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The type of women men want to marry have a few common qualities when it comes to attracting men. Whether you’re in a relationship, or want to be in one, you need to know how to handle a man and keep him happy – especially if you want to get him to marry you. Being good to a man or doing the things he wants to do is not enough to keep him interested. Some women believe that if they just keep giving to a man, they can endear themselves to him. Other women believe in making themselves irresistible to a man in order to get him to propose. Just what qualities or secrets do they have, these women men want to marry? Let’s take a closer look at some of their techniques to keeping a man and getting him to the altar.

What Makes a Man Fall in Love

Don’t think that being good or doing things for your man is going to make him think he can’t live without you. Believe me, you can never do enough for a man. Men don’t fall in love with the things you can do for them. Yes, some say that sacrificing yourself makes you more attractive to a man. I think not. Doing this only makes him see you as convenient – and that is no way to start a marriage.

My granny used to say that men don’t necessarily fall in love with a woman he can live with – he falls in love with the woman he can’t live without. Men fall in love with how you make them feel when you are together. They want to be around women who challenge them, stands up for herself and shows him that she is not to be trifled with. Men like this because they also like making their woman happy – it makes them feel good about themselves. The type of women men want to marry are the type of women who know how to acknowledge, accept and appreciate the things a man does in a relationship.

Making Yourself Irresistible to Men

One trait that women men want to marry seem to have in common is the ability to make themselves irresistible to a man. Here’s how you do it. Men want to win and they love a bit of a challenge. In your relationship, they want to win your heart. Give it to him freely and he will likely pull away from you. Remember, you are valuable and your heart shouldn’t be easy to get anyway. You want him to know that he’s going to have to put forth some effort to get you – you are his prize.

Now pay close attention here – resisting him means you don’t do everything he says, you don’t give in to him when he wants something. If you don’t like sports, don’t go to a sporting event with him just to be in his presence, to please him. In those times when you are apart, he thinks about you and that is a good thing. Men fall in love when you’re not with them. Offer no resistance and he will not see winning you as a challenge. Men simply cannot resist a challenge.

What Makes a Man Want to Marry You

Many women seem to think that if they keep giving a man what he wants, he will eventually love them, maybe even marry them. Other women try to push or pressure a man into a relationship, maybe even offer an ultimatum or make threats. Do not make the mistake that if you give in to a man, he will surely want to marry you. Believe me, that is simply not true. Yes, you should do things for him,

Women who love themselves first, who know who they are, know they are valuable and are confident in all of this – these are the women men want to marry. Men fall in love with and marry women who will not compromise their values to be with a man. Men will respect and honor these qualities in a woman. When men respect you, the relationship becomes very strong. These women are strong, independent, spirited individuals who will stand up for themselves and never compromise principles or values. These are the women men want to marry.

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