Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 97: Does she deserve it?

Probably because of anger, Sean Smith’s father’s eyes flashed and the veins on his forehead protruded. The majesty of his face was formidable.

He startled all the people present, especially Mrs. Smith, and she unconsciously stopped Mr. Smith as he stepped forward.

“What are you doing, Tomas? The child seldom come home, we’d better talk about things after dinner.”

As Mrs. Smith spoke, her voice softened, and her tough stance suddenly subsided. Seeing this, Fang weiwei got up from the sofa.

“Dad, mom is right. Sean and Amber are rare to come back… “

She was stopped by Toma’s eyes. He reached out and pulled away Mrs. Smith’s hand in front of him, then pointed one finger at Sean Smith and said, “stop spoiling him. Come in with me!”

The latter part of his sentence was clearly said to Sean Smith.

Mrs. Smith tried to speak, but she was scared by the roar of the Tomas, “shut up!”

Seeing this, Sean Smith sneered.

He glanced at Amber White, who stood aside and couldn’t get a word in.

Amber White must be very happy to see Tomas teach him a lesson.

He had suspected that if TINA was Amber White, but he had been deluded by her several times before! So TINA must be Amber White!

After all, no one in the world except Amber White would hate him like that.

Did she really think that all these things would make him compromise?

Amber White is dreaming!

Sean Smith put his lips down, his pupils were covered by the shade, and he gave his hand to help Mrs. Sean Smith and said, “Mother, sister-in-law, you don’t have to persuade. This table is so crowded and unappetizing that I couldn’t eat at all. I’d like to hear what papa is going to tell me.”

Amber White’s body shaked.

Sean Smith was deliberate. He knew that Tomas was angry about that scandal! Only if he be obeident, he could pass the difficulity, but he still said these words in front of Tomas, which would make Tomas more angry.

Sean Smith would go against his father every time. All he had to do was to be obeident and explain everything, but he made it more serious!

She glanced anxiously at Tomas, and sure enough, his face was flushed with anger and his fingers trembled. “beast!”

Sean Smith sneered.

Since Amber White married him, his father never cared him.

His heart was full of his daughter-in-law!

If Amber White was a man, her father would give her the company for nothing.

Nothing he did can worth Amber White’s words!

Amber White didn’t explain it just for let him beg her and let her explain to his father.

What the hell was she? Was she worthy of that?

He never fowllowed her idea.

Tomas was trembling because of Sean Smith. Now the scene was a little chaotic, Fang weiwei pulled Sean Smith and said: “Sean, father is angry, stop!”

Tomas Smith calmed his anger for a moment and then raised his voice, “All of you go to dinner!”

Then he looked at Sean Smith and yelled, “Fowllow me here!”

Sean’s expression did not change, he passed fang weiwei and followed his father to the study without any hesitation.

The Mrs. Smith’s body shook violently, and shen ruyun took the opportunity to please her, “mom, what’s wrong?”

Mrs. Smith gritted her teeth and straightened up, her face visibly flurried, “Your dad’s been mad all day about this, and now Sean admits he abused his wife! He would must punish him! He’s the only son I have now!”

“Does he want to kill me? “

The Mrs. Smith’s eyes filled with tears.

She suddenly remembered that Amber White was forced to have a c-section in her bedroom three years ago.

When Tomas Smith found out, he beat her son and left him in the hospital for a month!

When Tomas punished his son, he never show mercy.

The lady suddenly felt as if falling into a icehouse. In the room with the cool air and the right temperature, she still felt a cold sweat on her back.

Her body shivered, and before she knew what to do, Amber White suddenly stood up!

“What are you doing?”

The lady screamed. She came from a celebrity background and she had a good culture. It was the first time she shouted so loudly.

Mrs. Smith stared at Amber white, if she’s trying to do the same thing, she would fight with her.

Amber white nervously licked her lip flap and said, “mom, I’m going to explain it to dad.”

“explain? You wouldn’t made it be known to all if you were kind!”

Mrs. Smith said hatefully.

Three years ago her son was beaten because of this woman!

How scheming this woman was!

She convinced her by telling her that she was pregnant with Sean’s child, plus her bone marrow, Mrs. Smith thought they wouldn’t get any loses in any cases. But she didn’t expect that the baby in her belly was not belonged to Sean.

As long as she was involved in, Sean would suffer a lot!

She deliberately married Sean Smith and made this family messy. Even if Sean really abuse her, she deserved it.

After hearing what the lady said, Amber licked her lips and tried to explain, but Mrs. Smith had pushed her away and walked towards the study with a gloomy face.

The aunt had served the dishes on the table. Amber white tried to catch up when she was grabbed by fang wei wei.

“Amber, eat first!”

“It’s useless if you go now because mom and dad are angry… “

Sean Smith’s personality was as bossy as his father’s. If he wanted to do something, no one could prevent him from doing that.

Amber stopped, nodded to fang weiwei, and sat down at the table with Cindy and three sister-in-laws. She absent-mindedly served Cindy a bowl of rice. A noise came from the study!


Although the sound had become dull when it reached to the dining-room, it did not prevent them from recognizing that it was the sound of a whip!

Amber white’s hands shook and her fingertips turned white.

Cindy bit her chopsticks and looked at Amber white with big eyes. Child’s mind was so sensitive that she instinctively realized that everyone around her didn’t like her very much.

She asked warily, “mom, what is it?”

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