Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 116

Melanie was speechless as she did not expect Frank to react like that. She looked at him, only to see that he had turned and walked to the refrigerator. He took a can of cold beer, opened it with a snap, and took a big sip.

He rolled his eyes, probably to rethink his words, then shrugged and said, “You need to be open–minded and free–thinking. I didn‘t expect you to be so rigid.

“Remember, we‘re here to have fun, and I‘m happy if you‘re happy. Why are you overthinking? I can give you everything you want, and you can satisfy me with what I want. Isn‘t that good enough? Why do you carry such heavy thoughts, huh?” Frank looked nonchalant as if it was not a big deal that Melanie had just rejected him.

In contrast, Melanie felt quite embarrassed while looking at him.

“Don‘t worry. I‘m just here for fun, and I don‘t like forcing others. It‘s no problem if you don‘t like it.” Frank nodded. “I‘m going to rest now.”

anything extreme, it made Melanie feel hypocritical, pretentious, and unsure. She felt humiliated that Frank had driven her out like that.

However, she had already rejected Frank just now, and it was too late to change her mind. Moreover, she did not think about it clearly as her mind was flustered. “Okay, I understand. Have a good rest, Mr. Moreau. I‘ll see you in the evening.” She sputtered, lowered her head, and hurriedly walked toward the door.

Melanie was about to reach for the door when Frank called out, “Melanie!”

Melanie stopped.

“We‘ll be in Middle Valley for a week, so you have enough time to think about it,” Frank smilingly said as he held his cold beer.

Melanie remained silent, only giving an almost inaudible “mhm.” Then she exited the suite and closed the door. Meanwhile, Frank smiled with determination as he stood in his suite.

Melanie was flustered and did not even know how she had made it back to her room. She felt suffocated. Frank‘s body temperature, aroma, and words haunted her, leaving her no chance to catch her breath.

‘I have time to think about it. No! I can‘t betray Nate, not to mention I might be pregnant now!

Melanie knew Frank just wanted to fool around with her, but Nathaniel wanted to marry her, and their relationship was sincere. She would never make the wrong decision. No!

Suddenly, she received a call from Nathaniel. Melanie immediately answered the call, “I miss you so much, Nate!” Nathaniel was stunned and probably did not expect Melanie to be so enthusiastic.

He laughed and replied, “What‘s the matter? You just left, and you miss me already?” This time, Melanie was sincere and coy, saying, “I was just thinking about when you’d be able to accompany me.”

“Mel, it‘s not like you‘re unaware I still have things to do here, but it‘ll be over soon. I‘ll come and see you when I‘ve entirely resolved everything, okay, darling?”

Nathaniel softly coaxed Melanie and asked, “Oh, have you arrived at the hotel? Is the room okay? I chose the larger suite because the other rooms have poorer conditions. You deserve a better one, of course. Are you satisfied with it?”

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