Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter79: A family

That bitch, wasn’t she capable enough?

The news was terrible now, but she knew to hide now. Why would he be such stupid to help her. Otherwise,it won’t happen.

“Get out!”

The man looked up and saw Xu Lin who was standing in the office with his head down. Then he scolded.

He said in a quiet tone,but for Xu Lin,it was chilling, after listening to the content,Xu Lin ran out of the office,he just felt relived.

The air was quiet, and Sean Smith knocked twice on the table.

He had to say that TINA was prepared for this time, especially at the moment, the stock of his company had changed to much, the market value had shrunk by nearly 6 billion!

This number was enough for ordinary people to look forward for a lifetime!

But Amber White didn’t care that at all.

He took a deep breath and suddenly remembered that on the day of Saturday, Amber White called him.

Sean Smith was almost forgotten that the things between Cindy White and that boy hadn’t been finished. He refused to apologize,so he guessed that she was on the way to send her to the kindergarten.

On the day of picking up Cindy White from the police station, he vaguely remembered that the kindergarten where she was studying in seemed to be called Jinyang Kindergarten?

He had no expression but he frowned. At that time,another news jumped out!

When the mobile phone rang, the man’s gaze looked over and the content of the message instantly caught his eye.

JinYang kindergarten, A major stampede event, resulting in 2 deaths, 17 injuries.

Sean Smith had a strange feeling suddenly, he quickly unlocked his phone and read the news. The beginning and the title were the same. He scanned the article, and it was a tragedy made by reporters. The injury person was already sent to the hospital by the police and the ambulance.

The man’s fingertips slid rapidly, and there was a picture. Everyone had different situation,but one picture made him stunned.

Amber White’s wrist was hurt. She held her head in one hand, there were bleed on her wrist. It looked extraordinarily terrible.

Sean Smith had a bad feeling,he cursed, and picked up the suit jacket on the back of the chair and ran out of the office.

Xu Lin just went to the secretary’s office to sit down, but before he figured out the situation, he saw that his president had already left like a flow wind.

When he went out of the building, he went to the underground parking lot of Smith’s group. Just when he opened the door of his car,he stopped.

He was stiff like a stone.

Why did he want to go to the hospital to see Amber White?

He didn’t believe it. Amber White was so smart, she could deal with it.

Three years ago,she attended the wedding alone. In the face of reporters’ questioning, didn’t she still performed perfectly?

He knew her ability to adapt to the situation more than once. Who knew if this is the trick of Amber White?

Besides, it was none of his business.

Amber White was his wife,but it was only a title, they had nothing else, even if she really had something, he wouldn’t care her at all.

He was relaxed,his lips pressed together tightly in the dim parking lot.

He suddenly turned around, but without two steps, he turned back to open the door again.

It seemed that it’s not his business, but she couldn’t die at this time!

Only she and he knew what happened that night. If she really died in the accident because of this stampede, then there was no evidence.

People would say that he bullied her.

He always hated slanders, and he wouldn’t let people use Amber White to slander him.

It didn’t matter if she died, but she couldn’t influence the stock price of Smith’s group. Because of the news today, he had lost too much. She couldn’t afford that even she died!

She was just a bitch, she couldn’t ruin his reputation or the stocks.

Even if she was dying, she had to die after this accident!

When Sean Smith thought about this, he quickly turned and drove his Maserati out of the parking lot, and he went to the hospital.

He had a handsome face, so wherever he went, people always looked at him.

For the first time, when he went to public, most people looked at him. They all whispered and pointed at him. His expression turned darker.

After they married,Amber White never made him a good it turned out that he was bulling her. If she was dead, maybe the headline of the news tomorrow would be that Amber White was killed by him!

Then how could he live in City Tong?!

The man was so mad, he strode to the nurse station and wanted to ask which ward of Amber White and Cindy White.

Before asking,he saw three persons.

Amber White was holding a light pink sunscreen suit while leaning in Lu Yi’s arms. She looked down, and her long black hair slipped from her head which just covered the wound on the woman’s head, her pale face hanged with real smiles.

Lu Yi, who was holding her with one hand,held Cindy with his another hand, and there was also a smile on his face.

The two adults were talking and laughing, which made Sean Smith uncomfortable, it seemed that they were a family!

“Lu Yi, thank you very much. If it weren’t you, maybe I and Cindy would die in this stampede. Thank you very much,thanks for helping me again and again!”

Lu Yi smiled helplessly and said, “Don’t, How many times have you said that?”

His palms were soft, Cindy White held him in her hand and looked up,she said to him: “Father Lu, you should not be humble, you are a big hero, if you didn’t come, my mother and I would be trampled!I was frightened! I also want to thank you!”

Sean Smith stood beside the nurse’s desk which behind the cylinder. So the three people did not notice him. Instead, he knew all their actions and words.

The man’s face turned to be so dark, Amber White, you are good!

After seeing the news in the office, he was worried, and he left his work and ran to here to see her!

But what about her?she had nothing at all,and it seemed that she had affairs.

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