Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter 95: Sister-in-law

Seeing no reactions from Amber, Shen Ruyun pouted her mouth and walked over. She put one hand on Amber’s shoulder and squinted at Cindy. “sister, it’s not that I’m indifferent, but you cannot let our family suffer great losses!”

“Family Smith not only raise that little bastard but also spend money for you! And about the house you’re living now, it’s also paid by our family!”

“You cannot even take care of this news, so how dare you bring in that little bastard for the property of our family?”

“When that little bastard grows up, it’s just more waste of dowries.”

“Poor little thing only want the money!”

Hearing this, Sean hooked up his lips, his third sister-in-law was indeed cruel!

Tang Tian wasn’t the same level as her! Because she knew so well where Amber’s weakness was! Though Tang Tian sweared at Amber before, she didn’t really know Amber, all she cursed Amber most was some words like bitch, now Shen Ruyun even sweared at Cindy, Sean didn’t believe that Amber could still stay silent there! At the thought of this, Sean moved his body and fixed his sight on Amber.

Amber’s face was pale, her fingers clenched tightly together. Seconds later, Amber looked at Shen Ruyun with sense of mocking.

“Sister-in-law, you know clearly which one of us really covets family Smith’s property! I didn’t use the house to mortgage or pay the gambling debt!” “in the place like Casino, it’s not just by luck, so you still need to be careful in case you lose the only thing third brother left for you, by that time, even if you have more shares of family Smith, it couldn’t save you anymore!”

Hearing this, Shen Ruyun paused there. It’s actually an open secret that Shen Ruyun liked gambling! Sean’s mom and dad had been turning a blind eye to this thing, but few days ago, Shen Ruyun got bad luck, she lost all the money at hand and secretly mortgaged few houses of Johnson Smith! At first, she planned to redeem the house after she got the shares, but who would’ve thought family Smith’s shares shrank more and more because of the thing happened between Amber and Sean! So after Shen Ruyun got text from Sean, she hurriedly ran over here. But how come Amber knew about this? She didn’t know how much Amber really knew, so she dared not to argue with Amber anymore.

“Sister, I don’t understand, Sean, you heard Amber’s words just now, you two are now a couple, just beware of the houses under your name in case it’s mortgaged by someone!”

Sean hooked up his lips at this moment. What? Amber mortgaged his house? How was that possible? She didn’t even know where his real estate was! Even if she knew, how dared she do this kind of thing? In other words, if he still lived in this world, no one dared to take it even if Amber mortgaged the house!

Seems Shen Ruyun wanted to drive a wedge between her and Sean, Amber then said:“since sister-in-law knows so clear about the mortgage thing, couldn’t you already transfer the money that got from mortgage under your name?”

The expression on Shen Ruyun’s face suddenly changed.

Sean’s mom always liked Johnson, so she also gave Shen Ruyun some praises among the four daughter-in-law of family Smith, if the thing spread into her ears, she would be so shameless!

Shen Ruyun’s face turned deathly pale, seconds later, she sat down with a gloomy look. “I don’t know what are you talking about!”

At this moment, Fang Weiwei came in. She’s the elder sister-in-law of Sean, though she’s over 30 years old, she still looked so young.

Fang Weiwei smiled when she came in:“everyone’s all here?”

Jiang Xue then said:“sister-in-law, before you came, I was discussing the shrinking thing of family Smith’s share! We think that Amber should cover the loss this time!”

“They have always been on bad terms since they got married! If they keep doing this, company Smith would be toasted sooner or later!”

Fang Weiwei took a look at Jiang Xue and said softly:“sister, you cannot put words like this, I’m sure this isn’t what Amber want either!”

“Sean, you have to take care of this very carefully! The news clearly were distorted.”

Sean then sneered at Amber. He still didn’t even know who TINA really was. So how to take care of? This thing concerned with everyone’s profits, even if Fang Weiwei wouldn’t blame them, what about Jiang Xue? And as for Amber, how could she knew things about his third sister-in-law, it seemed that he underestimated her!

“Sister-in-law, you’re really a good person? Until now, you still stand on Amber’s side!”

“She got pregnant before she married to our family, the person like her surely was a bad person!”

“Now, she worked in marketing department, and there’s so many stars! Who knows which one she’ll set her eyes on next time?”

“If she again conceives the babe of others, what about Sean?”

“If the thing of her looking for men becomes headlines, we will be the victim by then!”

Jiang Xue kept saying there.

“Sister-in-law, are you done?” Amber slightly smiled:“how did I not know you actually can be so talkative?”

Hearing this, Jiang Xue felt instantly unhappy! “Amber, you’re so shameless! If you can get knocked up once, who knows if there will be a second time!”

“What? You want family Smith again support another bastard?”

“I’ve never seen a woman being such bitchy in my entire life!”

Hearing this, Amber walked forward and said coldly:“I cannot compare with you, after getting bored at the bar, you even played in the casino!” “and after got threathened by the boss of casino, you were forced to pay him five billion!” “sister-in-law, since second brother had been dead for years, so if you ever got pregnant, what will you supposed to say?”

Hearing this, Jiang Xue widened her eyes, because of the shockness, her body got straighten up instantly! She once made a deal with the boss of casino that she would pay him the money once she got shares from family Smith, by that time, he would returned back her videos and keep the secret!


How could Amber know this?

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