Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter 96: Because your bone marrow is so precious?

After a while, Jiang Xue’s spine hit the chair on the back. The expression on her face changed again and again!

Noticing this, Sean sipped his lips and moved his body. The white shirt that tucked into his trousers was then straightened, which made Sean’s waist be thinner and smoother.

His three sister-in-law were all mean, but Amber now made them become speechless… this result was out of his expectation! At first, he specially called his three sister-in-law here to humiliate Amber, but who would’ve known Amber could reverse the situation!

This woman was indeed smart! No wonder the old man allowed her into company Smith and climbed all the way up to the director of marketing department! Sean just showed a bit appreciation to Amber, suddenly, the smile on his face went into stiff!

No! How could this woman know so well about the situation of everyone in family Smith? Firstly it was his phone password, now it was the secret about his third sister-in-law, had she done the research on family Smith? No wonder the old man loved her so much, she even forced his mom to agree this marriage by the spine-donation thing! The woman was so scheming!!!

“Sisters, we’re a family, don’t make such a scene! We finally gather together here, if dad and mom see us being like this, they’ll feel unhappy!” Fang Weiwei said.

At this moment, there came through the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

The people downstairs all stunned there, they then looked up.

Sean’s mom now walked over with a phone holding in her hand. Sean and Fang Weiwei sat respectively on the single sofa, Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue sat at the opposite of Amber. There’s a position besides Amber, at first, Amber thought Sean’s mom would directly sit down here, but to her surprise, Sean’s mom pushed Sean, Sean then moved to Amber and held up Cindy.

After noticing Cindy, there’s instantly a sense of annoying in the mom’s eyes.

“Sean, you seem to be good at holding kids of others?”

Sean then replied:“mom, don’t forget that it was you who forced me to marry Amber White three years ago! You gave this to me!”

Hearing this, the mom stared at Sean, she then fixed her sight to Amber.

“Amber, what’s going on with the news today? No one in the marketing department and PR department? Why the news still stand on the headlines?”

Amber then said:“mom, the company is still discussing the clarification plans…”

“Discuss? I know my son so well, he really hit you? Who really beated you?”

“At first, it’s the kid thing, now it’s the hit thing, is he so easy picked on?” “is this all about the spine-donation thing? You think your spine is so precious?”

Amber knew that the mom didn’t like her at all, now after this thing, she would surely hate her more! But she’s also the mom of Sean and also her elders, she couldn’t swear at her? Amber then inhaled one breath, her face turned to be pale, while she felt more anxious, Fang Weiwei added:“mom, this thing has nothing to do with fourth-sister!” “forth-sister now injured and she feels so wronged, if you keep scolding at her, it will make her feel more uncomfortable!”

Hearing this, the mom sneered there. She had bad fate, her four son all died and she didn’t even have one grandchildren, and three years ago, she even forced her forth-son to marry a woman who already conceived a babe of others! At the thought of this, the mom exhaled one breath. Amber felt uncomfortable? Then how about her? Was she feel comfortable?

“What’s this to do with you?” the mom threw a stare at Fang Weiwei at first, then she said to Amber:“you and Sean had been married for three years, couldn’t you take care of him? Family Smith runs a company instead of his harem, I seem to see his news all over the newspaper!” “he wants me to die? Or he wants his dad to die out of anger?”

Hearing this, Shen Ruyun and Jiangxue exchanged a look, they now felt somwhat pleasant!

Sean then took a glance at Amber.

Did his mom being here for fun? Amber wanted to take care of him in the daily life, but seems that was out of her control! If the mom really wanted her son to be desciplined, she should’ve let him marry Manman!

“Daddy, this is my grandma?” Cindy suddenly asked.

Sean was about to answer Cindy, the mom suddenly retreated her legs while said:“I don’t have a granddaughter with your age! Stop adding relations with me!”

Cindy sipped her lips and nodded.

Amber’s face suddenly got ripples, she clenched her fingers and felt so wronged at this moment! The mom was clearly mocking at her!

“Well, enough, she’s just a kid, why are you angry with her?” Sean’s dad came downstairs at this moment.

Seeing him here, Amber stood up to make room for the dad:“dad, sit here!”

Though the dad was now at his late middle age, the stateliness of him was still on, he walked besides Amber and took a sharp look at Sean!

“You bastard! How dare you come back? If you don’t hold the kid now, I’ll break your legs!”

“…” Sean knew there might be bad things coming at him in the old house, this Amber, her actions were so fast, no wonder the old man liked her so much! She must intentionally make the room for the old man so that the old man could scold him easily!

Sean then pulled his lips, and there’s some coldness coming through his cold eyelid, he just sat on the safa easely!

Seeing the look on him, the dad felt more angry, he then turned and said to Amber:“Amber, I’m here now, you can tell me what really has happened! Does the wound in your body has something to do with this bastard? How did he torture you?”

Hearing this, Amber stunned there, in fact, this thing indeed had something to do with Sean, but he didn’t beat her!

“Dad…” Amber was about to explain.

Sean suddenly cold humed a voice and said firstly:“yes, I hit her, I did abuse her, so what’s dad gonna do with me? I’m the only son you have now, you want to hit me die?”

“Bastard! You’re really bastard!” the dad instantly became furious, he suddenly stood up and pointed at Sean:“come to the study toom with me!”

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