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Sherry Argov is the author of a book titled Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart. This book is a sequel to Why Men Love Bitches. In the book Why Men Marry Bitches, Argov talks about the secrets to getting down the aisle. Along the way, she overturns some common misconceptions and advice that women are often given regarding how to catch the eye (and the wedding ring) of the men they love.

In chapter one of Why Men Marry Bitches, titled “Throwing Out the Rulebook: Why a Strong Woman Wins His Heart,” Argov asks women to place themselves in their man’s shoes. Imagine if men were as excited about marriage and women were not. Usually, when a man says that he is ready to take a relationship “to the next level” (meaning that he is ready for sexual intimacy), the woman is the first to resist sexual intercourse; instead, she wants to focus on companionship and intimacy in discussion. She wants to know more about the man before she “gives it up” in the bedroom. Why then, can the woman not understand her man when he is hesitant regarding engagement and marriage? It is not fair to justify your hesitancy but not allow him justification for his.

A guy also wants to be with a woman who does not “jump when he says, ‘how high’.” There are many men in the world who want the thrill of a chase when it comes to women. They do not want to settle down with a woman who will do everything they tell her to do. They want a woman who has a mind of her own and can disagree when she wants to and still love him regardless. Many women think that in order to keep a man, they have to do everything in the world to please the man. What happens when you work so hard to please the man? You become easy, a bore, predictable, uninteresting, a total disregard in his mind. What keeps the man on his toes in the relationship is a woman who does not mind taking up for herself and disagreeing when she sees good reason to. The more a woman can disagree, have her reasons, and present herself as an intelligent woman who is confident in her own abilities and what she can offer the world, the more the man will yearn within to be with her.

Sherry Argov dismantles many traditional views about what it takes to catch a man; however, this is an excellent thing.

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