Presidential 2022: This important decision taken by Marine Le Pen after the next elections!

In an interview given to JDDMarine Le Pen, has announced that she will not run again in the next election, in 2027, if she is not elected president in a few weeks. “A priori, I will not represent myself. But I will continue to do what I have been doing for years, namely defending the French. I don’t know in which position, but in the one where I will be the most efficient”said the one who is in her third presidential campaign since her first participation in 2012.

Should we believe her? Only time will tell… Two weeks before the first round, the candidate of the National Rally

Marine Le Pen jostled in Guadeloupe

On the evening of Saturday March 27, Marine Le Pen recorded a duplex for the show Sunday in politics, broadcast this Sunday, March 27 on France 3 from Guadeloupe, in Pointe-à-Pitre. But not everything went as planned since around forty activists from the Popular Union for the Liberation of Guadeloupe (UPLG) and the National Alliance Guadeloupe (ANG), two independence movements came to disturb his interview. They chanted phrases like “Le Pen out, Le Pen racist”

. Heckled, the politician saw her microphone snatched from her before she was exfiltrated. The interview was interrupted but still aired on the channel. If she plans to file a complaint, Emmanuel Macron has strongly condemned these actions.

After viewing these images, the Head of State, invited to France 3 said : ” I value democratic debate. I fight the ideas of Madame Le Pen but with respect” , he said. “And I think that the democratic life that is ours, especially in a time of election, supposes condemning with the greatest firmness all forms of verbal and even more physical violence. The scene that we have just seen is absolutely unacceptable and therefore everything will have to be done to ensure that clarifications are made and that justice passes”.

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