Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter59: Amber White didn’t deserve his princess hug

The man frowned!

What the hell? ! She even couldn’t protect herself, and she was worried about that bastard! ?

Sean Smith was gloomy, and he speeded his paces, and entered the hospital and watched that Amber White was pushed to the emergency room.

In the hallway of the hospital, there was a bench for people to rest. Sean Smith wanted to smoke. He sat down on the stool and wanted to take cigarettes of his pocket of his trousers. When he reached out, he looked down and his eyes were on the dust on his trousers.

When he looked up, there was Amber White’s blood on his white shirt and the blood had already dried.

The man was stiffy, and said with hatred: “Amber White!!”

She was so good! She could make him dirty like this!

He sat stiff for a long time, and there was anger in his eyes, and finally he frowned and gave a sigh of relief.

The door of the emergency room suddenly pulled away from the inside, and the doctor looked at Sean Smith and said: “The patient’s relatives come over!”

Sean Smith did not move.

Patient’s relatives?

Who were the relatives of the damn woman? She was his enemy!

As for the marriage certificate, sorry!

Amber White, was not his willingness to marry! He did not admit, even if there was a certificate, how come?

The doctor saw that Sean Smith didn’t move, and he gave nurse a look, and went in front of Sean Smith. He said, “This gentleman, your wife is ok. We have already dealt with her wounds on the head! Other wounds are trauma.”

After the doctor said, he took a few pill boxes from the nurse’s hand and said, “One external application, one takes orally.”

The man half-closed his eyes and stared straight at Amber White lying on the mobile bed. His tone was cold: “Is she all right?”

“Well, there is nothing wrong with her except for a little pain!”

In other words, Amber White, the bitch, did not plan to walk by herself?

Lying in a bed and pretending to die?

“But she hasn’t eaten for a long time, and she has been ill-treated, so she was hypoglycemia. When she wakes up, let her eat something and have a rest!”

Sean Smith was speechless, and the doctor said: “After this infusion, you can go back!”

When the doctor finished, he left with two nurses.

The three of them went unhurriedly, and their voice sounded. “Doctor Hu, is the man really the husband of the patient? The injury on the patient will not be made by him?”

“It is him. And I receive them when they came to hospital. And they just came out for several hours, and then the woman got so many injuries? Is the woman crazy? Did she beat herself, and you also saw the wounds on her face, which were not hit by woman!”

“But he doesn’t look like the kind of man who abuses his wife!”

“What does he look like? You don’t know the society is sinister. I told you that there are more bad guys in the world. How many men have you seen? The man looks like a rich man. If he didn’t hit his wife, what did they come cover here? They had already come to center hospital!”

“How many times have I told you, don’t judge a man by his appearance!”

Sean Smith was stiff again!

Did he hit Amber White?

Was he a bad guy?

Did he abuse his wife?

Sean Smith was angry because of these words. If he wanted to hit Amber White, he would do it earlier.

Amber White, a bitch, even when she was in a coma, she could frame on him!

She wanted to do this when she didn’t hesitate to get in the driver’s car?

Sean Smith didn’t wait Amber White finished the infusion, and he had no patience. He reached out and pulled the needle on the back of her hand out.

Since she was a troubler, then she didn’t need to get infusion.

And he was so embarrassed in this wilderness, and he thought her very good!

The man casually used the medical tape to stick on the back of Amber White’s hand and was ready to hug her.

When his fingertip touched the woman’s warm calf, and his hands was paused again.

Amber White was nothing for him, and she couldn’t enjoy his princess hug.

She was fine, and why should he bring her back so obedient?

Who was she?

If he took her away, and it meant that he admitted that he had abused her?

The man thought with angry, not only he didn’t hit her, and but also if it wasn’t him, maybe Amber White was already a dead body!

Why should he bear this?

Sean Smith thought so, and stood up straight, turned and walked toward the stairs.

If there was somebody cared about Amber White and then he brought Amber White back! He didn’t want to care about her life and death!

He didn’t like her!

After two steps, the man’s pace stopped, not right!

Then if he went back now which meant that he still had to take care of Amber White’s daughter?

And let him send that bastard to go to school tomorrow and made breakfast for her?


Absolutely not!

Sean Smith snorted and turned to walk to the mobile bed. His arms stretched out and took Amber White out of the hospital bed. He held her on his shoulder and strode out of the hospital.

Throwing Amber White into the rear compartment of Maserati, Sean Smith drove all the way back to Hanwan Xiangxie.

When he got off the car, he glanced at the brightly lit villa.

The orange light was reflected from the living room, and the grass outside the villa reflects a layer of ambiguity.

This was the first time that Sean Smith came back late at night and there was light in the villa.

He was warm, and looked down at the time on his wrist, four in the morning.

His eyebrows were slightly raised, and the bastard would not sleep yet? Waiting for him?

He said that the little child was much more lovely than Amber White!

Sean Smith stretched out and pulled the door in the rear compartment. After seeing Amber White, the soft between his eyebrows was replaced by condensation.


How did he forget this damn woman, how could the bastard wait for him?

She definitely waited for Amber White!

Sean Smith’s lips closed to a line. He reached out and took her from the car. He walked to the door of the villa and opened the door with his fingerprint. When the man entered the door, he saw Cindy White lying on the sofa and sleeping.

He stopped and frowned.

Damn, why didn’t he leave Amber White in the hospital?

This damn woman was still unconscious, and she couldn’t take care of children!

He brought Amber White back, and he still had to take care of Amber White’s daughter?


Had he owed Amber White money last life?

Sean Smith cursed, holding Amber White to go upstairs with no expression, why should he care about the life of Amber White’s daughter?

Not his child!

What the hell was he doing? !

He was thinking about something, and he went into the master bedroom subconsciously, and then threw Amber White on his incomparably spacious bed.

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