Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter73: Mom,I want to go to the kindergarten

Amber White took a deep breath , and she was dizzy. She did not thought that Cindy White would hurt that fatty boy so badly.

She licked her lips and bowed her head to the girl’s big eyes.

“Mom, I want to go to school.”

Her words were precise,which made Amber White speechless.

She hesitated a moment and said, “just play for a while, I will call your teacher!”

Cindy White’s eyes turned bright and she ran to his room with a cheer.

Her dad was right, her mom won’t let her have no place to study!

When Cindy White left, Amber White kneaded her eyebrows,she was about to make some food just now, but the news brought by Cindy White made her have no appetite.

She sat in the living room for a while, when she felt that she had some strength, then she took out her phone from the bag.

It had been a long time, her phone had already cut off.

She connected the charger, opened the machine,there were many calls which she had no opportunity to pick up,and also many messages,which made her phone couldn’t work for a while.

When she could finally use it,she took a look at those calls,more than 90 calls. Most of them were called by Lu Yi and Lu Xiangxiang.

And she saw some texts from her colleagues among these messages,they asked her where was she.

Amber White licked her lip and sent a text message to Lu Yi and Lu Xiangxiang,then she called Cindy White’s teacher.

It spent a long time when the call was finally connected.

She licked her lips and whispered: “Mr. Li, hello, I am Cindy’s mother.”

When the person heard this,her tone changed: “Oh, Cindy’s mother is it?”

Amber White returned awkwardly: “I am sorry, teacher,I had already known the whole thing, and I’m sorry. I am really sorry!”

“Don’t, I can’t afford your apology. Your daughter is so wicked at a young age. Yesterday, she still want to hit me at the police station! How can I continue to teach such students?” She still said with anger: “And you,how could be so irresponsible. I called you for several times, don’t you want your daughter?”

Cindy White broke the boy’s leg. Even if the teacher wasn’t polite, Amber White was still in a good temper: “I’m sorry, I am really sorry.”

“The student like your daughter is too unruly. I really can’t teach her. I can’t contact you, and I can’t contact her father,either. What the hell are you doing?!”

Her face turned pale, and she explained: “This is the case. The phone of the day was picked up by the father’s secretary. He was busy…”

“Oh, busy, so he didn’t care his own child? Besides, who knows if you are telling the truth, I hardly know that there are some parents who wouldn’t appear when they heard their children hurt someone.Or,isn’t she her father’s biological daughter?”

Teacher Li sneered: “The impact of this incident is too bad. The parents of another child are very fierce, the principal also intervened. I can’t do it. You have to deal with the parents of the injured child. ”

The students in the kindergarten were still small. It was normal for two kids to have a dispute. However, the fight between Cindy White and the fatty boy was too serious. In any case,teachers was responsible to that.

But, teacher Li did not feel that she can afford it.

Since the fatty boy’s parents were trying their best to make trouble for Amber White, but didn’t involve her in, she should accept it,because she could get rid of that.

Amber White was so smart or she wouldn’t still stay in Smith’s Group,she naturally know what was the teacher thinking about.

She did not think about evading responsibility, she had to negotiate with the boy’s parents, but she worried about whether Cindy White could still go to the kindergarten or not.

“Teacher. Li, I will call the boy’s parents later, but you know, kids had a dispute, we are willing to take responsibility, so I hope that Cindy can go to kindergarten on Monday.”

When Teacher Li heard the words,she snorted. “If you have no problem with your negotiations, of course she could continue to go to the kindergarten, but Miss White, the children need to have security when they go to kindergarten. If the parents are not willing to give up, I couldn’t allow that!”

When she finished, Teacher Li cut off the phone.

Amber White was so dizzy. Didn’t she mean that if the kid’s parents was not willing to forgive Cindy, then she couldn’t go to the kindergarten anymore?

She felt helpless.This kindergarten was chosen by her for a long time. It was close to Smith’s Group and was good.

If she had to study in another kindergarten, it was not convenient for her to pick up Cindy White. Also,she didn’t know whether Cindy White could adjust the new atmosphere.

Amber White had contacted with the fatty boy’s mother before,she had a bad temper. If she went to negotiate, it was not good for her, but for Cindy White, she had to do it. So she found the boy’s mother’s member and called her.

The phone was connected when she just dialed out.

She didn’t thought that the mother could answer in a second, she was stunned, and before she regained her mind,she heard the woman’s voice: “Amber White,shame on you,how do you dare to call me? Your girl has broken my son’s leg. I told you that this is not the end !”

Although she was impolite, Amber White could understand. After all, it was not easy to raise a child. Amber White knew that. If Mrs. Yue had a good temper, that’s weird.

She bit her lips and whispered, “Mrs. Yue, sorry, I am really sorry, this Cindy’s fault…”

“Fault?her fault?” Mrs. Yue interrupted. The sarcasm feeling was heavy: “Are you not very powerful?aren’t you going to accuse us? Go and do that! Why do you call me to ask for forgiveness. Ah!? Yesterday, didn’t you have a strong attitude?”

When Yue’s family member saw that the name on the cheque was Sean Smith, they felt nervous. Anyway,Seam Smith was famous in city Tong, and he was really powerful. Almost no one dared to oppose him.

But it had been a night, and they had not received a court summons until now.

Seam Smith was that kind of person who would definitely do what he had said, it was impossible for him to change his mind.

Or,would the court dared to refused his accuse?

Maybe her relatives were right,the man was someone who hired by Amber White to cheated them!

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