Rejected Mate Chapter 3

Constance had to be dreaming.

There was no way in the real world Gage Silver would have his hand flat against her pvssy, as she was all but na*ked apart from her underwear on his desk, offering to be her mate. This was the thing of her fantasies.

Every time she opened her eyes, he was still there, touching her, watching her. There was no other guy in her life, no other temptation. She’d never wanted to k!ss anyone else or be touched by anyone but Gage.

She’d dreamed and imagined this moment for so long. Too long. The thought of him touching her had always been a heady feeling. It was even better now. One she was never going to forget.

Even if he didn’t make her warm, or mated, she would always have this. And right now, she was so fvcking hot to the touch.

The way he k!ssed, it was like he was drowning and she was his oxygen.

Touching him for real, running her hands all over his body, she wanted to pinch herself to wake up.

These kinds of things didn’t happen to her. She wasn’t the girl who was wanted.

“Fvck, baby, you’re so we*t.” He slid a finger beneath her panties, and Connie cried out as he stroked right over where the pleasure was. “You smell so good.” He pressed his face against her neck, biting down on the tender flesh.

Pleasure washed over her, making her even more desperate for him. “Yes,” she said.

He tore the panties from her body. The sound echoed through the room, and then his palm was flat on her pvssy. A single finger slid between her slit, stroking her cl!t. Each touch to her nub had her moaning even deeper.

Did he know how close she was?

She had touched herself many times at night in the privacy of her bedroom, thinking about him, imagining this very moment.

“If you’ve never had a guy’s l!ps on your mouth, that means you’ve never had one licking your pvssy, have you?”


Gage didn’t answer. He went to his knees before her, and the moment he touched her, she felt like she was on fire with need.

He spread the l!ps of her se*x, and his tongue danced across her slit. He stroked across and around.

Connie had never felt anything like it. She had thought about it a few times but hadn’t known it would feel this good, or make her feel this alive. Gripping the edge of the desk, she tried to hold on as he worked magic between her legs. He held her in place as he licked and svcked at her cunt, his tongue building her orga*sm, driving her higher with every passing second.

Her orga*sm was so close, and she warned him, telling him to stop, but Gage kept going, letting her come, and as she did, there was no controlling her reaction. As she screamed his name, her body je*rked in pleasure, writhing against his mouth. The heat was all too much. She didn’t think she could take it anymore, and right when she was at the point of no return, Gage stopped.

She felt the gentle press of l!ps against her inner th!gh, and she whimpered.

Opening her eyes, she looked at him as she stood. His face was so close. His l!ps glistening with her release.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Why?” He licked his l!ps. “You taste so fvcking amazing. I’m going to be feasting on your pvssy many times, Connie.”

“You are?”

He smiled. “Yes, I am.”

“I had no idea…”

“What? That it could be like this?”

She was going to say that he could be like this. The Gage she’d seen in front of the pack was a sweet, stern, caring man. She had imagined him wild, but never for a second thought it could be like this, and she told him so.

“Have you ever heard the statement a whore in the bedroom, and a lady in the kitchen?”

“Something like that.”

“I run this pack, but I don’t want any part of this to reach outside. What happens in here stays between you and me. There is nothing I won’t give you. In return, you just have to give me yourself, and be willing to take what I can give.”

She licked her l!ps. “I … yes, I want that. You won’t tell anyone what happened here?”

“No one.” He stroked the backs of his fingers against her cheek. “What we have is between us. No one needs to know. Do I frighten you, Connie?”


“Good. Now, give me those l!ps.”

She cupped his face and k!ssed him. It wasn’t enough as he grabbed the back of her neck and took full possession of her mouth, showing her how he wanted to be k!ssed.

Constance was shocked by how deep, how hot, how fvcking needy the k!ss was.

He broke the k!ss first, but his l!ps trailed down her neck, brushing across her pulse, and she whimpered.

His teeth scored across her flesh, the slight edge of pain heightening her own release.

“Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?” he asked.


Gage took her hand and placed it right on top of his d!ck. The hard length of him surprised her. “That is all you, Connie. No one else. I want to fvck you.”

“Then do it,” she said.

“I will, when you’re good and ready.” He put his fingers beneath her chin and tilted her head back. He pressed a quick k!ss against her l!ps.

“You don’t think I’m ready now?”

“No. I will know when you’re ready, and when you are, there is going to be no stopping me.”

His words sounded like a promise. One she wanted him to keep.

This was insane.

Within one week, she’d been rejected and claimed by the man she truly wanted. She couldn’t help but keep pinching herself, expecting something bad to go wrong. Good things never happened to her.

Gage had shown a great deal of restraint. Seeing Connie losing control, in the middle of the throes of orga*sm, the wolf within him had wanted to fvck her, to start scenting her so no other male within the pack would even get close, not even her mate.

With Tanner under his roof, he knew he had a delicate situation to handle. One he didn’t fvcking need right now.

After her orga*sm, he’d helped her get dressed and sent her to go prepare for some lunch.

He had every intention of fvcking Connie senseless. The cravings that stirred within him were not lessening but getting stronger with every passing second. He wanted her so badly.

In all his years of being alpha, he’d never felt this overwhelming need to claim a woman. Connie had dug her claws in right to his c0re, and what was worse, she didn’t even know it either.

He headed to the kitchen, intent on cooking to clear his mind.

Tanner was in the kitchen as he entered. His son had a bowl of cereal within his grasp.

They didn’t speak as he opened the fridge and began to pull out some ingredients.

“Do you plan on impressing her with your mad cooking skills?” Tanner asked.

“Why does this bother you?” Gage closed the fridge and turned toward his son. “You were all over Tiffany wanting to be your mate. Now you’re upset about me taking care of a pack female.”

“She’s not just any female though, is she? It’s Connie.” Tanner’s face was all screwed up as if he couldn’t imagine for the life of him why anyone would be attracted to her.

“I hope you’re ready for the consequences of your decision,” Gage said.

“What do you mean?” Tanner put his bowl in the sink and washed it up. At least he’d gotten some things right with his son.

“One day, you’re going to have to look back at this time. You may have kids. Tiffany may calm you. There are no instructions or details in the chronicles about how a rejected continues with his or her life.”

“Look, Dad, I get that you want to take care of her and she’s always been this important person within the pack, but don’t you … she’s big.” Tanner put his hands down by his h!ps, several inches away.

“Don’t,” Gage said.

“Are you into that?”

“Son, I suggest you start to learn respect or you get the fvck out of my house,” Gage said. “Connie is a very beautiful woman. I’ve seen the way you look at her, but those friends of yours have you so blinded. You lost the one woman who was going to be so damn good in your life.”

Tanner went to open his mouth again, but Gage didn’t want to hear another word. “Out.”

His son sighed. His shoulders slumped and he took off, heading out of the house. Gage stayed tense until he heard the slam of the front door. Hopefully, his son would take the hint and stay away for the remainder of the week.

“Hey,” Connie said.

Gage spun toward the door. He’d been so busy dealing with Tanner, he hadn’t heard her. “How much did you hear?”

“Most of it?”

“If you don’t want me to have him here, I can make arrangements for him.”

She held her hands up, shaking her head at the same time she moved toward the chair she had occupied yesterday. “I’m fine. Honestly.” She locked her fingers together with a smile. “You think I’m beautiful?”

“Yes, I do. I always thought you were beautiful.”

“That’s nice.”

He frowned at her. “What is?”

“You’re the first person to call me beautiful. My parents were obsessed with me looking the part of the pack. They felt I wasn’t working to my full potential.”

Her parents were a*ssh0les. He’d known it about them for some time but hadn’t realized how much they were.

“Pasta? That’s what I’m cooking. You want some?”

“I’d love some. Is there anything you want me to do? I’m not a great cook, but I follow instructions well.”

And there his mind went, straight to what he could get her to do. “If you’d like, you can chop up some of these veggies.”

She offered him a small smile that lightened up his world.

He handed her a knife and watched her as she got to work, chopping up the onions and peppers.

Gage went to the pantry, picking out the pasta he fancied eating, and then proceeded to cook their dinner. He added onions and peppers to a large pot with a tiny drizzle of olive oil.

Connie was so close. The scent of her ar0usal was far more overpowering than the smells coming from the food.

His c0ck was hard as rock. He hadn’t taken care of his … issue.

Fvck, he wanted her. He’d never felt this way about any female in his whole life. Sure, he’d enjoyed some casual se*x before Tanner was born, and some more after. Tanner’s mother hadn’t been the woman he wanted to settle down with. Probably a good thing considering she up and left at the first opportunity.

Every now and then, he found himself glancing at Connie.

She stood tense, chopping up the vegetables, and he had this overwhelming need to hold her.

“You know, you haven’t spoken much about Tanner. How you’re feeling?” He noticed she still wore the sweaters, which meant she was dealing with the cold on a daily basis. This was all part of the rejection, but this went far deeper. Not only had Tanner rejected her, but so had the pack, and because of that, it was like her wolf and body were being torn away from the family and comfort she knew.

“Fine. Is it weird me being under your roof with him?” she asked.

“Not at all.”

“I don’t want to be mean, but your son is kind of an a*ssh0le.”

Gage laughed. “I know. I don’t exactly know where I went wrong with that one, but he has a good heart some days.”

“I guess he keeps it locked up.”

He chuckled, adding some tomatoes into his pot.

“You forgot the garlic.” She brought the chopping board over to him, and he quickly scooped the garlic into the pot. “Smells amazing,” she said.

“Of course it does, I’m the one cooking it.”

She laughed. “Do you like to cook or is it out of necessity?”

“I like to cook. Seems odd, doesn’t it, a man cooking?”

“Not at all. I think it’s nice of you to want to cook, and I benefit from it.” She rubbed at her stomach. She put a hand to her stomach and there he went again, thinking about her heavily pregnant with his child. His c0ck was still hard.

Gage distracted himself by grabbing the salt pot to add to the boiling water. After he poured in the pasta, he turned toward Connie and saw her gaze was on his d!ck.

He didn’t need to look down to see what she was staring at. He was hard as fvcking rock. Had been since he’d tasted her. The scent of her cunt was still on his face.

“You like what you see?” He closed the distance between them, putting his hands on either side of her body, locking her in.

She gasped. “I’m sorry.”

“Connie, I’m attempting to make you my mate. You don’t have to apologize for everything. You see how hard my c0ck is, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“It’s because of you.”

“Why haven’t you taken care of it?” she asked.

“Because I wanted to feed you first.”

“But … doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt.” He pressed his body against hers. “It feels fvcking incredible.” He dropped his face to the curve of her neck and breathed in the scent of her. She smelled so good. He wanted to take a bite. Actually, he wanted to str!p her na*ked and fvck her all night long, to have her screaming for more, but he had to be a patient man.

“Come on. It’s time to eat.”

He withdrew from her, taking her hand and helping her into the chair at the counter.

Testing the pasta, he felt that it was more than ready and drained it while reserving some of the pasta water, and then he mixed the pasta and sauce together before serving.

Not once did his d!ck go down. He hadn’t been with a woman in a really long time. Not since he started to notice Connie and became attracted to her.

That was three years without a woman, and he was starting to lose control of his body’s reactions.

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