Sophie Davant and Erik Orsenna: When she was “troubled” by her fiery declarations of love…

After her divorce from Pierre Sled, a famous journalist and father of her two children, Sophie Davant found love again in the arms of Erik Orsenna. Surprised to please the beautiful host, the writer had made passionate statements during an interview.

Sophie Davant lived many years of love with the journalist Pierre Sled. The couple got married and even expanded the family with the arrival of Nicolas in 1993 and Valentine in 1995. Finally, the idyll ended in 2012, when the host and the television figure broke up. Shortly after, the star ofDeal done (France 2) fell in love with another man well known to viewers: the writer Erik Orsenna, 17 years her senior.

At the time, the couple had been photographed without his knowledge. Clichés that appeared in the press and which had served as formalization. Indeed, in March 2012, at the microphone of big mouths, Erik Orsenna had spoken without taboo of his relationship with the host. ” If I had been told one day that a lady as beautiful as Sophie Davant would find me to her liking, then frankly I would have been flabbergasted and I continue to fall from the clouds elsewhere. I am so overwhelmed that I keep taking the subway so much that I am overwhelmed. This is completely crazy

he said on the radio. Wait, frankly, Sophie Davant who gives you a smile and you say no? No but wait. No, no, for me it’s mind-blowing. What is happening to me is hallucinating, hallucinating. I do not believe it. I do not believe it. I do not know why. I do not know. I do not know.

Moreover, Erik Orsenna had recognized have the chips “that this relationship ends” because she is so beautiful. A confession that had somewhat disturbed Sophie Davant… Indeed, a few weeks later, in May of the same year, she was questioned on the subject during an interview with our colleagues from the magazine TV 7 Days. It was then that she had delivered her feelings, rather shared, as to these passionate declarations. ” They have both flattered, amused and troubled meshe confided. But these words belong to him and I will not comment on them. “And to continue about this relationship:” He has a lot of humor and he’s very clever… I don’t feel too beautiful or too young for him. What we share is unique to us. Love stories are fragile. We must protect them. »

Finally, Sophie Davant and Erik Orsenna separated in September 2013. Since then, the host has been rather discreet about her loves, unlike her ex-husband Pierre Sled who appears with his superb Barbara Ricevuto, whom he married in 2018.

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