Resign Now, Arewa Sec. General Advises President Buhari


Secretary-General, Arewa Community in Delta State, Alhaji Muktar Usman, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office with immediate effect for running the country aground.
Speaking in an interview with The Guardian in Asaba, yesterday, Usman said: “President Buhari has failed woefully in all aspects – security, economy, education and others. His government is the most corrupt since Nigeria attained Independence. President Buhari has failed us in all aspects. Honestly, let him resign now because he is incompetent to rule the country. Many Northerners want him to go, so that somebody else can take over the country’s mantle of leadership before he plunges us further into hell.”

Lamenting the country’s sorry state, he said, “Take a look at the corruption in Nigeria, kidnapping and killings, among other heinous crimes in Zamfara, Benue, Kaduna, Niger, some Western states and even Katsina, his home state. You will agree with me that the President has nothing more to offer.”

He recalled that Buhari promised heaven and earth, while seeking power. Some of the pledges include youth empowerment, securing the nation against terrorism and banditry, but today, none of the promises has been fulfilled.

“Nigerians are dying in silence, but pretending that all is well, whereas you and I know that many people cannot afford to buy rice in the market,” he said. “Some families cannot even afford garri that used to be the cheapest foodstuff in the market. We are indeed hungry.”

He noted with sadness that Buhari has turned the country into a laughing stock among the comity of nations, saying everything has collapsed beyond imagination.

For Nigeria and Nigerians to swim out of the troubled waters, Usman advised, “Christians and Muslims to beg God for forgiveness and always pray for the country’s unity and survival.”

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