Sandra Bullock regrets only one movie: “I’m still ashamed to make it”

Sandra Bullock revealed in a recent interview that she only regrets one film in her career and you probably all know which one she is referring to.

Sandra Bullock throwing back in her career has a movie that, as she says, “made no sense”.

In an interview with Daniel Radcliffeits co-star in “The Lost City »the two of them were asked if there is a film that they were initially “ashamed” to make but eventually “changed their mind” when they saw the positive reaction of the viewers.

“I have one that no one has changed their mind and I am still ashamed of what I did,” said the 57-year-old actress. «It’s called Speed ​​2. I have spoken openly about this. It made no sense. “It was a slow boat heading slowly to an island.”

“This is a movie I wish I had not made and no fan has changed their minds, as far as I know, except you,” she told the reporter, who said she liked it when she saw it as a teenager.

“I think he had a kind of love cult,” Daniel Radcliffe commented, with Bullock responding: “For five people. He and the other four 12-year-olds who watched the slow boat go to the tiny island “.

The 1997 sequel, in which the famous star starred with him Jason Patrictells the story of Annie and her boyfriend as they try to stop a Caribbean cruise ship on holiday from colliding with an oil tanker.

In the first film, “Speed” of 1994, starring Keanu Reeves, who, however, did not return for the sequel. “I did not answer the script. I really wanted to work with Sandra, I loved playing Jack Traven and I loved Speed, but an ocean liner? “I had nothing to do with the actors involved, but at the time I had the feeling it just wasn’t right,” Reeves said last December. And as it turned out, his instinct was right.

This, as he revealed in 2019, resulted in Fox leaving him “out” of the studios for ten years. “I did not work with Fox again until The Day the Earth Stood Still [2008]He said then.

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