Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 99: Grandmother, my mother is not evil

The way Mrs. Smith looked at Amber White frightened Cindy White.

Mrs. Smith still stood where she was. They left the table, and Amber White stood at her right. Unconsciously, Cindy White slipped off the stool, took Amber White’s hand and said to Mr. Smith’s mother,

“Grandmother, my mother is not evil!”

Mrs. Smith was already angry, but Cindy still chose to provoke her. She sneered and said, “who allows you to call me grandma? “

After finishing this sentence, Mr. Smith’s mother turned her eyes to Amber White.

She now knew that the girl was not the Sean’s child!


She did not know who could disgust her except Amber White!

Mrs. Smith looked at Amber White, “did you teach her? “

Amber White tried to speak, but shen ru yun, holding Mrs. Smith by her arm, preempted her by saying, “of course, mom. She’s counting on this child!”

Shen ru yun avoided Amber White’s gaze.

There was a hint in what she said, and even though she didn’t say it clearly, everyone knew what shen ru yun meant!

Amber White married Smith with a big belly. What else did Amber White think about besides money?

Mrs. Smith snickered, “oh… Ha ha, you know our family is rich, and then want to take the children to inherit our industry? I should have listened to Sean and let him to marry Man man!”

“She’s much better than you, except she doesn’t have your bone marrow. What a fool I am! My three sons died of cancer, and I was afraid Sean would end the same. You’re killing Sean before he gets cancer!”

Amber White holds Cindy White’s hand tightly. Her face turns pale. She’s squeezing her lips.

Cindy White had tears in her eyes. With her mouth pursed, she raised her voice to retort, “Grandma, my mom didn’t hurt dad, my mom didn’t torture dad!”

What Cindy White said stung Mrs. Smith’s heart.

Her son was bleeding because of Amber White, but she can’t call a doctor!

Now Amber White’s kid said that Amber White didn’t hurt Sean?

It wasn’t Amber White? Did her son deserve it?

Mrs. Smith gasped and clenched her fingers in a fist.

It’s nothing for Amber White to argue with Mrs. Smith, but it’s just after Sean Smith got whipped!

She hated Amber White, and hated Cindy White, too!

“You are a little bastard, what do you know? “

Mrs. Smith sulked.

The Smith family had been in tong city for many years. If Mrs. Smith was really angry, how can a child bear it?

Cindy White’s body shrank. She was holding Amber White in one hand and wrapped the other around her.

Amber White, who had been just a little pale, went suddenly pale with Mrs. Smith’s words. Her lip flap quivered, revealing the true emotion buried beneath her calm expression.

She looked up, while her eyes like a bottomless pool of cold water.

“Mom, Cindy is only a child. As you said, she doesn’t know anything. It’s not her fault. So, can you stop calling her ‘little bastard’!”

Amber White had just finished when jiang xue sneered.

“Amber is really brave getting father’s support. Not only did you let daddy beat Sean, but now you don’t even take mother seriously.” Jiang xue sighed and then said, “Are we three, whose husbands had died, going to be the barriers in future?”

As shen ruyun held Mrs. Smith, she could feel her trembling with anger. Hearing jiang xue’s words, she could not help adding words.

“Mom, will Amber be the hostess of this family? I’m not a good speaker, I don’t know how many times I’ve offended Amber. Will there be room for me to stay at home?”

“What are you doing now here?” Fang weiwei said, “do you want to annoy mom?”

Shen Ruyun was about to say more when she lifted her eyes to Amber White’s cold stare. Her heart trembled, then she bit her lips.

Amber White looked like a crazy woman in her and jiang xue’s eyes.

Amber White knew something abbout them. Although they didn’t want Amber White to be well, jiang xue and shen Ruyun were still afraid to talk again.

Mrs. Smith caught the eye of the interaction. Her force grew heavy and her face grew pale.

Mrs. Smith had been on the throne for many years. Except for a few run-ins with Mr. Smith, no one said bad to her!

Now Amber White not only done it, but she’s also doing it in front of her daughter-in-laws. How could she bear it?

“Are you lecturing me?”

Amber White took a deep breath, straightened her back, and held Cindy close behind her.

She looked directly at Mrs. Smith and said, “I dare not, but Cindy hasn’t been back for three years. She came back today because Sean took her back. I hope you can apologize to Cindy and be a good eldership .”

“Mama! Amber dares to make you apologize. Then is she going to drive us out?”

“Amber, you are so overbearing! No matter what mom says, we should take it! Besides, we can’t call a doctor now because Sean’s been whipped for you. Can’t mother be angry?”

“Why are you so serious with mother?”

Shen Ruyun seemed to be talking good to Amber White, but the fact her words made Mrs. Smith even angrier, “You’re really awesome! You want your mother-in-law to apologize to a little bastard? “

Amber White’s eyelashes trembled and her expression faded, but she stood obstinately in front of Mrs. Smith. She carried her back from the window, blocking out part of the light before her.

From Mrs. Smith’s point of view, she can only see Amber White’s face.

Amber White said, “if mom wants to be insulting, I can go into the study and talk to dad right now.”

Mrs. Smith’s eyes were widened. She looked at Amber White in disbelief and asked, “what do you mean? ! You want Tomas to teach me a lesson?”

She kept sneering!

How did she get cajoled by such a woman and let Sean marry her back?

Now her family was messed by her!

She regretted it!

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