Resign? First, ask these four questions

Have we not had it all at work? You are tired of your tasks and want to resign, you have a difficult time with a colleague or you do not feel appreciated for what you do.

Before you give in the answer, it is good to take a look at these questions.

1. Is this not an impulsive decision?

Sometimes the moods get heated and words or accusations fall. At such a moment you are emotional and soon think: “I kick it off here.” If that happens often, it is clear that something is bothering you or frustrating you in your job. Then it is useful to take a moment to reflect on this and to name the things that disturb you. Do you find it difficult to organize your thoughts? Then it can be useful to exchange your experiences with a reliable colleague or friend in order to gain more insight. Only when you have everything in order and you are sure of your decision, you can effectively choose to resign.

2. Can I negotiate extra-legal benefits?

Research shows that poor work-life balance (18%) and stress (27%) are the main reasons for resigning. If that is also the reason for you to step out, why not make the ultimate attempt to go for less stress and for more quality of life? Request a conversation with your boss and wrist about whether flexible working hours or working from home are an option.

Resign? First, ask these four questions about your job or work

3. Can I get a different set of duties or more responsibility?

“Choose a job that you enjoy doing, and you won’t have to work one day in your entire life,” the Chinese philosopher Confucius once said. Do you still enjoy your job and do you find it useful? Those who feel that they are doing meaningful work would be 3 times happier than those who see their job as ‘just work’. Do you no longer find a challenge in your duties or do you crave more responsibility? Let your supervisor know, you have a no… If you take your blow, your self-confidence will get a boost and you will certainly fly in with full enthusiasm.

4. Are my skills good enough to find other work quickly?

Consider the skills you need for your job: are they still up-to-date enough to compete in the sector? Because it would be a shame to resign and be unemployed four years later. It may be that you may first have to grow a little in your expertise or that you need to improve your skills.

TIP: You can find more information about how to resign, submitting your resignation, writing a resignation letter and how to leave with your head up here.

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