Putin seen with a suitcase: speculation around a nuclear war

A recent trip by the Russian president Vladimir Poutine raised several questions. Indeed, the Russian Head of State went yesterday Friday, April 08, 2022, to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to pay tribute to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is believed to have died of the coronavirus. According to information from the British media The Sunand relayed by The New York Postsaid briefcase was guarded by a man in a suit, obviously a bodyguard, standing just behind the strongman of the Kremlin.

He had put his nuclear deterrent force on alert

According to the British newspaper, the “secret nuclear briefcase” would contain several launch data for the strategic missiles of the Russia. It should be noted that speculation around the briefcase of the Russian number one comes several weeks after he put his nuclear deterrent force on alert, following the offensive launched in Ukraine

. Indeed, after the first sanctions announced by Western countries against Russia, President Putin had decided to react. “I order the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff to put the Russian army deterrent forces on special combat alert regime” said President Putin in front of his military leaders.

For the Russian head of state, this decision was taken following comments deemed belligerent by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). After the sanctions adopted against Russia, the spokesman of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov declared that they are “very serious. These are several sets of sanctions adopted in recent days. But we prepared for it seriously and in advance”. As a reminder, the deterrent force mentioned by Russia is a special force which also includes the country’s nuclear capabilities.

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