Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter61: He wanted her to atone, not die

Sean Smith suddenly remembered what lu yi had said in his office.

“You forced her to have a c-section in the bathtub by herself!”

“You have no idea how terrible it is when a man is about to die — two lives! How cruel are you to blindfold yourself and harden your heart against her? “

The man’s gaze was ambiguous, and he rubbed his thumb and forefinger together, then he was thoughtful.

So, what lu yi said is not false?

So did Amber White deliver the baby by caesarean section in Smith’s bedroom bathtub three years ago?

Is this scar from that year?

When Sean Smith thought about this possibility, he felt a little uneasy. Although he hated Amber White for driving Man man away and marrying him with a bastard. However, he just thought Amber White needs atonement, and atonement didn’t mean she has to die!

Women love beauty, if he had sent her to the hospital, maybe she would not have to caesarean section and there is no scar!

Amber White would have a scar that looks ugly, but she still gave birth to Cindy White, so he must really want the baby!

For Cindy White, she could even die!

He stroked his brow. Three years ago, he mistakenly thought that Amber White’s stomachache was her reason to keep him.

He took a deep breath, and his eyes seemed to linger on Amber White’s stomach. Amber White is always crafty, which is why he did what he did.

This woman has such a gift of gab. From the way she got his father’s help to join Smith’s, and from the way she was promoted to the position of marketing director, you can see that she is not easy to handle.

If he had brought her down to this, would she have accepted it?

Since Amber White is trying to trick Lu Yi into falling in love with her, this scene must be complete.

If it was true, why didn’t he hear anything?

Smith’s house was full of people of his mother. Would she not tell him what had happened?

After all, Amber White was chosen by her mother!

If she told him about it, it might ease the tension between him and Amber White.

Mother must know!

He pinched the brows. The scar may not have been left by cesarean section, appendectomy also requires an appendectomy.

And this perfect incision, even if Amber White knows how to do it, how does she do it with one hand?

She didn’t have anything to stop the bleeding, she didn’t have any tools, and she gave birth in the bathtub and she’s still alive?

Is she a god?

He won’t believe lu yi’s story!

Sean Smith lost his blanket irritably.

If he believed Amber White, he was really falling for it!

He gave a cold snort and looked around at Amber White before settling on her body.

The reason for pulling the blanket was that Sean Smith was standing next to the bed and could clearly see Amber White.

He had just seen Amber White’s scar, and his eyes had turned away to see what was wrong with her.

Amber White’s dress had been torn from the driver and hung like a rag on her body. There were a few scrapes on her long, slender legs and a faint flush.

She was lying on the bed, her legs were not closed because of her posture, and her skirt could not hide the light emanating from her body.

The woman’s legs were straight, the buttons of her shirt had been ripped off a few times, her messy shirt Outlined an attractive scene, and the line of her chest was more beautiful.

Her black and beautiful hair fell down on her chest and face covering the ferocious wound on her face, and she only showed a cherry mouth, which was rosy and shallow with a few wisps of tempting aftertaste.

This was when she’s most attractive, he could not help exploring.

Sean Smith’s brain whipped, and he got a fire going on inside his belly.

He froze.

His eyes were locked tightly around Amber White, and he suddenly remembered the way she looked in her suit when he and Amber Whit met several times before.

She wore a suit to accentuate her half-faded appearance.

Amber White, in particular, was already the mother of a three-year-old. She had the look of a grown woman and a stunning figure.

A man can not withstand such a temptation!

Sean Smith is no exception!

He felt only a slight warmth in his throat, and his eyes could hardly be moved from the body lying across the bed.

There was an air-conditioning auto-tune in his ear. Sean Smith snapped back and looked away.

He bit his lip unconsciously. The sting of the pain struck into the man’s mind, and a flame shot out of Sean Smith’s eyes.

Bitches are bitches. Whether she was sober or not, seduction was her instinct.

Sean Smith put his hand to his head. He thought it was ridiculous!

He pressed the corner of his lips, and he was depressed. Damn it!

He could feel it in her face, which was about to be beaten to pig head, either he’s stupid or he hasn’t had a woman for too long!

Sean Smith turned around, swore, and stalked out of the bedroom.

His hand touched the door of the second bedroom. He suddenly remembered Cindy White who was still lying downstairs.

He kicked the door angrily, strode down to the sofa, picked up Cindy White, and strode upstairs.

He’s already done so many good things. Does he care about one more?

Sean Smith licked his lips. He didn’t want to give them any reason to hang out with him!

He just didn’t want to wake up in the morning and Amber White accused him of not taking care of her baby.

What if Amber White asked Amber to pay for something if Cindy White fell off the couch and hit her head?

He took Cindy White and turned off the light in the living room. He went upstairs and put Cindy White on the bed. Cindy White’s little hand moved and took one of his fingers as he pulled away from her.

She uttered a soft, soothing whisper: “dad… “

When he entered the door, he did not turn on the light. The moonlight fell on Cindy White’s small face through the window making her look more jade and lovely.

The tip of his brow moved, and the furrow between his brows hid something deep.

He pulled out the finger held by Cindy White with a deadpan expression and gave a cold snort.

She and Amber White are the same, as always, no one likes them!

Without hesitation, Sean Smith turned around, pushed open the door of the guest room, pulled out a clean robe, took a shower, and then went to bed full of fatigue.

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