prostitutes raise their prices

The economic crisis in Ghana seems to affect all sectors, and prostitutes are also paying the price.

In certain streets of Accra, the capital of Ghana, the majority of prostitutes from Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia have been parading for years.

Until recently, many of them claim to charge $7 for a short time that lasts 15-20 minutes and $40 for a full night.

Since the increase in fuel prices, which has affected the prices of goods and services in most parts of the world, sex workers are not able to satisfy their customers at the same rates as before.

The majority of s3xe workers have increased their rates to 100%. One, Vivian, said her earnings experienced a brief uptick at one point in December last year.

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However, the new year came with a difficult situation. “There has been an increase in commodity prices lately. Paying my rent is hard now and because of that I raised my rate. Food is very expensive these days. I dress myself, and everything else. So I can’t reduce my price,” she said.

Indeed, the same financial challenges facing the country prevent its clients from using its services.

“It scares away my customers,” she lamented.

photo credit: pulsegh

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