Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter 94: What is it to only coax the old man?

Amber took a sigh, today was a tough day for her! In the kindergarten, Xiangpang’s mom picked on her, at the gate of school, she almost got stepped to die, and she also needed to deal with Sean Smith. Amber now felt so tired.

She pinched her brows and curled up in the car.

The car slowly drove to the old house of family Smith.

The house covered a large area, the door of villa was full of rare green plant that had been taken care of meticulously by servants, at the position that was on the opposite to the gate, there placed a small fountain. Next to the green plant, there planted the flower that couldn’t be called on the names.

Amber got off the car and walked to the co-piolet’s seat, then held up Cindy.

They then went upstairs, Sean walked in the front, from the distance, the three of them did look like a family.

Amber inhaled one breath and held her unrealistic fantaises. She then walked into the old house without looking around the situation of villa.

“Um, your sister-in-law and I have been waiting for you two for like three hours, what are you so late?”

Hearing the complaints, Amber’s body went into stiff. She suddenly raised her head and saw Shen Ruyun standing on carpet of intricate patterns. Shen Ruyun was the third sister-in-law of Sean Smith.

Amber then took a look at sofa, Jiang Xue sat there, she weared Chanel couture dress with exquisite hairstyle. She was the second sister-in-law of Sean Smith.

Amber now felt a bit surprised, she then looked at Sean. Didn’t he say there’s only his parents here in the old house?

Why Jiang Xue and Shen Ruyun were also here?

Noticing the surprising look on Amber, Sean then turned back at Amber with mocking sight.

Amber then had a shiver in the body. Sean Smith’s expression was enough to tell everything!

Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue were here surely for some reason, and it had something to do with Sean Smith. He always didn’t like her, and Amber also knew that he didn’t get alone well with his three sister-in-law, but now they all showed up here. Obviously, Sean called them here specially to against her!

At the thought of this, Amber exhaled one breath, she then blocked Cindy with her body while said:“sister-in-law…”

Jiang Xue didn’t answer Amber, Shen Ruyun then came closer and took a glance at Amber. “sister, you’re now Sean’s wife, how can you still dressed in rags? Don’t you know we represent our family’s dignity? If you walk out in this way all the time, our family dignity would lose sooner or later because of you!”

Hearing this, Amber still stayed silent, she held still Cindy’s hands.

Sean then raised his eyebrows. He so wanted to know how long could Amber White stay in such steady manner? Didn’t she always smart? Wasn’t she good at talking sweet words to everyone? So he called all of his sister-in-law back here so that she wouldn’t feel lonely!

“Sister-in-law, I’m wearing the uniform of company Smith, there’s so many staffs in the company, who you actually despise? You despise Sean or dad?”

Shen Ruyun then cold humed a voice and added:“hum! How can you bring up company Smith? Sister, what’s wrong with you these days? There’s scandals about Sean in every media, didn’t you always like wiping clean Sean’s butt? What happened to you now?”

Maybe Jiang Xue felt interested in this subject, so she looked at Amber and said:“that’s so true, playing with those young models aren’t that important, at least Sean could increase public awareness, but abuse his wife…um! Now company Smith’s shares went down a lot more, even myself feel so pity about this.”

“Yes, lost sixty million at oneday! Sister, if you cannot take care of this thing, you have to pay me!”

Hearing this, Amber’s temple jumped a lot. She knew that Sean’s three sister-in-low held some shares of company Smith. Sean’s three brothers all died of cancer, they three all got married. After the death, Sean’s three sister-in-law didn’t remarry to another man, they all insisted to be single. Later, Sean’s father gave them some shares of company!

But only themselves knew what they really wanted in family Smith!

Amber then replied:“sister-in-law, the PR department has been working on this thing! Company Smith owned high reputation in Tong city, and it has deep foundations. So it couldn’t be crushed down so easily!” she then held Cindy’s hand, walking to the sofa.

Sean sat there easely, he held his phone with one hand with sight fixing on the screen.

Seeing Amber here, Sean suddenly smiled. Didn’t the woman really think she would send away his sister-in-law by only few words? Or she wanted to wait till the old man here? His three brother had been dead for so many years, and his three sister-in-law had high status in the family, so even they beated Amber, Amber couldn’t win over his sister-in-law!

“Sister, are you saying the sixty million isn’t money? Big sister-in-law and I have no one to depend on, we have been living in intense for not losing dignity for our family, now the company lost so much money at one day, what do you expect us to live for?”

Jiang Xue then added again:“you’re right, sister, you see, our husband left us so long ago, and we don’t have kids, so when we get older, there would be no one to support us, we all depend on the shares of company Smith, so you have to give us a satisfying answer!”

“Yes, yes, yes, sister, don’t try to bully us, the scandals are on you two, so you have to cover the loss! This kind of thing also happened two years ago, we cannot cover the loss again!”

“Sixty million are enough for us to invest one nursing home!”

Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue kept saying. Which made Amber kind headache!

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