Return of the Alpha Chapter 7

The late morning light filtered through the blinds on the window, giving a r0mantic glow to the bedroom. Every muscle in Payton’s body was limp, every bone liquified. She never wanted to move again.

“I was going to leave Sheridan,” she said softly. “I had everything sorted, what I was going to take and what I was going to toss. I was going to head to work tonight and put in my notice.”

He frowned. “Why?”

“At first … it was because I didn’t want to be around people who reminded me of what I could never have. Of making me feel like I didn’t belong.”

“I would r!p apart anyone who says you don’t belong.”

She gave a ghost of a smile. “And then, out by the lodge last night, my mother pointed out you can’t have a weak mate. You’ll need someone who can give you whole children.”

“If I couldn’t have you, I would never have children. And now I have this need to cast out your parents.”

“Don’t say that,” Payton murmured.

“I knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to watch you find happiness with another woman. I may not be able to shift, but I’d certainly gouge her eyes out.”

“I love that you’re so bloodthirsty.” He brushed some hair off her cheek. “Do you like working at the diner?”

She thought about for a moment. “Yeah, I do. I always thought I had to find my passion, but there’s nothing I really had a burning need to accomplish.

I like Esmeralda. When I’m waiting tables, it makes me feel like I’m part of the pack instead of just someone to pity.”

“You are part of the pack. You’re special, Payton. I want you to move in here, with me.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Going a little fast, aren’t we?”

“I’ve been waiting a long time.” He stretched and lay out on his back, then pulled Payton close, draping her across his chest. She snuggled into his embrace. “When I left here, I wasn’t sure if I was going to survive. Took me years to get strong again.

And I knew I would need money to combat Bennett. So, I worked, saved, and had Mitch keep an eye on things.”

“Mitch? As in Mitchell Bly?”


“He was your spy?”

“There were several people keeping me in loop about things going on here. The bank manager, Doris, told Mitch about the property taxes not being paid.

So the three of us devised a way for me to pay them off. And when the lodge went on sale, I had Mitch write up the papers.”

She was impressed. “You never gave up on getting the pack back, did you?”

“It’s not in my nature to give up,” he said. “I have learned patience, though. My father was alpha. I was born knowing I’d be the alpha one day.

Bennett Warren murdered him and tried to murder me. The day I left was when I started to plan how I’d return and r!p his throat out.”

She rested her chin on her hand as she looked up at him. “But you’re alpha now.”

“Technically, not yet. I challenged him. Pack law demands I defeat Bennett in combat.”

Payton snorted. “That as*shat is probably still running with his tail between his legs. I doubt he’ll be back.”
He signed. “If that’s the case, I’ll have to call another meeting to see what the pack wants to do.”

“We should change pack law to make it more democratic rather than stuck in the barbaric way of combat ritual.”


“Yes, we. I’m your mate, aren’t I?

He smiled at her. “Yes, you are. So, when are you moving in?”

“Anyone tell you that you have a one-track mind?”

In the blink of an eye, he had her flipped over onto her back. He loomed over her, k!ssing her until she was breathless.

“When it comes to you … you have no idea.”

While staring into her eyes, he reached up to cup her bre*st and rub her n!pple. Excitement gripped her, and she spread her legs.

His already hard c0ck nudged against her opening. He slid into her wet heat, finding a rhythm that quickly stoked the fire in her blood.

“Mmm,” she m0aned.

“I’m never going to get tired of being inside you, Payton.”

In and out, he pumped. Before she knew it, an org*sm flushed over her, robbing her of breath. Seconds later, he followed her into bliss.

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