Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 13

The hotel served a wide selection of food for breakfast, and the two enjoyed it delightfully. The sunshine poured in through the window, creating serenity for them.

“I’ll be going to the company office later. Let me give you a ride since Rebirth is on the way,” Alexander said slowly while spreading butter on a piece of toast.

Lily took a sip of milk and shook her head hurriedly. “It’s fine. I’m planning to go to Rebirth later in the afternoon. Plus, didn’t we agree not to announce our…” Lily abruptly stopped talking when Alexander looked up at her. She was unable to finish the rest of her sentence.1 Alexander handed her the buttered toast and retracted his hand. “Don’t worry. I’m a man of my word. Only Rebirth’s management knows La Beauté Group has invited you to join the company. Edward was the one who communicated this matter to them, so they don’t know that…”

Alexander raised his brow as his gaze swept Lily casually, but it made her heart skip. “You’re my wife.” After pausing for a moment, he said these four words, which sounded quite profound

Lily could feel her heart rate suddenly hasten as she thought, ‘He’s such a good flirt!’

Alexander seemed to be a celibate man. His words might sound like they meant nothing, but recalling them would make one blush for no reason.

“That’s great.” Lily’s gaze fell erratically on the food in front of her as she finished the toast in her hand in a few bites. “I’m done. I’m going to make a call.”

Since Lily was leaving MN Inc., she had to settle her matters over there so it would not affect Olivia’s work. However, she noticed 20 missed calls when she checked her phone. They all came from Nathaniel. She was shocked before revealing a smirk.

Lily muted her phone yesterday after getting into the car because she did not want to be bothered by anyone. She wanted to be at peace for a while. She had a hunch that Nathaniel would contact her, but she did not expect him to do it to that extent.

It seemed that Nathaniel was genuinely anxious. He rarely called Lily first, even when they had been dating for so long. Even if he did, it was mostly for work.

Lily was about to swipe to her home screen when another call came in. As expected, it was from Nathaniel.

‘Hmph, that was quick.’

Lily looked at the name flashing on her screen, then averted her gaze toward Alexander, sitting at the dining table, slowly eating his breakfast. Like a prince from a fairy tale, he was elegant, graceful, and so noble that he seemed beyond reach. Still, after some thought, she decided to answer the call.

After what happened at the competition last night, there was no turning back for her and Nathaniel. Since Lily was not Alexander’s wife, she no longer needed to hide anything from him. She was sincere in her relationship with Alexander, so there was nothing she feared for him to know.

“Hello?” Lily answered Nathaniel’s call

“Lily, where are you?” Nathaniel’s voice sounded slightly hoarse. It was easy to tell he did not have a good rest the night before. “What can I help you with, Mr. Hall?” Lily feigned ignorance and asked him in return. “Lily, it’s pointless for you to run away like this. Do you honestly think you can escape?” His words almost made Lily laugh. She did not commit any crimes, nor did she do anything shameful. Why would she run away? “Run away? Now, why would I need to do that?”

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