Rejected Mate Chapter 6

Music and dancing had always calmed Constance. Her parents hadn’t ever complained when she played her music loud enough to drown out all sounds. A couple of the neighbors had voiced their disapproval, but she’d mowed the lawn and cleaned their car, making sure they didn’t mind the noise as they knew she’d make up for it.

She loved to dance. Admittedly on her own with no one around.

The one time she had danced at school, some of the pack had pointed and laughed at her. She refused to go through that kind of embarrassment again, but in private, she could shake her a*ss and her body without worry of anyone pointing or laughing about how her t!ts bounced.

The music wasn’t too loud.

After adding a little vanilla, she stirred the milk and chocolate together. Gage had purchased her some vegan milk as well, so she could enjoy a nice hot chocolate. It was rare for her to indulge like this. Chocolate was one of her favorite things, and she happened to like it dark.

She turned off the hot milk as all the chocolate had melted.

Hands moved around her wa!st, and within seconds, she was pulled against a hard chest. She let out a gasp, knowing it was Gage. The feel of him was all alpha.

Instant heat filled her body. The hardness of his c0ck pressing against her a*ss had her m0aning.

“Put your hands on the counter,” he said.

He’d spun her away from the stove, and she immediately put her hands on the counter.

“Tell me to stop.”


“Why not?”

“I don’t know what you want,” she said.

“You should be afraid of me, Connie.”

She wasn’t.

One of his hands left her h!ps, and then she closed her eyes as his palm moved directly over her pvssy. Sinking her teeth into her l!p, she tried to contain the pleasure his touch inspired.

“I can feel how hot you are through your shorts, Connie. Are you wearing any panties?” he asked.

“It’s bedtime,” she said. “I never wear panties.”

She cried out as he slid his fingers beneath the fabric of her shorts and touched her na*ked pvssy. Constance was we*t, had been from the moment she looked at him in the office. The feelings were growing stronger every single day. She couldn’t seem to stop them. Her crush on Gage had always been an attraction, but this was more. She wasn’t a little girl anymore.

The way he touched her, the way he looked at her, she loved every second of it and didn’t want him to stop.

His fingers slid down to her entrance. She wanted him to take her, to feel the hard length of him driving into her.

Gage moved closer to her so that his whole body was flush against hers, his l!ps at her ear. “When I take your v!rginity, you’re going to be na*ked on my bed, begging for it,” he said.

“Take me now,” she said.

She wasn’t holding on to her v!rginity like some precious item. None of the men at the pack had ever interested her, apart from Gage. He’d been the one she wanted.

The fact his hand was on her pvssy, his hard c0ck pressing into her back right now, was a dream come true to her.

“I’ll take you when I know you’re ready.”

She whimpered. “Feel how ready I am for you. Just you. Please, Gage.” She didn’t know what had gotten into her.

His name spilling off her l!ps felt so right. She couldn’t stop it.

Gage stroked up, moving across her cl!t. Pleasure filled every single cell of her body, making her ache for more, hungry and desperate. There was no stopping it.

He k!ssed her neck, svcking on the pulse and sending another hot wave of lust jolting through her body. Her body was on fire from his touch. Hungry and desperate for more, but she didn’t want to remain a v!rgin. Her body, her heart, every part of her belonged to Gage.

Each touch sent her higher, hurtling toward an orga*sm. The way he svcked and nibbled at her neck, she knew he’d leave a mark, and with work tomorrow, everyone was going to see.

He thrust against her a*ss. The hard length of his d!ck rubbed there, and all she wanted was to spread open to him.

“I want to hear you come, baby. Come for me.”

It was like he had complete control over her body. There was no way for her to deny him as she came hard, crying out his name. She gave him everything. His name echoing around the room as she screamed it.

His touches lightened up until he released her pvssy.

Constance opened her eyes, taking in the kitchen, breathing deeply.

He let go of her h!ps, and she turned. “I can … I can take care of you.” Her face was on fire.

One moment, she begged him for more, the other, she couldn’t help but feel the nerves building within her.

Gage stroked her cheek. “There’s no need to.”

“But…” She glanced down, and sure enough, the stain on his jeans let her know all that she needed to. “Oh.”

He cleared his throat. “I will be back.”

She frowned. What had she been doing before that?

Her shorts were still in place. She reached up to touch her neck. Was there a mark? There had to be as he’d spent a great deal of time svcking at her flesh.

Licking her dry l!ps, she went back to the stove and saw a small skin had formed over her hot chocolate. She used a spoon to scoop it out, and once it was clear, she heated the milk until it was piping hot.

After pouring the milk into two mugs, she put the empty saucepan into the sink. Her hands shook a little. Her legs were like jelly.

She picked up both mugs and turned to see Tanner standing in the kitchen. His eyes were a shocking amber.

The wolf inside her growled. She wasn’t happy to see the man who had humiliated her so thoroughly.

“Oh, my God, seriously? You think I would ever want to be mated to a thing like you? You’re a laughingstock of the entire club. An ugly, fat waste of space. If I was to stick my d!ck in you, I’m pretty sure you’d mistake it for a popsicle.”

There had been a whole lot more, and she’d stood there and taken every word he said. Each strike a physical blow, but at the same time, she’d been grateful. While he’d verbally struck out at their mating, she’d internally done it.

“I didn’t make you a mug,” she said.

He cleared his throat and glanced away before his gaze turned back to her. Tanner opened his mouth and closed it. The silence was stilted, awkward.

“Bye,” she said.

“Wait,” Tanner said.

“No,” she said. “No waiting. No talking. I have nothing I want to say to you. I’m pretty sure you’ve got a lot of things you want to say to me, but I don’t want to hear them.” She smiled. “Goodnight.”

She stepped around him, having absolutely no feeling for the cold, uncaring wolf. He was a total a*ssh0le, and what was more, her wolf had moved on.

At first, her wolf didn’t seem to like the idea of them falling for Gage, but now, she was finally coming around to her way of thinking, which was how it was supposed to be.

She was at the bottom of the steps as Gage came down.

“I didn’t know where you’d like to drink your hot chocolate.”

“Let’s go to the library.”

Gage had a small library, one she’d sat in a few times since moving in with him. His selection of books was small but varied.

She stepped in front of him, aware Tanner wasn’t too far, his gaze on them. She didn’t know what his problem was. She had no time for him, nor would she ever have time for him.

Constance was just so thankful the rules in movies weren’t accurate. There was a choice in who they were mated to.

Two days later, Gage was aware of Connie’s … anger.

He didn’t get it as they walked home, going through the town. They would stop when he was asked a question or someone wanted his advice. The alpha always had to be available and in control. This was a rule of the pack.

Connie simmered beside him, trying to hide her anger, but he didn’t know what had caused it. Several of the pack also greeted her, and she merely gave them a tight smile. Nothing more.

He had intended to take her to the diner again, but in the few short minutes he’d been with her, he heard her anger. She wasn’t happy, and he wanted to find out what the problem was.

“How was work today?” he asked.


“Good. That’s good. Everything going okay?”


He tapped his fingers on the box of cookies Lana had given to him. She’d made them, and if he was honest, he wasn’t looking forward to eating them. Lana wasn’t a good baker. Her cookies were either overbaked and crunchy, or too soft and doughy. His grandfather had told him from a young age to accept all gifts and to see them as an acceptance of who he was to them all.

Still, it meant for some pretty disgusting mealtimes. The worst was the lasagna he’d been given where the pasta hadn’t been cooked properly in the middle and the meal had been compacted so tightly, heat didn’t penetrate.

At least the potlucks the pack had around the full moon were much better. He didn’t have to try everything then and most of the people were distracted by the full moon, their own hunger, and turning.

There was always a silver lining.

“I was thinking tonight we could watch a movie,” he said.

“I’m really tired. I think I will go to bed.”

He frowned as they got to his home. She held her bag high up on her shoulder. Entering his home, he was aware of his son and Tiffany present. He’d heard them. The benefit of having good hearing, the best within the pack. Again, the alpha genetics at work.

Closing the door, Connie frowned as she looked at him.

“Tanner and Tiffany are here.”

“Oh, right. Of course. I’m going to go to my room.”

He reached out to grab her wrist. “You’re not jealous, are you?”

“Why would I be jealous? I have nothing to be jealous over. Excuse me.” She turned on her heel and walked away. He didn’t understand it.

Closing the front door, he stared up the stairs, wondering what the hell he should do. There was nothing he could think of.

He went to the kitchen and put the box of cookies on the counter. Lana had always been a flirt with him. She never tried to cover up her want for him, even though he’d made it clear to her more than once that he had no desire for her.

The cookies were horrible. Wrinkling his nose, he tossed them into the trash, put the container in the sink, and made a note to get Connie to take it back.

Then he opened the fridge about to make himself something to eat even though cooking was the last thing on his mind. His cell phone rang.

Seeing it was William, he picked it up. “Hello.”

“Hey, man, I hate to be a pain in your a*ss. I know you’re busy, but can you stop by the building site tomorrow? We’ve hit another snag, and to be honest, I think the company that’s been selling us supplies is fvcking with us.”

“How come?”

“Shit looks cheap. You know I’m not the kind of guy to complain, but we’re talking houses here for our pack, and the guys are all constructing it legally, but I don’t know, I’m not happy.”

“I’ll stop by. Get a good look at it. I won’t pay for stuff that is not up to specs.”

“Great. You’re the best.”

“Wait, before you go…” Gage stopped as he rubbed the back of his head. Glancing toward the entrance of the kitchen, he frowned. “Er, you’re married.”

“Yes. Perfectly mated as well.”

“When it is your female’s time of the month, do you, does she, I mean, is there any difference?”

Silence met his question.

“You know what, don’t answer that. I’m way out of line.”

“Why don’t you tell me what is going on? Is this about Constance?” William asked.

“I picked her up from work, and she’s, I don’t know, she’s not her usual self. Lana gave me some cookies, and I was going to take Connie to the diner, and—”

“Back up, Lana gave you cookies?”

“Yeah. She’s done that for years.”

“There’s your problem.”

“What? How can that be my problem? There is clearly something upsetting Connie, and I figured it might be that time of the month.”

William began to laugh.

Gage wasn’t amused. “Why are you laughing?”

“Dude, okay, fine. I won’t laugh. You seem to have an answer for everything. Nothing is too difficult for you, and yet, you can’t seem to understand that Connie is jealous.”

“Of what? I know Tanner and Tiffany are here.”

“No, not of them. You said her behavior happened before she even got to the house, so that’s not the problem. You will find she doesn’t even care about them, at least not right now. Her interest is in the fact another pack female gave you cookies.”

“I’m always being given food.”

“But you didn’t take in a rejected mate before. There is a lot going on emotionally and physically. Bear in mind Constance has only gone through her first transition. She was rejected by her mate. His dad is the one coming to her rescue. The same man who has another woman giving him cookies.” There was silence. “Okay, let’s put this another way where you will completely understand. What if it was a guy giving her food?”

A growl fell from his l!ps before he could stop it.

“We have a winner, people. She’s acting the same way but all of this is new to her. She doesn’t know where she stands with everything. Go and talk to her, make her see that the cookies mean nothing because so far, they mean a lot.”

He hadn’t thought of it like that, and now he felt like a giant d!ck for not seeing it her way. Gritting his teeth, he said his goodbyes, hanging up the phone.

The container still in the sink, he took the steps toward Connie’s bedroom. Once he was outside, his hand perched ready to knock.

Hands clenched into a fist, he took a step back.


He couldn’t allow her to think this was more than what it was.

Annoyed with himself, he stepped right up to her door, and before he could stop himself, he knocked.

The sound seemed loud to him, almost too loud.

Seconds passed.

No answer.

He knocked again.

No answer.

Turning the doorknob, he opened the door and didn’t see Connie in her bedroom. The noise of the shower alerted him. He closed the door and moved quickly toward the bathroom, stepping inside, then came to a stop.

The shower ran, and the extractor fan was on, taking all the steam out of the room and giving him a clear view of heaven. There was no other way of describing it. The glass marred the view a little bit, but not too much.

Connie’s head was tilted back as she looked up at the spray of water. The outline of her t!ts, a*ss, and h!p were visible, and the sight of her alone was enough to make him hard. The scent of her filled the room, and he wanted to drown in every single part of what made up Connie.

The water turned off and she opened the door, still not seeing him as she reached for a towel. The moment she saw him, she gasped, grabbing a towel to try to cover herself.

Gage couldn’t help but look his fill. She was so beautiful. He quickly spun away to give her privacy. All the while, he wanted to spread her open, stare at her for hours, have his way with her.

He didn’t do it.

Counting to ten in his head, he tried to gain control of his needs. Coming inside his jeans the other night had shown how close he was to losing it. Connie made him want so badly.

“What are you doing in here?” she asked.

“Are you jealous of Lana?”

She didn’t say a word, and he turned to give her his full attention.

The towel covered her body, and it was such a shame.

He wanted her na*ked. To close the distance between them and yank it open, to ban her from putting on any clothes, just so he could see her completely na*ked all day, every single day.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I don’t have time for these games, Connie. Tell me.”

“Stop calling me Connie. Don’t you remember my name?” she asked.

He glared at her.

This time, he did close the distance. She hadn’t stepped out of the shower, but he came close, pressing his hands on either side of her head, keeping her locked in place.

“I remember your name, but seeing as no one else calls you this, I shorten your name. You’re mine, Connie.”

“Then what are you to me?” she asked. She tilted her head back, looking so cute and se*xy, defiant. “Am I some fun? A pity case? Something for you to fix?”

“You’re going to be my mate, Connie.”

She glared at him. “If I’m going to be your mate, then why are you accepting cookies from other women? Would you like it if someone started to give me cookies or pastries?”

He growled and slammed his body against hers. “No!”

“Then don’t accept hers either. It’s an insult to me. You know that.”

“I’ve always been given food.”

“And you’ve always been single. No one to offend. Food being given to you as a thank you doesn’t count. But food from a woman who has wanted you for a long time does.”

He wanted to k!ss those jealous l!ps. To let her know she had nothing to fear. He had no interest in other women, but he rather liked her jealous. Gage knew it made him a bastard, but he didn’t care.

“I need to get dressed,” she said.

“I will make us something to eat.” He didn’t k!ss her, even though he wanted to. He got to the bathroom door and turned. “I think it’s time we had a proper conversation and put all of our cards out on the table.”

He left her room knowing exactly what he was going to do.

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