Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter283: Amber Felt Heartache Slightly

Amber came out of the president’s office and went straight back to the PR department.

The PR department was having a meeting, discussing how to clarify the scandal, and there were so many people in the PR department, but none of them could give any useful suggestions.

Amber pushed open the door and walked right up to the front.

“Catch some guys on the internet and hand over lawyer’s letters to them! And we also need to sue the paternity agency, too!”

“Mr. Smith should have had someone go and find the owner of that paternity agency…”

The people from the PR department looked at each other.

“Miss White, the people on the internet have even found what brand of underwear you and Mr. Smith were wearing!”

“If you’re separated, the online opinions will be even worse, and the priority is that you should live together!”

Amber became silent.

“Miss White, there is no man who doesn’t cheat on his wife. No matter Mr. Smith hooked up with many girls, people will only think that he is so cool, but women are different. If a woman hooked up with men, she will be cursed and called slut or bitch!”

“You and Mr. Smith had such a big quarrel and you just need to give a random order, but we’re the ones who have to get busy!”

Amber took a deep breath.

For half a month continuously, something big kept happening and the PR department really couldn’t handle it!

Amber’s appearance was shallow, and even if those people’s words were not pleasant to hear, her face was always faint.

Amber then said, “I am going to deal with some personal matters first, and when I return, I’ll discuss with you the clarification options available.

The company was in a mess, and Amber was busy and so was Little Shen, so no one could take care of Cindy.

After leaving the PR department, Amber returned to the marketing department.

Cindy was a good girl and didn’t cause much trouble for Little Shen, and she didn’t even have the snacks that Little Shen prepared for her.

As soon as Amber appeared, Cindy’s eyes were full of happiness.


Amber nodded, once the atmosphere quieted down, the feeling of almost suffocating came immediately. Amber sat down and filled a glass of water before taking out her phone from her pocket.

Before she came back to the company, her phone batteries had been wearing out. After charging the battery, Lu Xiangxiang’s phone call came in first.

Amber answered the phone and Lu Xiangxiang was relieved, “Amber, what’s going on online? Sean went to have a paternity test done on Cindy? “

Amber nodded, “Think about it, I think that after what happened, Cindy can’t go to school for the time being, she can’t stay in the company either, and I’m afraid she will hear something she shouldn’t …”

Lu Xiangxiang paused for a moment and said, “Amber, I’ve already mentioned to our boss, and she can stay with me in the company!”

“Amber, Fengchen only has one secretary, me, and the secretary’s office is very empty and large, so you can send Cindy over directly.”

Amber licked her lips and said, “Okay, I’ll be right over!”

There was candy in the office, and Amber picked one of it and stuffed it in her mouth.

She couldn’t be bothered to eat anything, so she could only eat a little something to boost her energy.

Amber stood up straight and walked over to Cindy, “Cindy, mommy is a little busy today. Can you just stay with your aunt? “

Cindy raised her head, her eyes seemed to be filled with tears, and she looked at Amber and sobbed.

“Mom, is it because of me?”

Amber was stunned, her voice so gentle, “Why do you ask so?”

“When Daddy took me out of school today, some aunts and uncles asked Daddy if he already knew that I wasn’t Daddy’s child.”

Cindy’s eyes flashed with tears.

“Mama, why does everyone say that I’m not daddy’s child?”

“Last time a boy also said that Dad wasn’t my dad and that Mom was the one who lied to the public. “

Cindy’s tears were falling down from her face, and her voice was so low that she seemed to have a ball of cotton in her throat.

“Mom, didn’t you… Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t lie to me?”

Amber suddenly felt so distressed with her daughter.

That kind of pain seemed to split her heart, and the next second it could tear her whole body in half.

Amber’s eyes turned suddenly red, she reached out and rubbed Cindy’s head, whispering reassuringly, “Cindy, don’t cry, mommy won’t lie to you.”

“Wait a few days, I’ll ask you dad to spend time with you when he is not that busy, okay?”

Cindy nodded, “Can we go to the amusement park again?”

Amber promised, “Of course, you can go to the amusement park and McDonald’s.”

Saying that, Amber reached out to give Cindy a pull on her somewhat messy skirt, “And now, just stay with Miss Lu, okay?”

Cindy nodded her head, and Amber reached out and picked her up.

She reached out her small hand and touched Amber’s wounded face.

“Mom, did those aunts and uncles outside hurt your face?”

When Amber was stunned, Cindy said again, “They’re so mean, and I don’t like them!”

Amber had no idea what to say.

Now each reporter was only looking forward to find latest and breaking news and they wouldn’t care a child’t feelings.

Amber let Lu Xiangxiang to take care of Cindy for the time being. Then she’s went out of the building and the parking lot. Her car, which was borrowed from her colleague, was parked outside the Feng’s building.

She walked over to the car on her heels and was stopped by a reporter halfway through.

Amber felt it so bad and the reporter’s question came again, “Miss White, may I ask who your daughter’s real father is?”

“Whoever her husband is, she is just a bitch, a slut!”

A scream suddenly came from the crowd, and Amber felt a shadow coming, and then she subconsciously dodged it.

A layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared on Amber’s body.

In Smith’s Company.

After receiving a call from the police station, Xu Lin ran straight over to the president’s office, he was in such a hurry that he didn’t even knock on the door.

Inside the office was a mess, Sean’s tall figure was hidden in the back of the chair, the expression on his face was unclear, inexplicably gloomy.

Sean did not go out of the office all morning, he has always been liking clean enviroments, but when the office was such a mess, he did not say anything…

Xu Lin took a deep breath and couldn’t care about anything else, leaned forward a bit and said, “Mr. Smith, Miss White was splashed with concentrated sulfuric acid downstairs at…”

Sean’s eyes suddenly got wide open, “What did you say?”

Xu Lin pursed his lips and then said, “Mr. Smith, Miss White is now at the police station, she is considered a victim, and the police station let her relatives go over to pick her up… “


Now, what kind of relatives could Amber have?

Aside from Sean, only one other person is her family member, Cindy.

Sean directly went out of the office, left in a hurry, and soon came back again to pick up the phone on the floor that had been seriously broken and one almost could not see its original appearance.

Immediately, the man’s tall figure disappeared in the doorway.

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