Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 27

“I prefer tranquility, but someone will come to clean up the house every two days or so.” Alexander loosened his tie.

“I’m going to take a shower while you rest first. There is an empty walk-in closet where you can store your belongings,” after speaking, Alexander entered the room.

Lily was relieved when she heard the sound of the shower.

After all, she needed some time to adapt to the unfamiliar environment. There were about three floors to the mansion, and the top floor would be the loft.

It was not very tall, but the area was relatively expansive.

The mansion had cold tones with clean lines on the walls, resembling Alexander, who was cold yet capable.

The walk-in closet size caused Lily to stagger as she carried her bag inside. The closet was large enough to be a bedroom.

There were men’s clothes in two cabinets while the rest were empty.

Lily did not bring much stuff, so she hung her clothes one by one before pulling out a small file containing her important documents.

Inside the file were her ID card, academic certificate, and other essential documents.

However, she realized the marriage certificate she had the day before was not inside.

Alexander had taken both certificates, and she did not know where he had put them, so she had to ask for them later.

When the phone rang in her pocket, she pulled it out to find it was a call from Nathaniel.

She had received more phone calls in the last two days than in the previous two months.

“Hello?” Lily lazily said as she answered the call.

“Lily, where have you been?!” Nathaniel thundered with a skeptical tone.

Did he mistake her for the previous Lily who listened to him? “Since when have you been so concerned with my whereabouts, Mr.

Hall?” Lily chuckled as she slid the file containing her documents into a drawer. Her tone irritated Nathaniel.

“Lily, can’t you speak more politely?” “I believe I’ve been speaking politely.

How much more polite could I be?” Lily exited the walk in closet and saw her husband, who had just gotten out of the shower.

Alexander’s hair was still dripping wet, and he was wearing only a large white bath towel around his waist.

His upper body lines were nearly flawless.

He glanced at Lily and noticed she was on the phone, approaching her without saying a word.

As Alexander got closer to Lily, her breath slowed to the point where she forgot to breathe.

Nathaniel was still chattering on the phone, “What do you mean by that? Did the company speak to you about anything? Did you go and meet with the people from Rebirth again? Do you still believe their nonsense? Don’t be stupid, Lily.

They tried to sow discord among us! We should be familiar with each other after all these years, especially after I’ve treated you well.

Don’t be mad because there is nothing between Mel and me.

Stop thinking nonsense and come to MN Inc.” Lily heard a faint gasp on the other side of the call, even though Nathaniel had quickly spoken over it.

Lily knew Melanie was by his side and got pissed off by what Nathaniel said.

‘He’s so capable that he can call me while flirting with Mel?’ Lily felt disgusted at that thought but had no intentions or time to indulge in Nathaniel’s nonsense at the moment because the man before her had utterly captivated her.

Alexander stood so close that Lily could count the water droplets on his chest.

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