Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter86: Abuse her? Are you serious?

Lu Yi was stunned.

Because of Amber White’s special identity,she couldn’t show up in front of people, and couldn’t exposed her condition of injury.

He could only nod and whispered, “Go ahead, get on the car first, and I will take you to buy a sunglasses first. Before the scandal subsides, you’d better be careful,or another news may appear.”

Lu Yi had been the manager of the public relations department for a long time. Amber White could only agree with him , and she followed Lu Yi into the car.

Even when buying sunglasses, he didn’t let her get off the car.

Amber White insisted on returning to the company.Lu Yi couldn’t change her mind,so he could only drove to the gate of Smith’s Group.


Sean Smith drove the car all the way to the road,it was hot, even if the car was air-conditioned,they still didn’t feel cool.

When Cindy White got into the car,she finished the seat belt and showed an innocent look.

The man glanced at her and became annoyed.

What’s wrong with him,why did he compete with Amber White about this girl?

Even if her nervous expression pleased him,didn’t he have to abuse himself by bring the child he hated? !

Moreover, it was noon. The old Smith made an appointement for dinner, was he going to take Cindy White back now?

He wasn’t a idiot. Now the old man thought that he had bullied Amber White. If he went back now, he would be whipped.

Amber White was not there, who was going to make the old man happy?

The man stepped on the brakes, and Maserati stopped at the side of the road. Cindy White went ahead because of inertia.


Sean Smith took a glance at Cindy White.

Every time when he faced Amber White, he would be an idiot, and he would do something that made him look down on himself. For example, picked Cindy White up!

He took a sigh of relief and his eyes were cold.

“Aren’t we going to visit grandparents?”

Cindy White asked curiously. When Sean Smith was about to answer,his phone rang.

So he stopped the talk and took a look at the phone. The man didn’t have the habit of saving the phone number, but his memory was always good. After scanning the screen, he answered.

“Gu, what’s up?”

Then he heard the man’s voice from the other side: “Sean, I was about to praise you that you haven’t on the news about some affairs with those models this week. But ha-ha,you changed the theme!”

“Abuse your wife, are you serious? Ha-ha-ha!”

Gu Jinyan had already known that it was not a small news if TINA disclosed it, although the credibility was not so high, he would still laugh at Sean Smith.

Sean Smith was not a star, but it seemed that many medias tried to found some news about him,now they even reported that he abused his wife.

Gu Jinyan felt so funny!

Sean Smith’s face turned black, he was so annoyed now that he bit his teeth. He asked after a long time: “Gu Jinyan, are you enough?”

The friendship between the two was good. It’s rare for Sean Smith to call his full name, this time, it was obviously he was angry.but Gu Jinyan didn’t stop, he still laughed.

Sean Smith’s expression was even worse.

“You call me for laughing at me? Damned! ”

When Gu Jinyan realized that Sean Smit wanted to hang up, Gu Jinyan said keeping back his smile: “Am I that kind of person? There is something that I need to talk to you. I am in your office now. Where are you?”

Sean Smith was too lazy to answer Gu Jinyan, but Gu Jinyan was not angry, he just whispered: “come back first, I am waiting for you in your office!”

When Sean Smith finished the call, he threw the phone on the backseat and then turned to the opposite direction.

“Dad, don’t we go to my grandparents?”

His mouth twisted, then took a glance at Cindy White and sneered: “Go back to the company first.”

Cindy nodded her head vaguely.

Even if he had a good car,but he could do nothing when met the traffic jam. When they were close to the Smith’s Group, the traffic was so bad.

When they went downstairs, the sun outside was even bigger, and even the air-conditioning inside the car couldn not keep them cool.

The situation was eased when he drove the car to the underground parking lot.

He turned and was focused on the car parked in front of him with a careless gaze.

Lu Yi got out of the car, then he went to the position of the co-pilot, he opened the door,and helped Amber White out of the car.

Amber White was an exquisite woman with a pair of bare pink high heels on her feet. At the entrance of Jinyang Kindergarten, her leg was slightly scratched, but she was thinking about how to stop the news, so when she got out of the car, she didn’t pay attention and her leg touched the door. The pricking made her leg instinctively shrink. But she couldn’t control her strength. She fell into the arms of Lu Yi.

After Lu Yi helped her stand up again, he lowered his eyebrows and asked, “How?is it serious?”

Amber White shook her head.

Sean Smith was in the car, he couldn’t hear their conversation, only seeing that the two people hugged and their expressions were ambiguous!

A gloomy light flashed in his eyes.

There were too many people at there, how could Amber White behave like this? She could seduce other even in parking pot where many people in and out!

He felt he was cheated by the woman. Angrily, he tapped the horn of the steering wheel twice, and the perfectly functioning car let out a high-pitched honk

His stepped on the gas pedal and drove past the president’s dedicated parking space with a gloomy look.

Lu Yi and Amber White stood on the side of the driveway, and when Sean Smith drove to the side. He protected her subconsciously.

But…the car hit his elbow.

Amber White only heard a snoring sound. She reached out and held Lu Yi, and her eyes turned to the car.

Her pupils shrank suddenly.

Amber White knew Sean Smith’s car. He had a lot of cars, but he loved this Maserati, and rarely changed the car!

She felt bad. When they heard the sound of the car whistling, the two had already moved to the side of the road, but she was injured and her movement was a little slower. If he was not for protecting her, Lu Yi would not be injured!

She was a little scared, but there were more worries. she touched Lu Yi’s arm that was hit by the car, and said with an anxious tone: “Lu Yi, are you okay?”

“I’m fine!”

Then he looked at the direction of the car, the underground garage was very dark, and the lights upon were exceptionally weak, which made his face a bit pale.

“Sorry, if it is not because of me, you will not be hit.” Amber White followed his gaze and glanced at the car. She said: “He may still be angry with me, so he is angry with you,too. I’m really sorry.”

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