Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter101: Grandma, you look more beautiful than them

“Grandma, other children’s grandma would take them to and pick them up from school. But for me,it is the first to see you, grandma, you look more beautiful than them.”

Mrs. Smith was moved.

She looked down and looked at the girl.

Her arm moved, and her heart was soft!

She frowned and tried to calm down.

Just a hug,it didn’t mean that she accept this girl. Anyway,it’s a battle between her and Amber White,Cindy was just a innocent kid.

Anyway,she was innocent.

Moreover, if she didn’t hug her,would Amber White be willing to reconcile?

After hesitating, Mrs. Smith bent over and hugged Cindy White.

The three-year-old child was so thin,it was not hard for her, but when she took her up, the woman clearly saw that the scary on the girl’s face turned to a happy smile.

Because of this smile,she’s eyes turned bright.

And she pouted.

This child was really cute, but it was a pity that she was not Sean’s daughter.

As soon as she thought of this, she sighed and she thought about the relationship between Amber White and Sean Smith, then she thought of Lin Man.

She felt sad.

When would his son had his own children? !

Mrs. Smith licked her lips, If Amber White existed, her son could not live happily.Forget it!

The most important thing was let Amber White persuade Tomas, for god sake,her son couldn’t be hit anymore.

The woman took a deep breath and looked at Amber White,she said: “Amber, I have done all your requirements! I know Sean, he won’t beat you, could you explain it to your dad, could you?”

Amber White raise her eyebrows, she had been the woman’s daughter-in-law for three years, it was the first time she called her ‘Amber’.

She was still indifferent, when Shen Ruyun noticed,she whispered: “sister-in-law, Mom has done what you said, could you compromise,too?”

Amber White ignored Shen Ruyun, she reached out and took Cindy White from the hands of the woman. She said, “Mom, I will handle this matter, I promise!”

The woman nodded.

Everyone in the room, only she could save him!

Mrs. Smith only had such a baby son, and she was not willing to scold him.But her husband was beating him by a whip,she felt her heart was bleeding!

What she wanted was Amber White’s promise. Otherwise, she won’t apologize!

“Good, go ahead!”

Amber White put down Cindy White and took her to the direction of the study room.


In the study room.

There was a smelling of blood, Sean Smith was kneeling down the ground. the high-cut shirt that he wore was already tore off.

The flesh on his back was blurred, and because of the silence, he could even hear the sound of blood falling.

His face was pale, and there were countless sweats on his forehead. He took a heavy breath and swallowed his saliva.

Just such a slight movement, he still felt the wound that was touched, and the painful feeling that came from him.

He involuntarily snorted.

He raised his head and glanced at Bo Yunshen. The sweat on his forehead fell into his dark eye. The pain was accompanied by the pain on the back, which made him much painful.

He blinked,but he could only saw the whip which was in Tomas’ hand.

Sean Smith licked his lips and sneered.

The man was really strict.

Anyway,it was Amber White who was really tricky!

He was wrong, it’s smart to gain the old man’s favor.

Amber White was so capable that she could even let the old man beat his son like this! Marvelous!

Tomas looked at the newspaper in his hands which reported the stampede affairs, and he couldn’t help but be annoyed. His gaze finally fell on Sean Smith again, who couldn’t regret it. So the old man was more angry.

Tomas’ hand which was holding the newspaper trembled. Then he threw the paper to Sean Smith. He said, “Is this because of you,too?”

The newspaper fell on the ground in front of his eyes, Sean Smith scanned at the content, then he stared at the position where his sweat fell on.

For a long while, he said: “You don’t have to slander me. If you want to beat me, you don’t have to find excuse!”

Anyway, the explanation was not very useful. No matter how he explain,if Amber White was hurt,he did it.

He had a terrible life.

His father didn’t believe in,because he believed in a wicked woman.

It was Amber White who let Lin Man leave,it was her who forcibly come into his life and destroyed his life!

But his father ignored all of these things!

In his father’s opinion,the wicked person was him!

If Amber White was the victim, then everyone in this world was a poor person!

As soon as he finished, he felt that his father’s breath was heavier. The man stared at Sean Smith. His eyes were like a sharp knife, he felt shame on him!

The old man’s hand was still trembling, he took a few deep breaths before he looked at Sean Smith,he asked: “If it wasn’t for you, why did Amber blocked by reporters when she sent Cindy to the school?!”



Was it his fault that she was blocked by reporters?

He was a human, how could he know this?

It seemed that Amber White was the man’s kid,not him.

Sean Smith was annoyed, and he pouted.

“It could be so many reasons, For example, what method did she use to marry me? Who’s Cindy White’s father…”

“a woman like her was blocked by reporters,met a stampede affair, and hurt by that,I think it’s fair.”

Every word he said would made him feel painful.

But he restrained it and said what he wanted to say.

His sweats fell into the wounds, his back was hot, the painful feeling made him tremble.

Amber White had so many stories, but he was not a reporter. If he was, he would also do those things.

At that time, he wanted to ask her for advice. How did she gain the man’s favor.

Was this strange?

Wouldn’t Tomas feel ridiculous when he asked those questions? !

After Sean Smith finished,he smiled.

It seemed that he didn’t feel pain, he was diehard!

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