Relationship Advice: How to Inflame a Conflict

In love relationships, there is a set of steps guaranteed to inflame a disagreement and a set of steps to diffuse a disagreement.

Here are some sure fire ways to inflame a disagreement.

1. Be offended when your partner disagrees with you. How dare they!

2. Think helpful and loving thoughts such as “How could you possibly see this situation in any other way but my way?”

Forget that you chose this person because you liked how they thought and saw things.

3.Believe you have a monopoly on truth and your view is the only one that could possibly be correct.

4. Fight hard for the right to be right.

5. Try to convince, debate, and argue your partner into seeing the current issue and everything your way.

It does NOT work.

The Beatles got it right when they sang:

“Try to see it my way, we can keep on talking ’til we can’t go on. Try to see it your way, run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone.”

6. Bring up volumes of evidence from the past to prove your point and throw it up in the face of your partner. Then wonder why things get worse. It’s like throwing gas on a fire and wondering why the fire got worse, since the gas was wet.

Source by Jeff Herring

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