Sagittarius Relationship Tips – There is Light Ahead


Sagittarius’s compelling message that makes it so popular is that no matter how dark it looks in the moment, there is light ahead. Inspiration is the key! That doesn’t mean becoming an insensitive Pollyanna, espousing totally unrealistic optimism. It’s you knowing you are a survivor, you can overcome. And since we are now in Sagittarius, let’s use its three step magic formula to become victorious.

First – Delve Into Darkness

Do not be afraid, delve into your darkness. It will take you into the inner realms of your feelings which are the gateway to your intuition, where your real light shines.

If you feel down, depressed, sad, go ahead; let yourself fully feel before you try to catapult yourself out of your mood. Have a good cry. These are your victim, vulnerable feelings; honor them. Within the sadness is tenderness. For just awhile, your toughness, your defensive stance is broken down, humbled.

At this moment, someone can hold you, help you. But what if you are all alone, not in a relationship? There is no one to cuddle you, but you. Whether you realize it or not, this gives you the opportunity to learn how to save yourself. And besides when someone else tries to fix you, it’s never quite right. Freedom is yours when you become really adept at saving yourself.

Why not give it a chance? Really feel your sadness, your despair, even exaggerate being a full-on victim. You only “feel” like you are going to die.

Give full reign to your emotional nature, the actor or actress in you. Emote how deep the hurt is in such a way that you could be nominated for an Oscar. If you normally are a bit extroverted, get in front of mirror, and give a starring performance. However you do it, really deeply express your feelings.

Second – The Upside of Being Down

Realize while you were expressing and directing your feelings, you’ve gained just a bit of objectivity. You have become the director as well as the actress. So if you tried to skip that step, go back; get really involved.

Once you have let yourself really feel, it’s time to engage your mind. Use your Sagittarius scientific reasoning. Do know when you are down, some of your cognitive skills are actually much sharper than when in an over optimistic mood. You tend to pay more attention, think more carefully. This is really the purpose of being down; taking the time to reflect, figure it all out, before you get back up.

You want to call on the heroine in you to solve problems for your heart, the vulnerable part of you. You are looking for a heart solution, not a vindictive, revengeful villain solution. Stay focused, think heart solution.

Third – There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

The third step of the Sagittarius formula is inspiration, knowing that everything is possible. There is a light ahead. Now it’s time to look at the glass as half full, not half empty. That’s your quest, to fill yourself up with inspiration now. How do you want to do it? With music, dance, song, quotes; the flavor is yours to choose.

Imagine what a remarkable relationship you can have with yourself as you repeat this formula over and over all year long. And what an inspiration you will be for your partner, your family and your children. Everyone wants to be around someone that’s adept at becoming her own heroine, saving herself and shining with inspiration. Now, you are beautiful, handsome, from the inside out.

Source by Loy Young

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