Rejected Mate Chapter 4

Later that night, Constance lay in bed thinking about Gage. Her memories were so clear of how he touched her. The feel of his mouth between her th!ghs, but also how he looked afterward.

His c0ck had pressed against the front of his jeans. The outline of him shocked her with just how big and hard he looked. Gage wasn’t struggling in the d!ck department.

Thinking about him made her all hot and bothered.

For the first time in a few days, she’d finally been able to str!p out of the pajamas and wear a night shirt. It was a large shirt that came down to her knees, but so comfortable. The shirt had seen better days, especially as she had washed it a few times.

She glanced at the clock and saw it was a little after twelve. Tanner hadn’t come home, for which she was thankful. The last thing she wanted was to bump into the man who rejected her. No one would believe her if she told anyone she had no plans to be with him.

She put her hand to her forehead before rolling to her side, trying to get comfortable.

Go to him.

The hardness of his c0ck wouldn’t leave her mind. He’d given her an orga*sm and in return, he’d been hard.

Before she had a chance to think about what the hell she was doing, she got to her feet and padded to the door. After opening it up, within seconds she was heading down the small hall to where Gage’s bedroom was. He told her where it was when she arrived.

Tanner had a whole floor above them.

With her hand on the doorknob, she twisted it, and it opened.

This had to be the single craziest thing she had done. Every sensible part of her brain told her to turn on her heel and run. She had no right to be here, but this tiny smidge of need that told her to enter took over, and there she stood, in Gage’s room, shocked as he was wide awake. His hand moving up and down his length.

The sheet was to the side of him. Not one single part of him was covered.

Gage paused as he worked his c0ck, sitting up. He made no move to hide his body, his hand still on his d!ck.

She felt an instant hit of heat slam into her body.

Go to him.

“Connie,” he said.

“Gage. Er, I … er, I noticed you at dinner, and I wanted to come and help … you know, help you.” She l!cked her l!ps, feeling them dry up.


“I don’t know. How do you need me?” She was a v!rgin, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want things. Her imagination was a crazy place to be. Her body was on fire with need for him.

Silence met her question.

There was no tension.

She waited.

“You want to take care of my c0ck, Connie?”


“You want to help me?”


“You’re here willingly?”

She smiled at all his questions and nodded. “Yes. I’m here because I want to be with you.”

“Prove it,” Gage said.

Constance wasn’t expecting that. She glanced around his room, thinking about how she could prove to him that she wanted to be here. There was nothing she could do.

Until she looked down at her old night shirt and grasped the end of it. In one smooth move, she had it up and over her head.

Tossing it to the side, she stared at Gage.

She didn’t have any underwear on. With her hands on her stomach, she looked at him, waiting. “I want to be here.”

She took a step, then another, followed by another until she got to the edge of the bed.

Gage moved to a kneeling position. His arm banded around her waist, holding her close. The stiffness of his c0ck pressed against her stomach.

She wasn’t afraid.

What she felt was overwhelming arousal and need. She wanted this man so much. He made her ache in ways she had never felt before. This was so much more than a crush.

Putting her hands on his face, she touched him willingly without instruction.

There was some stubble on his cheeks and chin, but she didn’t mind. Touching him was more than enough. Without waiting for an invitation, she pressed her l!ps to his. It was a small k!ss, tentative, but the need was there.

Gage ran his hand down toward her a*ss, gripping her flesh tightly, causing her to m0an. It was almost painful, but the pleasure was there as well, swelling up inside her.

“I want to fvck you, Connie. I want to pull you to the bed, spread your legs, and pump you with my cvm. Is that what you want?”

She gasped.

“Fvck, I can smell how turned on you are. You want this, don’t you? You want me?”

She nodded. “Yes, I want you.” Dropping her hand from his face and down his chest, she gripped his c0ck. “I want to take care of you.”

Constance had no idea what she was doing. She touched his c0ck, and it was such a strange part of his body to have in her hand. He was long, thick, hard, and soft.

He closed his eyes and let out a grunt. His h!ps pistoned forward before pulling back, and then doing the same again. Gage fvcked her hand and she looked down, watching him.

This wasn’t what she wanted though.

Letting go of his c0ck, she put her hand to his stomach. “Lie back.”

“Connie, you do not want to do that.”

“Yes, I do. You don’t get to tell me what I want to do.” She stopped touching him, not knowing where the bossiness came from. She had never been the kind of person to order anyone around, but with Gage, she wanted to make him feel good, and the only way to do that was to make him. He was the alpha. If he used his power, he could have her doing whatever he wanted.

Constance knew she was more than willing to do whatever he wanted.

Gage surprised her by moving back on the bed, lying down.

She became very aware of the fact she was na*ked in the alpha’s bedroom, ordering him around. She knew what she wanted to do to him, but she was also terrified of doing it.

Pushing all those insecurities aside, she climbed onto the bed, moving up toward where he lay.

His c0ck stood tall, and she wrapped her fingers around the length. “You’re going to have to tell me what to do, alpha. I’ve never done this before.”

“Oh, fvck,” he said.

She bent down and took the large head of his c0ck into her mouth.

“Your mouth feels so good.”

She didn’t have a clue what to do, and so she explored him, allowing need to take over. After sliding her tongue across the tip, she removed her mouth and started to discover his length. There was a vein along the side, and so she traced over it, getting him nice and slick.

“That’s it, baby, you svck my c0ck. That feels so fvcking good. So good. Yeah, oh, fvck, yeah. Now use your mouth.” He gr0aned.

He felt amazing.

His hands clenched at his sides, and she couldn’t help but smile as he slowly began to thrust into her mouth. She was driving him crazy, and this was what she wanted. She wanted him to be completely mindless, out of it almost as she svcked on his c0ck.

“Fvck, yeah, that feels so good. I’m not going to last.”

There was a tension in his body. She knew what was coming, and as he barked out an order, she ignored it and continued svcking him, feeling his d!ck swell in her mouth. Seconds afterward, he came. The spurt of his semen hit the back of her throat, and she swallowed him down. The taste of him was unusual, but seeing him like this, completely at her mercy, well, she relished it.

When there was nothing more for him to give, she sat back on her heels and watched him, l!cking her l!ps.

Gage sat up in bed, taking her down beneath him, and k!ssed her.

She didn’t expect that, not after she had svcked his c0ck and had his semen on her tongue, but he did.

He sank his fingers into her hair, deepening the k!ss.

The crush she thought she had on Gage wasn’t anywhere close to what she truly felt. Constance was terrified as she realized she might be in love with him instead.

The last thing Gage wanted to do was deal with pack-related stuff. Everyone had a problem, all the fvcking time. Just this once, he wanted to cement himself into Connie’s life. Instead, he dropped her off at the library with the promise of taking her to lunch. Then he had no choice but to go to the building yard to deal with William about the latest problem when it came to sourcing material.

William was a good wolf, loyal. They’d been friends a long time.

Gage had seen the man find his mate and have five children all within the space of twenty-one years.

The moment he walked onto the site, William came out of his office and shook his hand. A couple of the builders held their hands up in greeting, which he returned.

Following William into the office, he saw a coffee and a bagel were already waiting for him.

“Did you want to take me on a date?” he asked.

William laughed. “It has been a long time since we caught up, and I figured with everything going on, you’d appreciate some friendly chitchat.”

“Ah, so you’re here to get the gossip about me and Connie.”

“You do know you’re the only one that calls her Connie, right? Everyone else, it’s Constance.”

“Your point?”

William took a seat and Gage picked up his coffee. “You know you could help Tanner and Constance get together, to mate. There are always options.”

“She doesn’t want it.”

“She doesn’t?”


William sighed. “Is this because of the crush, do you think?”

Gage sipped at his coffee, looking at his friend over the rim. William had been the one to tell him that Connie had a crush. It had started before she turned eighteen, but he hadn’t given it much thought, not until after she turned of age, and then he did start to notice her.

“Do you think I’m being a bad alpha?” he asked.

“Fvck, no. I was shocked to hear the library fired her and her parents kicked her out, all within hours of being tossed aside by your son. I mean, that has got to mess with a woman’s head, hasn’t it?” William shook his head, picking up his own cup of coffee.

“I know the chronicles. I know you have every right to do what you’re doing, and not asking questions, and shit like that, but I’ve got to ask, are you doing this because of the crush or because you want to help this girl?”

“I’m doing this because I want her. You think I didn’t see what was happening to my son?” Gage asked. He laughed. “I realized it. It took me a couple of weeks to see it, but then I started to put two and two together. The way he would end up near her, you know? She was always there, and so was he. I even saw him watching her, and he always had this frown on his face, like he was disgusted with what he saw. It pissed me off. You know it did.”

William sighed. “And now?”

“Now, having her in my home, there is no anger inside me. I care about her. You know that.”

“I fear what this will mean,” William said. “If Tanner decides he can’t stand this … separation, he can demand a period of time with his mate, where he gets the chance to take her from you.”

“Not if I’ve staked my claim.”

William paused. “I’ve never known you to act like this.”

“You’ve never seen me want something so badly I can taste it, but it’s there. It always has been.”

“Gage, you’re a good alpha. An amazing friend. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Then do me a favor and don’t go putting ideas in my son’s head.”

Willian sighed. “You know under pack law if he asks me a question, I must answer it. He is your son and he has a right to know.”

“Then you answer it. You make sure he knows the truth. I cannot stop you, and I have no intention of doing so.”

“This isn’t going to end well.”

Gage finished the coffee but left half of his bagel. “Is there anything else you need from me?”

“No. The supply contractor I have has already made the shipment. I’m sorry to have kept you.”

Gage nodded and moved toward the door. “I’m not going to do anything for my own agenda, William. I care about her. He can’t even stand her.”

“He’s a boy.”

“He’s three years older than you were when you met your mate, and I didn’t see you turning her down, even though she wasn’t who you wanted in the first place.”

“Point taken.” William shrugged. “I’m on your side.”

Gage didn’t say anything, but left the office. He nodded at workers as his cell phone went off. He was needed at the police station.

It was only a short walk. This was what he had to do. He spent most of his day dealing with pack duties.

Everyone wanted to talk to him, to tell him what they felt could be wrong with the pack, and how to fix it.

There was a time he was insulted when he watched his grandfather do this, but that had all changed when the man had told him it was important to listen to those around you. A good alpha listened. A bad alpha ordered without care.

He always wanted to be a good alpha. The kind of man people looked up, supported, listened to.

Running his fingers through his hair, he couldn’t help but glance back at William.

William’s mate had been the geeky girl in school. The one with braces and glasses, who spent most of her time in front of a computer. A complete no one. Gage even recalled how William was so disappointed in his mate, but he hadn’t turned her down. Little by little, William had fallen in love with the little nerd.

Within ten minutes, Gage got to the police station to find there was a disturbance. Darcy was midway through a transition. With her pregnancy, her hormones had been completely acting out. She couldn’t seem to help her reactions.

“She didn’t mean to do it,” Carl, her husband, said. His shirt was torn and blood covered the fabric, but the signs of his healing were already happening. “We were…”

“Please, make it stop. They don’t need to know we were fvcking outside of the library for one last chance to be together before this baby arrives.” She whimpered. “I’d been doing so well.”

“I warned you about getting her emotions out of control.”

He’d been called to Carl and Darcy’s home late one evening. They had been about to have s*x when her wolf had wanted to come out and play. With her pregnant, the females couldn’t turn. It did make it difficult for them. Nine months without a single change, but he was always available to help.

“Look at me, Darcy. Look at me. Take a deep breath. It’s fine.”

He tapped into his wolf, feeling the energy of his alpha flow through him. Darcy’s face went from one of fear and pain to relief as he slowly put her wolf to sleep. She collapsed on the ground, thanking him.

“Thank you so much. Thank you,” Darcy said.

Carl rushed toward his wife, holding her in his arms, k!ssing her head.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“I know you didn’t, baby. I love you.”

Gage took a step back. He watched them together, how happy they were. His job was complete. He left without another word.

People stopped him to ask questions, and he made sure to give them the right attention.

“Doesn’t it get boring constantly being at their beck and call, Grandpa? You have no life.”

“I have a life, son. Being an alpha is an honor. They picked me to take care of them. To watch over them. So they ask a lot of questions. It’s all part of the job.”

Glancing down at the time, he saw it was a little before lunch, and so he went in search of Connie.

The library was busy, and stepping inside, he saw she’d been working her magic like she always did. The main reception no longer had books piled high, and the children were not running around screaming. He noticed art easels were all set up, and five kids were at them, drawing.

Connie was nowhere to be seen. Lana was there though, looking at everything.

“Where’s Connie?”

“She’s upstairs, helping to take care of the backlog of stock. Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For … making me hire her again. I didn’t want to fire her, but she was rejected, you know. There was no reason for her to be here.”

“Rejected or not, she was still pack.” Anger filled him. He wanted to punish the woman, but he also knew deep down that wasn’t the way, even though it would be so fvcking easy.

Instead, he turned on his heel and made his way to where Connie was. He didn’t need directions. He could smell her.

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