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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter49: Cindy White is missing

Amber White licked her pale lips and called at the kindergarten teacher.

There was only busy tone until it automatically hung up. Amber White looked at the mobile phone number and made sure that she did not dial the wrong number.

She called again and the result was the same.

The fear in Amber White’s heart overflowed a little bit, and tears in her eyes inevitably came out.

When she saw the time at the screen of the mobile phone, she came to her senses.

The time was already close to the morning, and Cindy White’s teacher did not answer the phone. Did it mean that someone had picked Cindy up after her school and was she fine?

She swallowed the bitterness, and when she attended the celebration feast, she once wanted to call at Lu Xiang Xiang and let her pick up Cindy. Amber White didn’t appear the whole day. Maybe Lu Xiangxaing thought about it and she would go to pick up Cindy?

When Amber White thought about it, she called at Lu Xiangxiang.

The beep sounded three times and the phone was answered.

“Who?” Lu Xiangxiang answered coldly, and it seemed that she was unhappy.

“Xiang Xiang, it is me, I am Amber, why haven’t you slept yet?” Amber White heard her bad tone and asked a question.

In the phone, Lu Xiangxiang gnashed her teeth, “I am angry when I think about it! I am on a business trip with Mr. Feng! He is a neuropathy! I just arrived in S City and he didn’t let me rest. And he held a training meeting. I have to join the training meeting and it was just over now. I didn’t know what I had done wrong in my life so that let he become my leader.”

Hearing Lu Xiangxiang’s bad tone, she knew that Lu Xiangxiang was sulking!

Amber White frowned. She heard about Mr. Feng who was young and handsome. The only flaw was that he was a workaholic.

Lu Xiangxiang didn’t want to work with such person, but she promoted to be Mr. Feng’s secretary of the president’s office. She must be tortured by him. Lu XiangXiang called FengChen as workaholic Feng in private.

When Qin Yan heard the news, she was so disappointed. S City was four or five hours away from Tong City. Lu Xiangxiang should be gone in the morning. Cindy White was definitely not with her.

Amber White did not speak, and Lu Xiangciang remembered that she did not asked why Amber White called her.

“Amber, why did you call me? What happened? Whose mobile phone number is this? Why don’t you call me with your own mobile phone?”

“Lu Xiangxiang, have you seen Cindy today? Have you received a call from Cindy’s kindergarten?”

Amber White asked this question and it must have her reason. Cindy White was more sensitive to the numbers. The most frequent contact she had was Lu Xiangxiang, and Cindy White had called Lu Xiangxiang several times, so if Cindy White couldn’t contact Amber White, she would tell others Lu Xiangxaing’s phone number.

“No, in order to ensure the quality of the meeting, Mr. Feng let us close the phone. I turned on the phone just now, there is no missed call. What happened to Cindy White?”

Amber White asked, “Did you take Cindy to the school today?”

Lu Xiangxiang said: “Yeah, after I take Cindy to shcool, I sent you a text message saying that I am going on a business trip. You didn’t see it?”

She didn’t look at the phone at all, after attending the celebration feast, she couldn’t find her phone anywhere.

The more Amber White asked and the more panic she felt, and her voice even changed.

There were only two people in the ward, Amber White and Sean Smith. The man did not speak. Except for the occasional one or two questions of Qin Yan, the ward was very quiet. It was so quite that he could hear what Lu Xiangxiang said.

Sean Smith smiled with vicious, and there were a few gloomy smiles in his eyes. He became happy and the anger for Amber White disappeared.

In order to hear clearly, when Lu Xiangxiang answered the phone, he did not smoke again. The cigarette butt on his fingertips became ash. The man moved the ash from time to time, and the ash sprinkled on the ground.

Didn’t Amber White think she was cool? He was the boss of her, and he came to Ye Se in person to save her, however, she was not grateful, and she even scolded him!

This time, if he didn’t give Amber White a lesson, then he would change his name!

Sean Smith was relaxed and he saw that Amber White was almost crying. He sneered.

Cindy White said that Amber White loved her most? Today, he would look at what Amber White could do for her.

And the friend of Amber White, who actually scolded his boss privately, and sure enough, she was the same side with Amber White, not a good woman!

If he remembered correctly, the morning was her to send him the fake paternity test, and she helped Amber White to take care of the child. The relationship between she and Amber White was so good. Amber White let her do something and she would do it!

That paternity test wasn’t true. It must be a good show of Amber White’s self-directed performance!

It was only Gu believed in the words of Amber White and Lu Xiangxiang! Gu was a fool.

He won’t be a fool!

“What happened? Cindy is missing? Didn’t you pick her up in the afternoon?”

Lu Xiangxiang said. Amber White didn’t expect that Lu Xiangxiang even didn’t know Cindy’s things. She was anxious, just wanted to find Cindy quickly, and she didn’t have time to explain.

“No… Xiangxiang, I have something to do.”

After Amber White finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

She didn’t say clearly then hung up the phone. Lu Xiangxiang knew Amber White well, she would keep everything in her heart. She subconsciously wanted to re-called and asked the situation. But someone knocked the door at this time.

Feng Chen was rich and wealthy. He booked an entire floor. In addition to him, Lu Xiangxiang could not think of anyone who would come over and knocked on her door in the middle of the night.

She was angry, but she had to smile with elegance.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw the impatient face of Feng Chen, and his bathrobe was wide open, and his sexy chest stained with water.

He seemed to have showered just now, his hair was still wet, his facial features were awesome, and his body lines were smooth, even if the body was loosely covered with a bathrobe, it cannot cover his mature and stable temperament.

Lu Xiangxiang saw the sexy man after she opened the door. The smile on her face almost could not be maintained. Feng Chen said with anger: “What happened to you, who did you call at?”

What? !

She was even wrong to call others? Then should she cut this workaholic into pieces for he held the training meeting until 1o’clock of the morning.What did he want to do in the midnight?

Lu Xiangxiang was still worried about Amber White. She just wanted to let him go back quickly. The smile on her face was more tender and sweet. “Mr. Feng, It is so late, do you have anything else to arrange me to do?”

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