Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter:75 why are you so kind today,is there anything that I could help?

“Auntie, I am willing to apologize to him. Sorry, I have promised my mother to correct the mistake. Can you forgive me?”

Mrs. Yue was originally silent because Amber White said that she was willing to be responsible for medical expenses. She thought that Amber White would say how much money she would give, so she waited, and waited,but all she got was one sentence, how could Mrs. Yue be satisfied, she frowned, and said with anger: “I am not that kind of unreasonable person, but Amber White, I don’t need those useless things, we can reconcile. Yesterday, there was a man who pointed me by his finger, I don’t care if he is Sean Smith or not. I want him to apologize to me personally and paid for my mental suffering!”

“By the way, my son’s medical expenses, you have to give me,were you going to accuse me? Funny!”

When Mrs. Yue finished speaking, she cut off the phone directly, because the mobile phone was hands-free, and the busy tone inside was scattered a little, obviously it was regular, but it made her had a headache.

Xiao Pang’s injury was Cindy’s fault. Amber White agreed to paid for him. However, after the opening ceremony of Luoshen Wan, Seam Smith adjusted her bonus from 300,000 to 30,000 because he didn’t like her.It seemed that the whole thing couldn’t be ended up with only medical expenses, and there was still her and Cindy’s daily expenses. She couldn’t afford that.

Money was still a trivial matter. The key point was that they wanted Sean Smith to go to apologize…


Amber White gave herself a sneer in her heart.

It meant that it’s impossible for her to solve it. She held the phone tightly and she sat on the sofa. She kneaded her head by her hand. The feeling of powerlessness spread again, making her very sad.

“Mom, what should I do?” Cindy White asked cautiously : “Isn’t that his mother refuse to forgive me? Mom, Dad will not apologize!”

Amber White smiled and glanced at Cindy White, she had only get along with Sean Smith for a day, but she felt that she knew her father?!

“I will solve this, as long as you could be more obedient and don’t fight with other kids again.”

Amber White touched Cindy White’s head and whispered to comfort her. The injury on Cindy White’s head was obvious, but she did not cry for that to Amber White,never.

She was more sensible than many children who were older. Amber White was already very satisfied.

Cindy White was tearful and she said, “Mom,I’m sorry, I know that Xiao Pang’s mother is very fierce, she must curse you.”

Amber White wiped Cindy’s eyes and whispered: “I don’t blamed you, really.”

Despite this, it seemed that Cindy White was still very self-blaming.

Amber White comforted her,when her mood was not low, she began to think about how to solve this problem.

The boy’s parents emphasized that they needed Sean Smith’s apologize. Although she agreed with Cindy White, it was impossible for him to apologize, but Amber White not as powerful as Sean Smith.If the boy’s parents really had the ability to let all the kindergartens in City Tong do not accept Cindy White, then what should she do?

Amber White kneaded her eyebrows, and the bad feelings in her heart were condensing to a frost flower.

However, Amber White was still going to ask his help. After all, he was willing to go to the Public Security Bureau to pick up Cindy White. He also brought Cindy White back to the Hai Wan Xiang Xie and get along with her for a day. Would it showed that… In fact,he didn’t hate them so much.

Hesitantly and repeatedly, she dialed his phone number which she had already been familiar for a long time.

Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

After Sean Smith finished smoking, the mobile phone on the desktop rang, and the man thought it was Gu Jinyan,so he took a glance at the screen of the phone.

The narrow eyebrows of the men slowly gathered together, and nothing could be seen clearly in the black infiltrated eyes.

Why did Amber White call him? apologize?

It reminded him of the posture when she left, it seemed that she won’t apologize to him!

So he snorted and let the phone hang up automatically!

He was not a masochist. Why should he pick up her phone after she scolded him?

The phone was quiet for less than a second, the harsh ringing bell rang again,he frowned. His expression turned cold and dark.

The vigorous fingertips slid twice on the phone and it connected.

The woman’s voice passed over the mobile phone and was dyed with a little noise from the mobile phone.


Amber White had always been capable, except that he had seen the softness of her one time three years ago. Every time she showed him an impeccable and hypocritical smile on her face. Even the tone of speech was accompanied by the indifference of official business. .

As soon as he heard such a voice,he touched his well-defined chin.

The man sneered,but when it heard by Amber White,it turned to be totally cold and chilling.

“Director White, you just said that I am disappointing. Why call me at this time? How could you be so impatient?”

There was no lack of ridicule in the tone of Sean Smith. Amber White licked her lips and thought that she had misunderstood Sean Smith,and what she required, so she had to stand it.

“Mr.Smith, I misunderstood you, I apologize to you, please forgive me.”

Sean Smith suddenly sneered out and said, “What did you do that made you need to apologize? Didn’t you still point me at my nose? So what are you doing now? Is that easy to cheat me?”

Amber White paused for a moment, was he easy to cheat?

What jokes were he talking about?

If he explained when she misunderstood that it was him who hurt Cindy White, then things won’t be so complicated!

She controlled herself and tried to calm down the anger in Sean Smith’s heart, so she whispered: “Mr. Smith, it was me who misunderstood you. I’m really sorry. Please don’t care about that anymore.”

He knocked on the table.what’s wrong with Amber White? How could she be so kind?

What were she thinking about?

The man suspiciously paused for a few seconds and whispered: “why are you so kind today,is there anything that I could help?”

Amber White was thinking about how to introduce the topic. He said in a relaxing tone, Amber White could not see his expression, so she could not figure out the true emotions of the man.

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