Serena Williams about the connection she did not feel with her daughter in pregnancy: “I longed for it but I did not have it”

Top tennis player and businesswoman writes about all the things we avoid discussing when it comes to motherhood

THE Serena Williams it’s great in its subject – she knows it, we all know it. But she has something that makes her even more special: Although she is one of the top female athletes in the world and we may not even be able to imagine the true size of her fortune, she has a unique way of making us identify with her.

Now, in an article in Elle US, she wrote about motherhood, difficult childbirth and her relationship with her child.

“I was anxious to meet my daughter. During pregnancy, I did not feel connected to her. And while I adored the pregnancy period, I did not have this wonderful moment that you say my God, this is my baby. “We do not talk about it often, because you’s supposed to feel love from the first second.”

“Yes, I was the lioness who would protect the baby at all costs, but it’s not that I was proud of her either. I expected to feel that I knew her, during pregnancy, but this feeling never came. “Some of my mom’s friends told me that they did not feel this connection either, and that made me feel better, but again, I longed for it.”

This connection that Williams wanted so much, came in 2017, when Olympia was born.

“The first time I saw her – I knew she was a girl, it was the only thing I knew before we even confirmed it – I loved her,” he explained. “It was not thunderous, but it was there, and from that seed, it grew. I could not stop looking at her, my Olympia “.

“I spent the night in the hospital with my baby in the room. When I woke up, he was perched on my lap. The rest of my body was paralyzed. I could not get out of bed because my legs were still numb, but it did not matter. Alexis and I sat alone, with our baby. “It was so surreal to feel the presence of a third person in the space.”

Serena Williams’s birth was not an easy task. Her life was in danger, she had to have a caesarean section and, when the baby was born, the stitches opened due to a cough and she had to be examined again by the doctors. Then, they discovered a series of hematomas on her body.

“For a lifetime I push my body, I reach its limits. And that was the only time I was out of control. I could not push. My body was pressed to the maximum. It was so difficult. “

The time has passed, Williams has recovered and Olympia is already 4 years old. They do gymnastics, travel, social media posts together – they have a great time and that comes out.

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