Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter50: Cindy White also missed before

She had a good attitude and was beautiful. Feng Chen looked at her several times and said:

“I am hungry, I want to eat soup dumplings. You go downstairs to find a place and buy for me!”

After Feng Chen ordered, Lu Xiangxiang couldn’t maintain her smile.

Soup dumplings?

It was so late, and couldn’t he eat the hotel meal when he was hungry? When they were eating, why didn’t he go?

She was a woman. It was dangerous to go out so late. How didn’t he know that?

Lu Xiangxiang scolded Feng Chen in her heart, but she still tried to maintain smile, “I am not familiar with S City, and do not know which resturant can do delicious soup dumplings, moreover, it is so late, can I ask the waiter to send a hotel meal to your room?”

“The hotel food is too rich. If you can’t buy soup dumpling, you are useless. After fifteen minutes, I want to see the food what I want in my room!”

After Feng Chen finished, he turned his head and went straight to his room. He even closed the door of his room.

Lu Xiangxiang was stunned. Fuck! she cursed in her heart!

She was abused by Feng Chen every day and she would definitely die young in the future!

Did she lack the salary he paid every month? What she lacked was a few hundred million that could make her spend a lifetime!

Lu Xiangxiang was so angry, but she had to temporarily not re-called Amber White, and put on the coat, and went downstairs to find soup dumplings for Feng Chen.

After Amber White hung up the phone, she was so anxious.

After being shut up for so long, she was a little nausea, and she couldn’t contact Cindy White’s teacher. After Lu Xiangxiang sent Cindy White to school, Lu Xiangxiang did not see Cindy White again!

As soon as she was anxious, she was short of breath, and she felt dizzy.

There was a little cold sweat on her forehead, and her face becomes paler. The woman who was decisive in the workplace suddenly was in a loss now, and these broke the strongness of Amber White, made her become pitiful and weak.

Sean Smith saw she was so sad, and he was more angry. He was more annoyed with Amber White whatever she did.

Especially when he saw her sly look!

“So, you call someone to look for the bastard?”

Sean Smith sat on the stool in the ward, and he sneered.

Amber White frowned, and there was anger in her eyes.

“I told you many times that Cindy is not a bastard. I really can’t believe that you who graduated from a famous school are so ill-bred!”

Tang Tian locked her in the bathroom of Ye Se. There were only two reasons. One was because she found Sean Smith find her trouble at the celebration feast, and wanted to please Sean Smith.

The other was that she was jealous. She thought that Amber White was Sean Smith’s wife which blocked her way to marry him.

No matter which reason, it was because of Sean Smith.

Cindy White was his daughter. He did not admit it. He did not fulfill his father’s responsibility. Even if this matter was not his intention, why should he make sarcastic comments?

Amber White could not find Cindy White, and she was uncomfortable, so when she said to Sean Smith, her tone was so rude.

Sean Smith’s hand supported his face and he sneered.

The hospital’s light was pale, and touched his eyelids and reflected a few dark lights

He was ill-bred?

Amber White drove away Lin Man three years ago, threatened his mother with pregnant and donated bone marrow, and became her wife. Was she noble?

How dare she commented him! ?

Sean Smith felt so funny.

Sean Smith sneered and said ridiculously: “Yes! I am of low quality. Doesn’t Manage White still want to be my wife?”

Amber White was speechless.

She looked at Sean Smith and she felt so sad.

“Mr. Smith, I am trapped in Ye Se because of you, and my daughter is still missing, can you say less! I beg you!”

When Amber White said that, she was so sad.

She was really ironic!

Ironically, sometimes she felt pitiful when she saw herself.

Sean Smith sneered. It wasTang Tian did it, why did she blame him?

He glanced at Amber White and said nothing!

Quarreling with women, especially Amber White, was too devalued!

Amber White endured tears and turned her eyes to Sean Smith’s mobile phone screen. After the call ended, the screen stopped on the call record page.

Her gaze paused for the phone number of the only note “Tang Tian” in the call record, and she was bitterly.

Amber White slipped the phone and saw Sean Smith’s mobile phone, only saw the phone number that was more and more unfamiliar.

They had been married for three years, and they had few intercourses. Even the intersection of their friends was very rare. From his mobile phone, she could only feel everything changed.

The things of 11 years ago were more like a dream that she had never experienced.

Sean Smith did not know that in Cindy Amber’s mobile phone, in addition to the phone that must be answered at work, all the contacts were related to Cindy White.

There was a reason that she could remember the phone number of Cindy White’s teacher and Lu Xiangxiang.

A year ago, Cindy White was just one year old. At that time, it happened that Amber White had just taken the position of director of the marketing department. She was not familiar with many processes and even management matters.

She needed to handle too many things every day. Although she was married with Sean Smith, she was still alone, and she couldn’t take care of Cindy White.

She had to send Cindy White to the nursery class.

Cindy White was the first time to go to the nursery class. Amber White worried that Cindy White would not adapt, so she ended her work early to pick up Cindy White.

However, Amber White did not expect that after she went to the nursery class, Cindy White wasn’t in the classroom.

Cindy White was the whole life of Amber White, and she had never forgotten that feeling. It was completely ruined!

Sean Smith held the phone with all her strength, and her fingers were pale and the pain on her face could not be concealed.

It was ridiculous to think about it now.

Cindy White was missing last time, and it was still because of with Sean Smith.

At that time, Amber White was very angry and asked the teacher why she didn’t take care of the child!

She remembered now, when the teacher shirked his responsibility, the teacher said: “Your child has not adapted to the life of the nursery class. She sits outside the classroom waiting for you to pick her up. Just now, she followed a man to go away. She still calls the man father…”

Cindy White was two years old and didn’t know who was her dad.

She followed a stranger and no one knew where she went!

This was the analysis of Amber White from the teacher’s words, the only useful news.

Amber White was shocked at that time!

She and the teacher looked for the entire nursery class and did not find Cindy White. The teacher asked her to call and ask if it was really the child’s father to pick up the child.

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