Return of the Alpha Chapter 6

Payton stood in front of Jericho’s door. A pickup truck rested in the driveway, so she assumed he was home. She raised her hand to knock, but her courage fled.

“Stupid,” she muttered under her breath.

Taking a deep breath, she banged on the door, then waited.

“I wondered how long it was going to take you to knock.”

Gasping, Payton spun around, a hand covering her heart. “You scared me!”

“Sorry,” Jericho said, although his tone and saucy grin belied his condolences. “I was out back chopping wood when I heard a car pull up.”

“I had one of the deputies drop me off,” Payton said. “I needed to see you. I hope you don’t mind.”

He shook his head. “Not at all. Come on in.”

As he walked past her into the house, Payton caught the sweet aroma of cedar with a hint of rain mingling with his masculine scent. It went to her head, and all she wanted to do was sniff him, which was very much a wolf thing to do.

When she followed him inside, he abruptly turned on her, his nostrils flaring. The next thing she knew, he had pushed her back to the wall, his hands curling around her h!ps as he surged against her.

“I can smell your ar0usal,” he said, his voice changing. Deepening.

She gasped as he parted her legs with his knee, sliding between her th!ghs. His ar0usal was clearly evident behind his fly as he pressed his hard c0ck against her pvssy.

“I can feel yours,” she whispered.

He ground against her even more. “You know you’re mine, don’t you, Payton? You came here, but you won’t be leaving here.”

His breath brushed across her cheek. His l!ps hovered over hers.

“You can’t keep me here forever.”

“Oh, yes, I can. I’ll tie you up. Spank that ass.” He chuckled as she undulated against him. “You like that thought, don’t you? My dirty girl. I don’t care that we don’t know each other. Our wolves know each other.

The rest will follow.”

He ran a hand up her ribcage, under her t-shirt to cup her bre*st. Shockwaves ran through her, and she had to bite her l!p from crying out as he flicked the pebbled n!pple.

“Are you my dirty girl?”

She m0aned as he pushed her bra up to pinch the turgid peak. Before she could answer him, he had moved her clothing out of the way, bent his bead, and svcked her n!pple into his mouth. He laved the tip with his tongue, svcking and n!pping it. Need flooded her body, and fire burned through her veins. It was delicious and hot, and he ar0used her like nothing else.

“Tell me you’re mine, Payton,” he said against her skin.

She looked down at the dark head svcking on her t!ts. We*tness flooded her pvssy, and all she wanted to do was bite him and lay her claim to him. The mating bond was impossible to ignore. He glanced up at her, his dark eyes shifting to an amber color as his wolf seeped through.

Slowly, she nodded. “Yes,” she said. “I’m yours.”

The growl that erupted out of him should’ve scared her, but it didn’t. It made her want him even more. She couldn’t deny this. Couldn’t deny him.

“I will never let you go,” he said, although his words were a little garbled through the canines that had extended down. “I will kill anyone who tries to take you from me.”

She bared her neck, and he immediately clamped down on the tender flesh. Her body tightened with equal parts pain and pleasure, and she surged against him. Once he had marked her, he slid his hands down to cup her bvtt, then lifted her.

His muscles bulged as he held her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her back to his bedroom. She didn’t see how his home was decorated, then again, she really didn’t care at that point.
He tossed her onto his bed like she weighed nothing before taking a few steps back to strip.

The more his body was revealed, the more she salivated. He was a big man, and Payton knew he would fill her up nice and tight. She wanted every single delicious inch of him stuffed inside her, pounding out his org*sm until his spunk ran down her th!ghs, the last measure to mark her as his territory.

She undressed as well, and the heat had her fighting with her jeans. At that angle, they were tight, and she had to wiggle a little to pull them down.

Then her shirt and br*a, not caring in the least where they were discarded. She lay there, her legs akimbo, letting him view her semi-n*ked body.

“Touch yourself, my dirty girl,” he ordered.

She had shaved her pvssy, leaving a neatly trimmed landing strip. L!cking one finger, she slid it under her p*nties along the length of her slit.

When it touched her cl!t, a wave of pleasure rolled through her. With gentle circles, she played with herself. Even dipped a finger into her pvssy, brought it out, and l!cked the digit clean.

Slightly sweet, slightly musky. If he wanted a dirty girl, she could be that. He watched with hooded eyes as she masturbated, bending one knee to join her on the bed. One claw had come out, and he sliced her p*nties off her like they were nothing but tissue paper.

He straddled her chest, only turning around so they could sixty-nine. Jericho made eating pvssy an art form. He l!cked, svcked, and fvcked as he ran his tongue along the soft folds, pushing a finger into her we*t hole.

While he teased her pvssy, she worked her hand up and down his impressive c0ck. A bead of pre-cvm formed on the head, prompting her to l!ck it. His salty essence exploded over her tongue. Lowering her head, she relaxed her throat to svck him down as far as she could. He rewarded her with a m0an.

Payton squirmed, chasing that org*sm that lingered just under the surface. He gently n!pped on her hard little cl!t, and a wave of pleasure cascaded through her. It took over her finer brain power as she cried out her release.

While she p*nted, Jericho extracted himself from between her legs and turned around.

“If I take you now, Payton, there’s no going back,” he said.
A primal need sprung within her.

“We’ll be mated for life.”

“We already are,” she whispered.

He braced himself on his forearms, allowing her to stare into his eyes. His c0ck brushed against her inner th!ghs. Her heart thundered, half in fear and half in anticipation. She reached down to guide him to her entrance, m0aning softly as the head spread her l!ps. Slowly, the shaft pushed in, deeper and deeper.

She gripped his h!ps, halting him. Feeling too full and a bit overwhelmed. “Slow,” she whispered. Begging.

He frowned. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve never really done this before,” she admitted. “You know, with a partner.”

Skepticism raced through his dark gaze. “You’re not a v!rgin.”

“I took care of that a long time ago,” she said. “I knew if I couldn’t have you, then I didn’t want anyone else. But watching porn with a d!ldo isn’t the same as this.”

His nostrils flared. “That’s hot as fvck. I look forward to fvcking you with that c0ck and this one at the same time.”

The words created all kinds of dirty images in her head. He was buried deep in her now, and like she asked, he began to rock slowly in and out of her tight pvssy. Little by little, he penetrated deeper, and her legs came up around his body.

Each stroke rubbed across her cl!t, sending an impulse to buck against him. Her arms circled his neck as they stared at one another. His gaze gave her a promise. She chanted his name under her breath like a benediction.

Another org*sm rose sharply, taking over her body. It hurled her into the stars, shuddering as she responded to his thrusts. She couldn’t stay quiet and m0aned as she clamped down on his c0ck.

“God, Payton!” Jericho exclaimed. “Your cunt is so tight.”

Her fingers dug into his neck as he pumped furiously, all trace of composure disappearing. Then suddenly, he stopped.

“Roll over,” he whispered as he moved his body.

Payton obeyed, rolling onto her stomach. He slapped her butt with his hands and pulled back on her h!ps as he knelt between her legs. Payton managed to rise onto her hands and knees, thrusting her pelvis back.

Once more, he slipped into her channel. Filling her. Stretching her to fullness. He didn’t spare her the force of his lust as his strong hand gripped her h!ps as he rode her hard.

“Touch yourself,” he growled in a guttural voice.

She obeyed, reaching down to find her cl!t and rub the little nub. She was right there, on the cusp. His relentless pounding had her org*sm crashing through her like a thunderbolt.

Flames rushed through her body as she burst in a minefield of colors. Then he bit down again on her shoulder just as he came, flooding her with his scent.

When he extracted his teeth from her skin, he lapped at the blood before collapsing to the side. Their bodies were a tangle of arms and legs, mixed with sweat, saliva, and cvm. They lay p*nting, side by side, staring at one another. True to his vow, Payton knew she wouldn’t be leaving.

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