Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter98: Mom, is grandpa really hitting dad?

Amber White licked her lips, she reached out and took an egg for Cindy White. She whispered: “Cindy, eat first!”

There were few people had appetite now. Shen Ruyun looked at the movements of Amber White and heard the words she said, which annoyed her, so she couldn’t help but satirized:

“you are really cold-blooded, your husband was whipped in the room, but you still have a good appetite!”

Jiang Xue also looked at Amber White and said:

“That’s it! My brother is noble, if he is injured, I am afraid some people can’t afford it!”

Amber White was indifferent. Seeing that Cindy White stopped eating, she took the bowl on the table and put an egg with porridge and sent it to Cindy White.

Cindy White’s head receded and rejected the meal that Amber White handed over. She licked her mouth and asked, “Mom, is Grandpa really hitting Dad?”

The sound of the whip in the ear was still going on, and after a pair of sounds that tear the flesh, they could image that the he was bleeding.

Amber White was stunned,and she saw that Cindy White was tearful. “Cindy, I taught you, children should never talk about adults’ affairs.”

Cindy White took a deep breath, her nose was red, and the tears fell on the eyelashes, which was a heavy burden, as if it would fall down at anytime.

It seemed that she was a bit choked,which showed her sadness:

“But Mom, I heard it! Grandpa is really hitting Dad. Mom,could you talk to grandpa, don’t let him do it. I finally have my dad, I don’t want to lose him.”

Before Amber White answered,Shen Ruyun sneered.

She seemed to hear a joke,she looked at Cindy White and disdained her.

“That’s a joke, you never gain your father.”

Amber White showed her a cold glance. If it was at usual times, Shen Ruyun was not afraid of Amber White,but she remembered that Amber White had said something about Johnson in the living room before she opened her mouth.

She bit her lips and stopped.

“It is a fact,why can’t we say it?”

Jiang Xue muttered, They didn’t even know whose child Cindy White was. Did Amber White expect to let her child get Smith’s surname after marrying Sean?

Cindy was a girl, but she could also get the property of Smith in the future.

She was not Sean Smith’s child, even if she called him father, He wouldn’t admit her!

Otherwise, Cindy White had changed her last name!

Amber White was so shameless to do such things, why couldn’t they say it?

Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue had been muttering for a long while. Fang Weiwei finally said: “Okay, stop, it’s dinner time!”

The dining room was silent for a moment,but the sound of the whip was clearer in such an environment, which was mixed with the dispute between Tomas and Sean Smith’s mother.

“Hey,Tomas,that’s enough!”

“I only have one son left, do you want to kill me? ”

“Keep away from me, how can he make such a shameful thing, he even dares to hit his wife, which really disgraces me!”

Smith’s mother cried in a sudden.

“You had beaten my son for several times because of that woman, does she have anything to do with you?why do you cherish her so much?”

“Would you feel happy today to kill your son?”

The quarrel in the study was intermittent and somewhat vague, but the voice of the whip was clearer and clearer.

Cindy White made a cry cough, the teardrops fell into the bowl. She ate while crying, making her look so sad.

Instead, Amber White was still indifferent. She sat under the light and the eyelashes covered all the light in her eyes, which made her even colder.

Her fingers which were holding the chopsticks were tight, her hands were white, but it seemed that her face turned pale for a second and she trembled,was it a vision?

She was like a sculpture!

Didn’t know how long it took, the sound in the study room finally stopped, and the door was opened from the inside. Smith’s mother walked out and she was crying.

Shen Ruyun was her mother’s favor. When she heard the movement, she quickly stood up and walked to her and reached out to support her.

“Mom, how about Sean? That’s his wife’s fault,she was not willing to go in and persuade!”

She deliberately said this, with that, Jiang Xue also calmly opened her mouth: “Yes, they are a couple!Does she want to revenge after being abuse by her husband?!”

In fact, Jiang Xue really wanted that Sean Smith could kill Amber White, anyway,she knew her shortcomings.

Amber White unexpectedly dared to threaten her. If she was not worried about that, she would said more.

Amber White: “…”

Mrs. Smith had been in the study room and watched the whipping process.

Anyway,Sean Smith was her son.

After her three sons had passed away, Mrs. Smith always worried that the end of Seam Smith was the same as his brothers!

Amber White was a cure for her three years ago.

However,… three years had passed,she didn’t denote anything! On the contrary, because of this woman, her son had been half-killed.

Her body was trembling so badly,it seemed that she was so sad, and she had the unspeakable sadness!

In the end, Fang Weiwei glanced at Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue. “You two don’t talk nonsense. Sean Smith is beaten by Dad, Amber also felt sad.”

The two snorted, but they still remembered that Amber White knew their weakness, forcing the anger of their heart, and did not speak again.

Fang Weiwei just turned over and looked at her mother and asked: “Mom, is he injured seriously? Or I will call Dr. Song and let him have a check.”

This made Mrs. Smith’s eyes turned red again. She opened her mouth and her lips were pale:

“Your dad said, we couldn’t call the doctor. This is family’s shame. That guy is so stubborn,maybe this is not the end,he would suffer more… I…”

When she said this, she was so sorrowful. She glared at Amber White, which showed her hatred.

Sean had been hurt so seriously, but Tomas didn’t even let her call a doctor.

Sean stayed in the hospital for a month last time. but this time,he wasn’t allowed to go to the hospital. When would he recovered then?

The more she thought,the more she was desperate, she gritted her teeth and said finally:

“it’s my fault to let her be my daughter-in-law!”

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