her to get on his car. Amber White simply packed up things and took Cindy White to go out of the office.

Sean Smith frowned and passed Amber White with a steady step. His pair of powerful arms blocked in front of Amber White. Lowering his eyes, he said with a bit of cold and cool voice,”You promised that we will go back together at night. Where do you want to go?”

Amber White was very sensitive. She did not think that Sean Smith was inviting her to go back together. She looked at Sean Smith and said. “I and Cindy will take a taxi and wouldn’t bother you.”

Sean Smith sneered.

How could Amber White let the chance go when she could get along with him alone?

Taking a taxi to the Smith house was just an excuse for her to block him and her true purpose was that she wanted to cause the conflicts between him and his father?

In the same company, he let them who got injury take a taxi to go back. How bleak they were! And it was enough to cause old Mr. Smith to be angrier and feel sorry for Amber White!

At that time, Amber White would get what she wanted.

He knew this point, and he couldn’t help but feel a trace of contempt.

He didn’t talk to Amber White any more, but he bent down and spoke slowly to Cindy White: “Do you want to take Dad’s car?”

Cindy White looked at Amber White, and looked over at Sean Smith, asking: “Can dad bring mom together?”

Sean Smith was silent.

He was not the leg of Amber White. Could he control where she went?

Amber White was so arrogant. The reason she married him was just for the power of the Smith family. Maybe she didn’t want to take his car!

After all, this news was beneficial to Amber White!

He knew everything what she thought!

Sean Smith snorted and he leaned down and hugged the little guy. “Go, Dad takes you to the parking lot!”

Sean Smith did not refuse, so Cindy White’s eyes brightened. Because Sean Smith was high. When Cindy White was held by him, her vision was also very broad.

Cindy waved her hand at Amber White: “Mom, you go with us! We will go to the grandparents’ home with Dad!”

Amber White subconsciously followed them.

The wife-abused scandal had spread, and the public relations department had not yet set a clarification in addition to a formulaic denial of the news report case.

Now Sean Smith and her actions were definitely watched .

When Sean Smith came over in the morning, he drove his Maserati that was often drove by him to public places. If she didn’t take Sean Smith’s car, but took the taxi at the door of Smith Group, and then if she was seen by someone…

Then this news would definitely be upgraded. The impact on the stock price of Smith Group was terrible.

Amber White raised her hand and smoothed the long hair hanging on her face.

Even if she didn’t say to Sean Smith, he should know it clearly. He should not act like this morning in the hospital, blocking her from not letting her get on the car.

After all, Smith Group was his company.

Amber White licked her lips, and her slow pace gradually accelerated, and went to the underground parking lot together with Sean Smith.

The light in the parking lot was faint which made Sean cold when the light fell on Sean Smith’s face.

After Sean Smith put Cindy White on the passenger’s seat, Sean Smith turned to Amber White who reached out and pulled the rear door. He was gloomy.

Amber White was really a good mother. Because of Cindy White’s words, she gave up the opportunity which could get old Mr. Smith’s pity!

The action of her pulling the door was quite skillful!

Since she became his wife, there must be so many people who lined up to drive her back home. Now she wanted him to be her free driver? !

Sean Smith was so angry. He couldn’t control himself. After he helped Cindy White buckled the seat belt, he strode directly onto the car, started the engine, turned around the car, and drove the car out of the underground parking lot.

When Sean Smith started the car, the speed was very fast. Amber White was not prepared. Her head hit on the back of the chair and hit the wound on her forehead.

Amber White hurt and gasped, but she held back the screams!

She rubbed her wound, looking at the road ahead through the windshield, and there was a moment of loss in her eyes.

After marrying Sean Smith, the marital status between them was destinated. Sean Smith could do nothing about it so he vented all his anger to Cindy.

And he definitely didn’t admit this child was his daughter!

Up to now, the three widows of Smith family always looked at Cindy White with strange eyes, and every time what they said were straightforward and vicious.

She could bear it, but she was afraid that Cindy White couldn’t stand it!

Hesitantly and repeatedly, Amber White looked at Sean Smith, and asked: “Mr. Smith, who are in home at night? Are your three sister-in-law going to go?”

Through the rearview mirror, the man glanced at Amber White who was a little worried.

He sneered. He didn’t know that Amber White feared those women!

Sean Smith heard more or less a few times about the things that happened in Smith house. And he knew clearly what Amber White was worried about!

“Who do you want to go there? What? Director White was abused by me, and you hope that everyone will support you and hold a meeting for you?”

After Sean Smith said, Amber White was relieved.

What he said meant that after returning to the Smith house, as long as she explained these things with Sean Smith’s parents, they could go back?

But after thinking, she felt it was not right. In the Smith family, it seemed that only old Mr. Smith stood on her side and helped her. Even if there was really a meeting, it was impossible for Sean Smith to be the target of the meeting. On the contrary… Amber White was the target of criticism.

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