Queen Elizabeth acquired her own line of dishwashing detergents. Yes what;

The 95-year-old monarch does not stop her business experiments, and it seems that she is probably having fun.

THE Queen Elizabeth so she decided to work with a brand of dishwashing detergent and launch her own line. After collaborating with another company to create perfume for dogs, now she wants to “clean” our house.

More specifically, the monarch also cooperates with Norfolk Natural Living for a new line of dishwashing detergents that will stand out for its aroma. Chose as announced by the company itself, a smell reminiscent of a walk in the sea.

This range will be on sale at her Norfok home gift shop for around 15 15 a bottle. In fact, the label will read “inspired by the common passion for environmental protection. We collaborated with Norfolk Natural Living to create a dish detergent using the best ingredients “.

The launch will take place in the coming months and it is no coincidence that former Palace butler Paul Burrell has revealed that she enjoys washing dishes. And the walks in the sea, we will add, as the smell for dogs has a similar smell. These are weaknesses.

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